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Welcome to World of Remnant. We are an AU, no-wordcount RWBY roleplay beginning at the conclusion of Volume 3. The Fall Maiden is dead, her powers in the hands of the enemy. Beacon Academy has fallen, and Vale is soon to fall itself. The Vytal Festival is a disaster; thousands dead, many more injured. Grimm populations are at an ever-present surplus. What dire circumstances has Remnant fallen prey to?

06.15.2016: -gasp- Two updates in a row! Yahoo! Get ready ladies and gets because this one is just as fabulous as the last one. As stated before in the newsletter we had some big things coming, open threads list, new Blake Belladonna skin, made by our lovely staff member Saska, mini event threads, aaaand Of the Month Nominees! Yaaay! That's right, it's that time of the year where everyone gets to pick their favorite times, or duos, or canons all in here Everyone cannot wait to see what gets picked, and who in the end will be victorious! Of course all the choices picked are lovely but, there can only be one! So look around, pick which topic you like for a specific category, have fun and remember, we luv you guys! <3

06.1.2016: Another activity check has gone by, and with it we lose, and gain new members, to those we've lost, the members, and staff of WOR will miss you, and to those we've gained, welcome to the family! We all cannot wait to rp with every single one of you, and hope you enjoy your stay! To all the members that have stuck around, us Staff wanna say thank you soooo much and we appreciate you guys! Now, today's big announcement is that we yet again have a number of updates included in our new newsletter! here Please make sure to read it carefully, and remember all the updates! <3

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No New Posts Rules and Information
All necessary information for getting started at World of Remnant will be located here.
11 47 Aug 1 2016, 02:34 PM
In: Available Canons
By: Narrator
No New Posts Announcements
Any and all site announcements will be located here. All members are expected to be up-to-date on all information in this forum!
Subforums: OTMs

18 128 Jul 30 2016, 01:30 AM
In: Advertising Contest -- Roun...
By: Schism
No New Posts Character Applications
This is where you may post your completed character applications. All applications must be posted with your OOC (out-of-character) account.
Subforums: Combat Abilities, Character Pages

33 -127 37 minutes ago
In: Aurella Bandoni
By: Stark

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts Accepted Characters
Any and all accepted characters will be located here.
Subforums: Mantle, Mistral, Vacuo, Vale, Other

103 97 Yesterday at 06:28 pm
In: Seraphina Rosales
By: Javalope
No New Posts Accepted Combat Pages
This is where all accepted combat pages will be located.
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In: ----
No New Posts Plots and Characters
This is where you can put your plot pages, character trackers, wanted ads and all that kind of stuff for your characters.
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41 75 Aug 26 2016, 01:54 AM
In: The Story So Far...
By: Dorian
No New Posts Mission Board
This is where members can go to sign up for missions for characters or create missions for other players. Missions vary in difficulty and requirements before rewards are given for completing the mission.
Subforums: Active Missions, Finished Missions, Dead Missions

1 3 Feb 13 2016, 11:27 AM
In: Mission Infomation
By: Narrator
No New Posts The Shop
Here, you can exchange hard-earned Battle Points (BP) for additional combat abilities.
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6 10 Aug 21 2016, 08:54 PM
In: New Combat Ability
By: Dorian

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No New Posts VALE: Masquerade Ball
Vale's Masquerade Ball is being held on April 2 in the IC timeline. It is an all-day event hosted at Signal Academy. Please see the newsletter for details!
5 16 Aug 25 2016, 06:00 AM
In: The Sonata of The End
By: Yang Xiao Long
No New Posts VACUO: Desert Storm
Vacuo's Desert Storm race begins on April 2 in the IC timeline. Combat threads and other events can be hosted in this forum. Please note, at any time during this event, a staff member may "crash" your thread with an event -- such as a Grimm, scenery change (i.e. you come across an oasis), or NPC team. No signups required!
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In: ----
No New Posts MISTRAL: Regionals
Inside, you will find the sign-up thread for the Mistral Regionals. All players wishing to participate with a character or multiple character(s) MUST sign up to participate. The Mistral Regionals begin on April 2 in the IC timeline.
Subforums: Regionals -- Signups & Brackets

2 7 Aug 2 2016, 05:04 AM
In: Mistral Regionals - Singles...
By: ShadowSaiph
No New Posts MANTLE: Snowganza Resort
The trip to Snowganza begins on April 2 in the IC timeline, and lasts an entire week. Students may engage in a variety of winter sports here.
1 4 Aug 16 2016, 04:23 PM
In: What an ice day!
By: Verena Schnee

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No New Posts City of Vale
The City of Vale is an industrious marvel of vibrant life and trade; above all, Vale is one of the most populated kingdoms of Remnant. Divided by several districts, each district is as expansive as the last. Walled off from most outside life, nature only exists outside the walled bordered, as Vale is surrounded by vast forests and mountainous terrain, all of which is teeming with Grimm.

Vale has been decimated by the White Fang's attack, and while repairs have been successful, the city is mostly in shambles, defended only by Huntsmen and Huntresses as its defenses are naught. A safe zone has been established in the center of the city, with buildings turned into refugee housing, as well as various refugee tents set up directly in the streets.

31 237 Today at 12:26 pm
In: Roman & Neo Hit The Road
By: Neopolitan
No New Posts Beacon Academy
Beacon is the central hub for training Vale's next generation of Hunters. Students from all combat training schools strive to be accepted at this massive campus; on some occasions, special invitees from varying circumstances are allowed to attend. Housing all sorts of courses led by only true Hunter Professors, the next generation may have all the tools they need or die trying.

Beacon was the most decimated during the White Fang's attack, and the CCT Tower is currently out of service, leaving the entirety of Vale with zero communication. With the giant Grimm dragon frozen at the top of the tower, Beacon is currently overrun by Grimm.

3 20 Yesterday at 11:01 pm
In: Light Disguised as Shadow
By: Raven Branwen
No New Posts Signal Academy
A facility for training potential warriors, Signal Academy serves as a bridge on the path to becoming a full-fledged hunter. Though one of many schools to practice combat arts, Signal is set apart by its one unique rule: all weapons are created and forged by the students, and it is an integral part of Signal's curriculum.

Signal Academy has taken on the remainder of Beacon Academy's students, with extra classrooms set up in temporary buildings for senior students to train.

16 149 Yesterday at 01:26 pm
In: Diviners and Dragons
By: Cassiela Gwynn
No New Posts The Emerald Forest
A forest of lush green, the Emerald Forest is most commonly known to Beacon Academy students as the proving grounds for initiation to the school's program. Much like other areas outside the kingdoms of Remnant, dangerous Grimm reside in these parts; however, that is not the only thing that lies within the forest. Near the center of the forest lies a ruined temple of old; little is known about its origins.
2 23 Aug 21 2016, 01:32 AM
In: nightmare on em street
By: Roman Torchwick
No New Posts Forest of Forever Fall
As its namesake entails, Forever Fall is a forest of seemingly perpetual fall; while beautiful in scenery, it is also treacherous in nature. Teeming with Grimm and full of circular paths, most travel over or through Forever Fall by train.
3 10 Aug 22 2016, 05:36 AM
In: Winds of Change
By: Wisteria Chryses
No New Posts Mountain Glenn
Decrepit and decayed, this once bustling city serves as one of many in history's darkest hours. Once an attempted extension of Vale, unlike the capital it lacked the natural defenses Vale possessed. As this civilization tried to survive against the onslaught of the Grimm, the city was soon moved underground, and was eventually closed off, creating what is often deemed to be "Vale's largest tomb".
4 48 Aug 25 2016, 04:56 PM
In: Hanging On By a Thread
By: Winter Schnee
No New Posts Patch
A small island off the coast of Vale, Patch is primarily secluded from civilization. There is little to know about its inhabitants or how many species of Grimm dwell there. The only known detail about this place is its dense forests.
2 26 Jul 24 2016, 08:15 PM
In: Flashback: Truths Come Out
By: Taiyang Xiao Long

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No New Posts City of Mistral
Mistral is best known for its vast entertainment culture, as well as its art and architecture. Most of the city is made from stone dating back thousands of years, with added modern adjustments. Inside the large wall known as the Great Wall, the city is protected and divided into the upper and lower quarters of the city.
3 14 Aug 16 2016, 11:05 PM
In: Angel Without A Halo
By: Soren Ayano
No New Posts Haven Academy (1 Viewing)
Mistral's senior academy, Haven is where many claim the 'best of the best' are trained, all of which generally compete in both the Mistral Regionals and the biannually Vytal Festival. Haven is known for turning out some of the most unique, skilled combatants, though all are welcome within the walls whose desire is to learn the art of combat.
16 101 Aug 22 2016, 03:30 AM
In: Sacrifice nails going throu...
By: Azure Koebel
No New Posts Sanctum Academy
Mistral's junior academy, Sanctum is the first step to becoming a Huntsman or Huntress and the hopes of being accepted at one of the prestigious senior academies, particularly Haven. Unlike Haven students, however, Sanctum's students rarely compete in the tournaments, instead focusing their studies on the art of combat and weaponry; however, some may compete in the Regionals if granted explicit permission.
1 0 Aug 17 2016, 11:26 PM
In: Together in Spirit
By: Flora Fields
No New Posts The Great Wall
One of Mistral's greatest accomplishments, the Great Wall stands as a guard of the city. Built many years ago, the Wall prevents Grimm from entering the city, but with the safety barrier technology in place it has little function nowadays. It serves as a reminder of what life was like in those times.
1 13 Aug 18 2016, 11:30 PM
In: misguided thoughts
By: Kole Qiuyue
No New Posts The Coliseum
A coliseum as old as the Great Wall, it has been repaired over the years and updated with modern technology, and is considered the interim version of the Amity Colosseum used during the Vytal Festival. Most of Mistral's main events are hosted here, as well as its tournaments. The entry path is lined with statues of the Regionals' most well-versed combatants.
0 0 --
In: ----
No New Posts The Bathhouse
Another one of the more luxurious facilities in Mistral, these bathhouses draw their water from hot springs not far from the kingdom. The water is always clean and various aromas are offered for the total enjoyment of whoever comes to the facility.
0 0 --
In: ----
No New Posts Ancient Temples
A area of ancient temples that have been ruined by the ages of time just outside of the main city of Mistral. These mighty temples, made of stone, have fallen to the elements and are now a home to many species of Grimm. Broken statues suggest that the people used to worship some forms of gods in the past days of old.
2 16 Aug 3 2016, 03:31 PM
In: Grimm Attack - Ancient Temp...
By: Ileana Stavros
No New Posts The Swamplands
Most of Mistral's territory is surrounded by large swamps, deeper than even the forested areas one would find in Vale. It is here that a few small towns exist, housing taverns where shady dealings often take place, sometimes even involving hunters who've fallen off the path of righteousness. Grimm are not uncommon in these areas, and as a result, they are generally only traversed by skilled combatants capable of handling Grimm.
2 56 Aug 15 2016, 11:53 PM
In: Out Of The Frying Pan, Into...
By: Aiuya Mitsukai

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts City of Mantle
The city of Mantle is considered the largest city for technological advances and military progression. As the other kingdoms often rely on the aid of Atlas' military, Mantle relies on its own infinite possibilities and power. Though the kingdom of Mantle itself is considered defunct, the city is run by the Atlas Military, forming both the government and senior academy in the kingdom.
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In: ----
No New Posts Helios Academy
The junior academy of Mantle, Helios is the starting point for any student who wishes to move on the more prestigious Atlas Academy. Helios also bears a secondary focus on Dust research and weapons manufacturing, allowing students to focus solely on the technological field to enter Atlas' military.
0 0 --
In: ----
No New Posts Atlas Academy
The prestigious senior academy of Mantle. Only the best of the best get into Atlas for one reason or another, perhaps for their renowned fighting abilities, technology advancements, or vast military experience. It is here that many are encouraged to split off into Atlas' military sector, and the academy has recently come under fire for incorporating military policies into its academy training.
1 0 Aug 22 2016, 03:09 PM
In: overtraining
By: Emily Redd
No New Posts Schnee Dust Inc.
The headquarters of the Schnee Dust company.
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In: ----
No New Posts Military Academy
Atlas' military academy, this sector of Atlas Academy was formed when the kingdom of Mantle first formed, and serves as the main headquarters for the military-specific sector of Atlas. Since then, its governing body has been the leaders of the military, and is currently in the hands of General James Ironwood.
0 0 --
In: ----
No New Posts Tech's Hardware
The largest company in Atlas for producing technology and hardware, this company's brand has become almost as well-dispersed as the Schnee's name when it comes to dust, except in the field of technology. Their advances have made their way to all four kingdoms, and much of their equipment is used in everyday life. The family that owns the company, however, is extremely secretive, and little is known about them; rumours say that they are members of the military, with ties to General Ironwood.
2 10 Aug 18 2016, 02:54 AM
In: Grimm Attack -- Tech's ...
By: Hazel Lilac

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts City of Vacuo
Although the term 'city' isn't quite accurate for Vacuo's capital, the city still shines brightly among the desert terrain of the kingdom. Most of it is protected by a small wall surrounding it; its size is small in comparison to Mistral's, but enough to keep out the heavy wind. Most of the buildings of the city have been worn away from the constant wind and unbalanced weather.
6 43 Today at 10:34 am
In: Into the Cave -- Past Thread
By: Lucius Bandoni
No New Posts Shadow Academy
Vacuo's junior academy, Shadow, unlike other kingdom's academies, welcomes anyone with a will to fight, human or faunus alike. Shadow is known for producing a number of faunus combatants, as Vacuo has the highest faunus population in Remnant.
0 0 --
In: ----
No New Posts Shade Academy
Shade Academy is unique among the other academies in that it will only take on quality fighters; Shade expects that all applicants will have tangible battle experience, and refuses to taken on combatants with no training whatsoever. Compared to the other senior academies, Shade does not have a strict dress code.
7 53 14 minutes ago
In: We Are Not Welcome Here...
By: Malvolia Bandoni
No New Posts The Wasteland
Most of the area around the City of Vacuo is considered part of the Wasteland; it is a vast area with nothing but sand for miles around, and is primarily desert. It is known for housing a number of desert-dwelling Grimm, and has been known to have a number of particularly fearsome Death Stalkers hidden in the rolling sand dunes.
1 6 Aug 22 2016, 07:28 PM
In: Can Metal Truly Shine?
By: James Ironwood
No New Posts The Lost City
The Lost City was once a city attached to the kingdom of Vacuo, but was destroyed many years ago by the Grimm, presumably during the era of the Great War. Rumours say the land is cursed; however, what few are aware of is that the White Fang's main headquarters are located underneath the city itself.
2 38 Aug 19 2016, 08:29 PM
In: Is This the End (Pt 1)
By: Ava Llyn

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts General Board

Subforums: Intros and Absences, Test Board, RWBY: Grimm Eclipse

61 148 Today at 08:26 am
In: The varied musings of a mad...
By: novindus
No New Posts Advertising and Affiliating
Come here to advertise and affiliate with the side. Please make sure to post in the correct forum or your ad will be DELETED.

No Forumotion advertisements, please. It's not our job to chase you to make sure your ad forum allows our link to be shown, any posted forumotion advertisements will be immediately removed.

Subforums: First Time, Link Backs & Accepted Ads, Affiliation

1608 363 Yesterday at 03:08 pm
In: Fools' Fief || medieval...
By: Fool's Fief Staff
No New Posts Archives

Subforums: Character Archive, Thread Archive

466 1282 Aug 10 2016, 04:07 PM
In: Argentè LeClair
By: Aya

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