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 Schnee/Verena/Logs/Audio, Journal of Verena Schnee






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Verena Schnee
 Posted on: Mar 7 2018, 02:50 PM
Log Number 078; recording begins:


Three days ago, I settled into Atlas Academy. My research beforehand meant the induction went swiftly and without incident. That changed when I was assigned into my team, Frostbite.

Two of them are Faunus, including the team leader. Not only am I expected to work with them, but I have to accept orders from one. Entirely unacceptable.

It’s a shame really. The Faust family has something of a good reputation in Atlas, but it’s now been sullied by Finola. Thankfully, Selas seemed tame enough. After some initial antagonistic behaviour, she managed to see some level of reason. As for Conifer, there’s not much to say. An unknown, at the moment.

Still, such issues couldn’t be left untouched so I took the initiative to speak to General Ironwood. His response was not encouraging. “You need to learn to work with different kinds of people.” He insisted that as the heiress of the Schnne Dust Company, my current team would help me in interacting with people that I would normally associating myself with.

Quite frankly, I find this point to be invalid. I already attend meetings for my Father’s business and establish my connections within the industry. Dealing with others is something I’m expected to do on a daily basis, something already within my capabilities. He remained insistent that my team had been formed and I would learn to accept it.

Afterwards, I took part in a routine checkup. General Ironwood was satisfied with my behaviour otherwise and the engineer team reported operation was normal. As I understand it, this checks are to be fairly regular throughout my attendance at Atlas Academy. While it is encouraging to know I’m operating as normal, I must admit that the procedures can be somewhat…invasive.

For now, I have returned to my duties at the academy and with my team. Time will tell if this menagerie will come of anything other than stress and hardship.”

Recording ends
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