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Welcome to World of Remnant. We are an AU, no-wordcount RWBY roleplay beginning at the conclusion of Volume 3. The Fall Maiden is dead, her powers in the hands of the enemy. Beacon Academy has fallen, and Vale is soon to fall itself. The Vytal Festival is a disaster; thousands dead, many more injured. Grimm populations are at an ever-present surplus. What dire circumstances has Remnant fallen prey to?

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Thread Title: Pyrrha Nikos
Thread Description: First Year, Team JNPR


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 Nathifa Tumaini, First Year, Shade Academy
 Posted: May 16 2018, 04:59 AM
Scarith Newbie

Nathifa Tumaini - Pure Hope
Birthplace: Vacuo

Age: 19

Sex & Gender: Female, Female

Race: Smilodon Faunus

Affiliation: First Year, Shade Academy

Physical Details:

Nathifa is 7ft. tall with a broader than average body, extreme muscle definition with a bit of muscular strength bulging. However, she still has a clearly female profile with a rather heavy chest, a clear curvature from waist to hips, a perky bubble butt, and clearly voluptuous thighs. She has thick snowy dreadlocks that hang to her lower back, wide, expressionate, and violet eyes, a rounded jawline, and a soft nose that has a clearly warm and youthful appeal to it. The distinct upper and rather thick upper canines that curve down to a couple inches below her jawline, and the assortment of claw and tooth marks that dot her body do give a sense of seriousness and fierceness to her, especially coupled with her overall size in all areas.

Regardless of clothing or gear, one could always find a hardened and ebony leather, gunslinger-style bandoleer wrapped around her waist, fitted with various pouches and a variety of dust canisters. Her usual outfit is a short white leather corset that leaves her abdomen bare, but fully supports her exceptional chest, and a matching pair of ivory jeans that cling to her lower half to emphasis both her figure and musculature. A stylish set of black motorcycle gloves and knee-high leather boots finish the outfit. In combat, she has a set of polished steel breast-plate, pauldrens, gauntlets, boots, and roman-style helm with a purple mow-hawk plume, worn a top a white undershirt and pants, with a solid violet cape hanging from her shoulders.


* Worldly
+ Responsbile
+ Prepared
+ Caring
+ Determined
+ Survivalist
+ Protective
+ Curious

- Overprotective
- Zealous
- Somewhat Impatient
- Worry-wort over friends.
- Lower Moral Standards
- Glory Seeking
- Obsessed with Improvement
- Voracious Eater


Born to a nomadic group of faunus and humans in Vacuo, with many older members, some whom had fought in the Faunus Rights War, and a couple even in the Great War. The first in a decade, she was seen as a bright and shining star towards a better future, a role that she embraced instead of loathed or let go to her head. Her early years were spent learning much in the ways of hunting and survival amidst the sands of Vacuo and the endless Grimm that roamed the sands. This, and the hope pinned on her, grew in her heavy sense of responsibility to constantly improve herself in body and skill, ever serious about her training. However, surviving a grimm assault was always a cause for celebration amidst her group, and it was in these times of joy and glee that brought about an enduring grin upon her face even in the worst of times. For it wasn't just the mirth of family that she gained from these celebrations, but also something to push her mind forwards as much as her body. Endless tales of wonder, grit, bravery, and loss from the many veterans in her nomadic family inspired a voracious curiosity about the world and its history in the young girl, and no ruin or passing trader was safe from her to be picked clean in stone, or in mind of their knowledge. Through it all, she learned to look at the world clearly, if not overly pragmatically, and like many in Vacuo there wasn't to much time or chance for racial prejudice or hatred to be any bit of a concern.

At the age of 13, with the full support and blessing of her Clan, she was accepted into Shadow Academy. It would remain one of the proudest days of her life, having always been looking to improve so she could better care for others and stand up to the terrors of the world in her mind there was no one that better fulfilled her ideals than the Huntsmen and Huntswomen. While she had perhaps quite the head start of others given her dangerous upbringing and the raw experience of those of her clan to learn from, Shade taught her formalized combat, broader weapon use, and how to figure out her own strengths and weaknesses in a dedicated environment. And with the team-focused nature of Academy training, it also served to temper her far to serious personality. For while she knew how to have fun she'd never gotten the chance to make friends in a setting she could truly relax in. She relished being able to know that the people around her would be there in the morning, and clung sharply to all her team-mates and a select few individuals. Needless to say, it was also the first time she could get into some more extravagant 'celebrations' that were only possible in one of the very few places of order and civilization in Vacuo. To say she was enthralled was an understatement, and she could have gone far if tragedy did not rear its ugly head. Two years into her training, and word reached her of a horrific assault of Grimm on her clan at a trading outpost, over half its members were killed, though fortunately her parents had survived. With her clan in shambles, it wasn't even a choice for her to leave school, and her new friends to rush to her family's side.

Her first year out of school was raw chaos, spent doing odd jobs, legal, seedy, and some outright criminal, all to support her clan and find what was left a stable residence. The loss of so many loved ones, and being thrust back into a situation she had to worry about the survival of those she held close was a heavy shock that eroded away much of her worry over morals. There were so few able bodied people left of her clan, that they struggled for the most part to get everyone the basic essentials of food and water for everyone, it was a rather rough time. Relief finally came in the form of a opening for the Shipping department of Zephyr High Performance in a coastal city. Company housing was provided along with the pay, and with some rather hard begging, she convinced the head of her work force to let her family use it, finally securing them a roof over their heads. With the opportunities that came with living in civilization, even if it was almost entirely a large port owned by Zephyr, there were enough places to have most of the clan members find even basic jobs, dock working, bartending, and so on, that they finally could settle down just a bit. For her part, Nathifa spent almost every waking moment working herself to the bone, sleeping more on the boats and docks that she worked on than her own home. Half her pay went back to her family, and while it was rough for her, the ever so slight peace of mind that her family wasn't in immediate danger anymore was worth any amount of money to the growing teen.

The next few years took her around the world to all four kingdoms and Menagerie, giving her curiosity an infinite feast to completely gorge itself on in the process. While her main focus was gobbling up any legend, story, and tale of battle and old ruins and towns, she was all to happy to learn about all the other lands and their rich cultures. Of course, other lands brought new Grimm for her to learn to beat down, and she had plenty of opportunity defending the larger shipments across the continents to keep her skills sharp. As the months rolled on, Nathifa found her position in the department rising, and her enjoyment of the products which she helped to ship go up right along with it. In particular, motorcycles, which she started with a basic civilian one to deliver small packages with. The raw power and noise of a properly tuned engine gave a thrill eerily similar to a hard fought battle, and it enthralled her. She did her best to save up for something good, and as her immense work ethic and passion for the company products showed themselves off to her employer, she was cleared for a few promotions in a rather short amount of time. With her clan back home also doing better off on their own terms, and the higher pay, she was able to save up for a full year, and invested in a power-house of a bike. Durable, loud, and enough punch to compete with some of the sports-brand side of Zephyr bikes, she couldn't have been more delighted. It wouldn't take long before she was able to take a vacation home, new bike in toe. There she indulged with every member of her clan in regaling stories of her and their own adventures, both recent and far past, and took every single one of them for a heart-pounding and quite honestly showy ride on her bike around the port town streets as the days wore on. With personal pride running high, she finally reached out to some of her old friends at Shade whom were well on their ways to finishing junior academy.

So it was that the next year or two was spent in happyness, getting to know her old friends, making new ones in the different places she went and in her own job. Digging around in old and wrecked places with her new-found mobility with her bike, and in all, being able to enjoy her life once again in peace. This all culminated in her being in Vale for the fateful festival when Beacon was attacked, having come to cheer her friends on in the tournament and indulge in all the many types of foods from around the world that she'd honestly gotten a bit to addicted to and missed when out traveling for her work. When the attack came she did her best to help many people, faunus, humans, civilians, and even white fang survive the Grimm Rampage. Her entire life had been looking past race and place of origin to survive, to protect others, or feed her never-ending curiosity, and she wanted no one to suffer the loss of family like she had from the last large-scale grimm attack in her own life. Nathifa suffered heavy injuries during the battle, sticking to helping evacuate and pull people out from the edges of the city as the Hunters all pulled into the center and to Beacon as the battle raged on. She pushed herself quite to far, hauling people over her shoulder if she found the unconscious on the street for hours on end, which left her open to all sorts of attacks from the Grimm. Of course she'd seen glimpses of the Hunters fighting, mowing through groups of Grimm, protecting civilians when the Atlas Machines turned against everyone, and it made her honestly jealous.

Over the many months of recovery for both Vale, and her own personal injuries that kept her bedridden and unable to work she had a lot to think over. While she was happy with her life the way it was, happy to see her loved ones cared for, if a capitol of one of the larger Kingdoms could get wrecked so harshly, no place was really safe was it? After healing enough to aid in some of the construction projects as Zephyr did it's part to transport raw materials and medical aid once the effort to retake Beacon and the city started, she decided she wanted to be able to make a difference in the world properly. The fire to protect others from the harshness of the world was rekindled and she resolved to finish her training as a Huntress.

Thus, once she was healed enough, and given the go-ahead to transfer to a more localized position at the Vacuo capital, she left Vale and returned to her homeland. With the recommendations of both the couple veterans of the previous wars left in her clan, and a few letters from her various bosses in Zephyr to vouch for her hard-working ethic, driven personality, and genuine combat experience, both from the Beacon attack, and guard work for the shipping department, and having at least finished 2 years at Shadow, she was allowed to enroll at Shade Academy as a first year at the age of 19. Though technically behind arguably two years for her age, she was perfectly fine with this, absolutely no foreigner to having to work hard for every scrap of what she wanted in life, she'd take this as a chance to start a new page in her book of life.

And when she would arrive, she would be greeted with the Faunus Rights Aniversary in full swing not to long after she got there. Alongside her family having traveled with her, old friends of Shade now taking their classes at Shadow alongside her, if not a bit ahead of her, and no shortage of much needed cheer to be had. For the first time since her days at Shade, she let herself go and partied as hard as her older clan mates did back in her childhood, when she was still a bit to young to join them properly. Drinks were down, illegal road races were participated in and won to replace the money she spent on, well, everything dam else, and far to many hours were spent telling stories between herself, her clan, and her Hunters-in-Training friends. And after it was done, her clan returned home, and she had found herself an apartment to have to herself that could handle her... 'expanded' bike collection after one of those races may have been for ownership papers of bikes, and her having gotten an extra one for herself, she settled into her new job. Months of something as close to what passed as 'normal' in Nathifa's life settled in, and she welcomed it whole heartedly. By the time the new class year rolled around, she was firmly ready for it, a bit of money saved up, on great terms with her new co-workers, and a couple perhaps to cozy relationships formed from some less than reputable outings, and of great health. The new chapter of her life begun!

Player Details
OOC: Scarith

Contact: Get ahold of me on Discord, my tag being Scarith#5000 or message me here in private messages!

Other Characters: None Currently

Notes: Team MNLT run by Saska please! {Also owns a high-performance Zephyr Motorcycle!}

Sample Post:

The roar of her motorcycle's engine blasted across the badlands between the Kingdoms of Vale and Vacuo, that scorched, mostly-dirt, and occasional shrub no-mans-land between forest and desert. The broad and study built frame rumbling as it took the pounding of the road in perfect stride, each broad exhaust pipe on either side vibrating and expelling plumes of smoke like a dragon's nostrils. While it wasn't quite as molten hot as the desert all the time, it could compete for triple digits at the height of the sun's path across the sky, where it was right now. The only reason that Nathifa wasn't boiling alive, was her white colored clothing, a life time of dealing with this kind of heat, and a heck of a lot of wind whipping across her body from sheer speed she was traveling. Complete with dust cloud being kicked up behind her, the sheer sound of her engine might make someone far off think there was a stampede of Grimm running through the Wastes.

In truth she was on a road, as much as the dirt path slightly more level than the ground on either side of it could be considered a road. If any asphalt had ever been laid here, it was gravel so fine as to be indistinguishable from the dirt. Still, as featureless as her path and the enviroment around her was, the faunus wouldn't trade it for the most picture-perfect, cool, and colorful forest on Remnant. This was one of only a very few types of places she could just go all out with her bike without any complaints or stupid boulders and hills to get in her way. And did she ever indulge!

With a crank on the handle, the bike launched forwards another burst of ludcrious speed, and her hollering of thrill-seeking glee could almost be picked out from the hammering of the wonder of modern technology underneath her thick body, almost. Oh, she'd spend hours upon hours once she got to her clan washing, polishing, and picking out every last speck of dirt across the perfect white and gold monster that her baby was, and she'd savor every moment of that hard work to make it gleam like the ocean waters at sunset. It was fair to say, the sabre-toothed woman loved the hard work that went into getting into an adrenaline rush as she did the actual high she got from pounding at high speeds down the landscape, or pounding an enemy in a dangerous fight. Either way was a raw exertion that was confirmation she was ever moving forwards, and doing what she could to improve herself and her life. And after the nightmare of the past year at Vale, she could definitely use this exhilaration to clear her head.

The future was as open ended as the dirt road in front of her, and both figuratively and quite literally, she was racing all-cylinders open towards it. Seeing her family again, her safe family, old friends, getting to party at the Rights' Anniversary after spending so much time just rebuilding up after such oppressive events, and the possibility of being able to continue on with the training she had to stop all those years ago when she'd been so hyped for it back then, all vied with one another in her mind for which she was most looking forwards to.

With another crank of her handle, she raced forwards even faster, a fang-filled grin plastered on her maw and an inferno of dangerous glee blazing in her eyes.

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‡ Allison
 Posted: May 19 2018, 10:01 PM
A bag that seems to large to carry, the contents are unknown to all but sandwiches are most commonly pulled out.
Sandwiches of friendship.


please check your pm's! we have
given feedback on your character
and it may require certain changes.
please reply back to the pm once you
have made the necessary changes. thanks!


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