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    World of Remnant is an AU, post-Volume 3 roleplay. Opened in February of 2016, World of Remnant diverges from the Volume 3 storyline around the Fall of Beacon, with storyline changes that drive our site in a different direction. We constantly update with new canons as they are revealed in the RWBY series, as well as lore updates as we learn more about Remnant's world. We boast an expanded lore and a dedicated administrative team that gives depth to Remnant for a roleplay perspective.

    With an 18+ community, World of Remnant boasts an atmosphere of 'quality over quantity' in our apps, posts, and plots; we have no word count, though it is expected that members will post healthy and thorough posts without being locked down by the dreaded 'word count' of their post. With a simplified combat system that uses no stats, World of Remnant remains a story-focused, alternate-universe timeline with RWBY canons and a plethora of original characters.

    06.16.2018: We've added more than a few new things as of the past day or so! Make sure you check out the Advertising Contest, and while you're at it, take a look at our latest Site Newsletter. The newsletter has a lot of information that was added, so if you haven't checked it out, make sure you do so you're up to date on things!

    06.07.2018: After much long and arduous work, World of Remnant has finally revealed its newest skin, called Let's Just Live. The new skin is part of a fresher, more advanced layout compared to our old layout, while still retaining the readability and contrast our other layouts were well-known for. There are three more skins planned for the next series: This Life Is Mine, featuring Weiss Schnee, Like Morning Follows Night featuring Blake, and Armed And Ready featuring Yang. We do not have any tentative release dates for these upcoming skins, but stay tuned for them regardless!

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    The second term has begun at all academies, and after a short break between terms, students are gearing up to attend the 41st Vytal Festival. This year, it is hosted on the neutral island of Vytal, as opposed to being hosted in one of the four Kingdoms.
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    Site skin and graphics created by Saska exclusively for use on World of Remnant. Any unauthorized re-use or distribution is strictly prohibited. JQuery tabbed code and toggle cbox code by Kismet.

    RWBY universe belongs to Monty Oum and the team at RoosterTeeth Productions. All original characters belong to their respective owners.

    Want to help us pay for Jcink Premium, our custom domain, or our premium Cboxes? Donate below!

Registration Guidelines
Hey there! Before registering, please make sure you read through these guidelines.

Your first account should be an OOC account. If this is the first account you are registering, even if you only plan on playing one character, you must register an OOC account. These are used for everything from communication to application posting, plotters, posting claims and reserves and the like. IC accounts do not have access to posting in these areas. You accept that by registering, you will adhere to this rule and accept all consequences that come from failing to adhere to it, including but not limited to invalid claims, deleted IC accounts, and the like.

Character accounts are not to be registered until AFTER your application is accepted. Character accounts registered before your application is accepted will be promptly deleted without warning. You accept that upon registering, this will happen if you fail to adhere to this.

Character accounts must be registered with the first and last name of the character. Fir example, Pyrrha Nikos, Jaune Arc, etc. Special characters (I.e. äÁ and the like) are not to be used in usernames. Why? These characters cause issues with sending starter lien, tagging accounts, and don't always work with some fonts used on the skins.

World of Remnant is an 18+ site. You agree that upon registering, you are above the legal age of 18, and should you be found to be otherwise, you may face an immediate and permanent ban from the site without warning. This is both our site tules as well as the rules of our host's terms of service.

I accept the above guidelines and would like to register.

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