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 Rusty Barkins Combat & Semblance Abilities






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‡ Foreverhound
 Posted on: Mar 28 2018, 08:37 AM


Combat Abilities (4x basic, 3x advanced), Semblance Upgrades


Basic Abilities

- Bayonet Strike
Rusty changes Quicksilver from rifle to sword mid-strike, allowing him to move from ranged to melee combat without breaking pace. Usable by Rusty | Solo Ability | Basic

- Concussive Slash
Rusty rapidly releases concussive blasts from Quicksilver's blade form, providing the weapon a burst of speed for a slash more powerful than he can achieve with pure strength. Usable by Rusty | Solo Ability | Basic

- Elemental Slash
With Quicksilver in sword form, Rusty triggers the current dust enhancement and gives the blade a quick flick, releasing the energy in the form of a short-lived blade of energy which travels 2' before dissipating, allowing him to strike an opponent positioned just outside of his reach. Usable by Rusty | Solo Ability | Basic

- Disengage
While engaged in melee combat, Rusty makes use of repeated concussive blast created by red dust to create distance between himself and his opponent, propelling them in opposite directions and preventing his opponent from giving chase. Usable by Rusty | Solo Ability | Basic

Advanced Abilities:
- Suppressive Fire
Rusty opens fire upon a single target, filling the air around them with bullets using either blue or yellow dust. Doing so, he hinders their movement at the cost of direct damage in order to create an opportunity for he or an ally to close for melee combat. Usable by Rusty | Solo Ability | Advanced

- Take Aim
Rusty sacrifices rapid fire for accuracy, placing several rounds into the same position on an opponent. By focusing his aim in this way, Rusty is able to build up on the influence of red and blue dust, either knocking down the target or further numbing the target area with a thin layer of ice. Usable by Rusty | Solo Ability | Advanced

- Recharge
Rusty takes advantage of his red dust rounds to unleash a hailstorm of concussive rounds directly at Davina, allowing her to rapidly charge her semblance's stored energy while temporarily holding himself in place to minimise recoil from rapid fire. Usable by Rusty and Davina | Duo Ability | Advanced

Semblance Upgrades

One-Man Party:
Rusty has become familiar enough with his semblance to summon and manipulate two clones simultaneously. While the clones may act individually, only one clone can be summoned per individual, and each individual has its own recovery time.

One-Man Team:
Requires One-Man Party and one other Semblance Upgrade. Regular practice manifesting his semblance for both combat and mundane purposes has enhanced Rusty's ability to make use of his semblance, allowing him to manifest a third clone, allowing him to approach the combat potential of a full team, if only for a brief instant.

Familiar Fighter:
While Rusty continues to control his clones with minimal conscious thought, having the subject present at the time provides a more detailed understanding of their fighting style, allowing the clones to act more effectively when acting in conjunction with the person they are based upon.

Cooperative Clones:
A deep understanding of the workings of cooperative actions Rusty has practiced allows him to carry them out with a clone of the counterpart as well as he could with the actual person. While he understands his own role in the attack and how his allies interact with him, though, his knowledge of the interaction between others in the process is lacking, limiting this to team attacks with only one partner.


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