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Welcome to World of Remnant. We are an AU, no-wordcount RWBY roleplay beginning at the conclusion of Volume 3. The Fall Maiden is dead, her powers in the hands of the enemy. Beacon Academy has fallen, and Vale is soon to fall itself. The Vytal Festival is a disaster; thousands dead, many more injured. Grimm populations are at an ever-present surplus. What dire circumstances has Remnant fallen prey to?

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 Salzem Aerodant
 Posted: Oct 11 2017, 11:26 AM


Salzem Aerodant
Birthplace: Kingdom of Vacuo

Age: 15

Sex & Gender: Male, Male.

Race: Faunus

Affiliation: Shadow Academy, 3rd Year

Physical Details:

Standing at about 5'9 and 140 pounds, Salzem is not what one would call... typical teenager in appearance. He always sports a breathing mask that covers his nose and mouth, hiding some of his facial expressions but also giving off a generally uncomfortable vibe. Much to his benefit, his mask also covers up his faunus trait, jagged, knife-like fangs, almost like those that would belong to a snake. Without his mask, these fangs creep out from beneath his upper lips, reaching down it his mid-chin, making eating difficult, but not impossible. Salzem has deep red eyes, messy curly black hair, often left unkempt. When out of uniform, He often sports a loose, baggy black jacket over a dull-red t-shirt with finger-less leather gloves and heavy leather boots to match. He tends to walk about with an exhausted, flat or blank stare, intentionally giving on a very... anti-social "aura" for lack of a better word. Salzem shows a distinct discomfort for social gatherings in the form of shrinking into his hoodie or contemplating the ground beneath him should the former not be an option.

He possesses very pale white skin, seemingly untouched from the sun since the day he was born. Sometimes, one can catch him clutching at his shirt or chest with his hand, his breathing becoming somewhat erratic or shallow.


+ 8 positive traits

+ Is extremely Blunt. Hardly will play word-games with someone

+Generally honest, though this might not apply to certain things like... him being a faunus to those that don't know.

+Holds friends in high esteem... almost to a fault.

+Has a soft heart underneath his tough exterior

+Has a strong sense of family

+Enjoys training

+Is a Promise-keeper

- 8 negative traits

-Knows no mercy to those who attack him.

-Finds it hard to care about those who break his trust once. Almost as if they're strangers.

-Is straight-forward to a fault in battle. Often doesn't think or strategize beyond basic overwhelm-tactics.

-Has a profound distaste for speeches.

-Has a very short temper

-Is quite vengeful. He doesn't forgive easy... not without a fight.

-Has a hard time coping with loss.


Salzem, as a young boy, had little cares in the world... He was vibrant, full of life and energy... His mother often liked to pick flowers and so, as a gift to her... He decided he'd present one to her as a gift. Throughout the kingdom of Vaco, searching for the most beautiful flower he could find and indeed... he had found it... T'was a small, rose-like bud, a flower as bright and lively as he was it seemed without a bug or thorn upon it... This would make the perfect flower for her! Or so he thought. The instant he went to pick the flower, a cloud of pollen burst forth from the rose's center, entering the child's lungs and damaging them... permanently... Luckily, his parents were out looking for him and found him writhing in the grass, clutching his chest...

It was discovered that the damage done to his lungs made normal breathing near-impossible and, as such, was fitted with a mask around his face that aided in such things. At first, things weren't all that different for the boy. He grew into the mask quickly, adapting to his new life with open arms... But then the bullies came... One too many times they stripped him of his mask, watching him clutch at his throat and flop about like a fish... One too many times did he cry and gasp as they mocked and laughed at his pitiful state. Salzem grew bitter... angry by the end of the year... His joy and warmth mutated into anger and distrust.

Once a talkative boy grew quiet as he aged, his new cynical thinking taking deep root within... Who was once a peaceful child started training in fighting of his own brand of martial arts, some mix between street-fighting, brawling and kick-boxing he developed, watching other men and women train and copying their techniques. The bullies who grew up with him were encountered again once more, attempting to pull their shtick and were swiftly defeated... Salzem was the one standing as they writhed about, his face glowing with satisfaction for the first time he can remember. Of course... the story did not end there. Salzem found himself confronted by the local law enforcement with accusations of assault. He attempted to explain that it was they that started a fight but that quickly lead to nowhere... a he-said-she-said argument. T'was later that day was Sal let off the hook when witness testimonies came in, turning the tide in his favor. He was let off with a warning and his aggressors never touched him again... Things just kept getting better and better.

Time passed and Salzem's lungs had grown to heal due to several different medical treatments. He found that he could go longer and longer without it each day and, indeed, this effect made him the happiest he's ever been. However, he still chose to wear the mask... Perhaps from a psychological need or perhaps it repelled those he disliked with it's sheer creep-factor. Whatever the reason, he still strapped it too his face.

Horrified of what their son had become and what he COULD become, they shipped him off to Shadow Academy, a fate he truly embraced while ignoring his parent's motives. While he'd have to interact with new people, the chances of forcing his anger upon grimm and other hostile forces were just.... too good to pass up.

Salzem had heard of the incident at Vale when the Grimm had attacked and he was nothing less than excited. When it came to this topic, he chatted with his family about the possibilities involving the battles, the hunters, how it all came together. He found himself invigorated by the idea that there was a force out there that could penetrate the walls of a city and truly test the might of hunters... Vale being stormed like that... Beacon just overrun... Where most would scream and run for cover at the notion of it happening here... T'was nothing less than an enjoyable pastime for the young hunter-to-be.

Unlike most who went out to celebrate the Anniversary of the end of the Faunus revolution, Salzem stayed behind to focus on his solitary training, having no desire to bunch up with a crowd of strangers to remember what's still fresh in everyone's minds. He often found himself thinking unkindly of the crowds that gathered annually for (what he considered to be) this meaningless event. He did understand that it was thanks (at least in part) to this event that he was granted the freedom he now enjoys frivolously, but he refused to celebrate everything that forced it to be made possible. He continued to cynically critique the idea for several days afterwords until the act of it began to lose relevance to him. He left himself to his work, letting to world bleed away into simplicity behind him.

Player Details
OOC: Salzem

Contact: Email or PM

Other Characters: N/A

Notes: N/A

Sample Post:

T'was one of those rare times when Salzem could get some time to himself, when people just knew that he didn't have time for their worthless conversation... He smiled to himself ruefully as he contemplated the forgetfulness of these people... One day they understood... other days they decided to just forget... He should make it a game... Which way will they act today? Given that he was a winner, the faunus made his way out into the training yard for some just-due anger management, burning his frustrations through good-ol' exhaustion. Setting up a good-sized punching bag, the hunter-to-be struck it's firm, sandy surface easy at first, feeling it's rough face graze his skin, letting his rage and annoyance build with the sensation of abrasion. T'was a good feeling... his heart racing and his mind boiling over into a numb blankness, the pain of a clenched jaw and grinding teeth fading into the background. Salzem struck the bag harder this time, actually feeling the reverse-shock-wave arc up his shoulder with a jolt, pain making its home in his socket... Excellent... With the welcoming awakening of pain his mind began to clear, the world came alive once again as he tuned his senses outward than inward, his rage and frustrations fueling his body than nesting in his head... With each blow, Salzem felt his body relieve the pent-up aggression he felt towards his nosy classmates, those who had that audacity to try and know him... those that wanted to peer into his mind like they had a right to it...

More punches. He could start to feel the effects of exhaustion. Good... that meant his angers would be spent and clarity could take over once again... Salzem switched to kicks as he wasn't done yet... The tension shifted from his upper body to his lower, opting for more forceful, angry blows... straight kicks to the stomach-area, knees down below, a heel to the head... After all, he wasn't there to impress those that would impress upon him. He was there to serve himself.

He quietly drowned his agitation in the sensation of satisfaction. Feeling his muscles ache gave him something more to focus on... something that meant more than anything his rage could provide him... than those "class-mates" of his would dare to offer. With a sigh, he pulled away from the bag and sat himself down there in the dirt, just listening to his heart pound against his chest, his breath echo through his breathing mask... feel his head throb with his pulse. It was at times like these he felt truly at peace.

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 Posted: Oct 12 2017, 12:38 PM


Salzem Aerodant
Affiliation: Student, 3rd Year Shadow Academy

Character Page: Here

Brawler's Reach:

A large pair of brass knuckles that, upon each ridge over the fingers holds a slot that nestles a small cannon-ball like projectile. Upon squeezing the trigger, the grip of the knuckles, all four of the ridges fire out their projectiles at once, emptying out it's reserve in one shot. Reloading appears akin to knuckle-cracking as the user inserts 4 more projectiles into the slot to be used again. Shots are dispersed in a small cone-area. Projectiles explode on impact with moderate sized-explosions.

Juggernaut Charge

Being the brawler that he is, it is only fitting that Salzem is outfitted with a semblance that allows him to get in close and deal an immense amount of damage while doing so. His aura enhances him in two separate ways while this semblance is active:

Firstly, it enhances his speed as he charges down the opponent, making his movements an immensely fast blur right up until he hits something. Should he strike a very durable surface, Salzem will come to a dead stop or slow, depending on his level of charge. He's unaffected by the forces that would come with a sudden Stop.

Secondly, the semblance greatly increases his aura defense during the charge in the form of a shield that only seems to enhance his front, protecting him from any oncoming brush he might come in contact with. The Shield appears as a half-sphere that hovers a foot in front, covering both the top of his head and the ground just in front of him while also acting as a battering ram, slamming into anything that would get in his way.

However, the reinforcement of the aura's front leaves the user's back-aura relatively weak. If the user isn't careful, they may leave themselves vulnerable while charging. The charge is also only in one direction, having very little ability to shift or turn without dropping out of the charge, righting themselves and charging again.

The length of the charge and the cooldown are proportional to how much build-up time the charge-time or... rather... "runway " the semblance has.

A Quick-Charge, one that might either be used to dodge an attack with it's speed or combo into a previous attack. Has a cooldown of 3 posts due to it's relative weak power in comparison to it's stronger counterparts. Doesn't require any distance from the opponent. However. Due to how weak it is, this version of the charge can be used 3 times in a row at the cost of a longer cool-down of 5 posts.

An Average Charge, one that has a great deal more power but needs more distance (about 10 meters) between the user and their target. As a result, it requires a cooldown of 4 posts due to the strain it takes on the legs to continue carrying those at such a speed.

A Full Charge (a charge that requires at least 20 meters of space to gain sufficient speed) is the greatest achievement of this semblance. At a Full Charge, the user's speed sky-rockets and their slam is more like being hit by a cannon-ball or a missile more than a person. But, as a result, the moment they stop, they're unable to charge again for a total of 5 posts.

Finally, it should be noted that the Juggernaut's Charge's greatest weakness, tough objects slowing down your charge, is also your best strength. Being a Juggernaut, the user's charge is able to carry struck opponents with them as they truck ahead. Using the environment as a weapon only makes you deadlier as you slam your targets through stone, trees and concrete to deal additional damage. While it does stop your charge down, this is also is something to capitalize on. Stopping right as you strike a powerful barrier will leave your opponent with their back against a wall as well as yourself being prepared to unleash a devastating close-range assault as a follow-up.

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‡ Fireseeker
 Posted: Nov 28 2017, 12:49 PM


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