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Welcome to World of Remnant. We are an AU, no-wordcount RWBY roleplay beginning at the conclusion of Volume 3. The Fall Maiden is dead, her powers in the hands of the enemy. Beacon Academy has fallen, and Vale is soon to fall itself. The Vytal Festival is a disaster; thousands dead, many more injured. Grimm populations are at an ever-present surplus. What dire circumstances has Remnant fallen prey to?

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 Neon Katt, Fourth year Team FNKI
 Posted: Oct 11 2017, 11:16 AM
Allison Member
A bag that seems to large to carry, the contents are unknown to all but sandwiches are most commonly pulled out.
Sandwiches of friendship.

Neon Katt
Birthplace: Atlas

Age: 20

Sex & Gender: Female; Female.

Race: Faunus. (Feline)

Affiliation: Atlas Academy, Team FNKI

Physical Details:

Neon is a young girl with a light complexion. She has green eyes and moderate red-orange hair done up in four ponytails with light blue streaks in her bangs. As a feline Faunus, Neon's physical trait is that of a cat tail covered with pink fur that becomes lighter toward the tip.

Neon's outfit has a large range of bright colors. She wears a light blue cropped tank top on top of a dark purple bra, dark purple short shorts under a pink combat mini-skirt and white belt with a yellow winking smiley face on the buckle. Two buttons are fixed to her tank top above her right breast, one purple with a cat design and another green one with a heart.

She also has a white cat bell collar around her neck, a pair of bracers on her arms and pads on her shins and knees. She wears red roller blades, which she also uses to move around. A tattoo of a shooting star with a red, green and yellow trail winds around her right arm.


Neon has a ridiculously bubbly and hyperactive personality. She also seems to take great joy in provoking her opponents, immediately mockingly mimicking Yang's speech and attacking her for her weight and appearance. In battle, she retains this attitude, taunting her enemies and cracking puns that even Yang fails to appreciate. However, once beaten, she does respect her opponents, calling Yang and Weiss "super crazy awesome" and asking them to party sometime.

Neon even occasionally pokes fun at Flynt for trying to act like the cool blues jazz type guy, but she can't help a mischevious smirk from cracking on her face to signify she is only joking with him. Despite her bubbly and hyper personality Neon is able to buckle down and be serious if the situation calls for it but those occasions are few and far between. Neon can't help but love music, Anytime she hears a good beat she can't control herself and runs to the source to listen to it like a moth to flames or to light. If the beat is catchy enough you can even catch Neon dancing to it and having a rather good time no matter where she is at.


Neon was always considered the odd child, she enjoyed a rather care free childhood with her parents though from a young age there were two things Neon loved above all things: Music and the idea of being a huntress. Though Neon's parents could understand and support the young girls fascination with music though compared to what most people liked Neon liked music with a techy beat, If there was music within earshot one wouldn't need to wonder where a young Neon ran off to.

Upon reaching the age of twelve Neon pestered her parents into letting her attend Helios academy, Neon got her wish with little effort starting in Helios academy at the start of the school year, As the excited Neon started her new school life as a huntress, Neon noticed one thing above all else with Atlas academy; the colors were so drab and BOOOOORING, there were way to many greys and whites for the girls taste. So Neon dyed her hair to a nice colorful orange hue with blue highlights at the bangs so that she would stand out over the others. When it came time for the teams to be decided upon Neon gave the test EVERYTHING she had passing with flying color's, Neon was then assigned to the musically oriented team “Funky” the only person worth noting on her new team was it's leader Flynt Coal.

Over the next few years in Helios Neon started to get really in sync with her team, Neon and Flynt had even started becoming rather fast and close friends because of their love for music, The pair had even found ways to implement their love of music into their weapons and even a team attack, though the attack took several years to master and pull off.

Upon graduating from Helios academy Neon started doubling her effort's both in school and finding more ways to make herself stand out over the dull Grey's and whites of Atlas academy, the girl eventually picking up her famous tattoo on her right arm even picking up a strange mismatch of clothing that she threw together to be her outfit in the field, The only thing she hated was how shirt the skirt was everything else was nice and colorful just the way Neon wanted it.

Half way through Neon's third year She and Flynt received word that they would be taking part in that years Vytal festival! Neon upon receiving this news was ecstatic, and happier then she had ever been in her life, though if the girl knew what would happen she would have refused the invitation. After the Vytal festival was crashed by Cinder fall and her cronies Neon and Flynt did their best as Atlas seniors to help in the evacuation and defense of the defenseless civilians. The pair had even volunteered to stay a littlw while longer to help in any way they could, Neon taking up a sentry guard position feeling it to be the best fit since she couldn't stay still.

A few days before the Faunus rights Anniversary Neon gathered up enough money to buy two ticket's to Vacuo taking her partner Flynt coal with her, Neon having a right good time sharing drinks with any old friends or rivals from the Vytal festival and dancing the night away in the streets, Neon became a legend by how much she could drink and how bad her puns were.

After everything started to stabilize in Vale Neon and Flynt said their good byes to any of the friends they had made even sending out open invitations to Weiss Schnee and Yang Xiou Long to come and party with her if they were ever in Atlas. With the onset of Neon's fourth year she plans to tackle it head first in the most fabulous way, and Do everything she can to succeed as a Huntress and have a good time doing it.

Player Details
OOC: Allison

Contact: PM or Skype.

Other Characters: Saevitia Argentum, Alexia Shiro, Gwen Darcy.

Notes: Any notes about you or your character can go here! Please also indicate whether you would like to have your character assigned a team by the staff or not.

Sample Post:

Neon just couldn't help herself, she heard the familiar soothing sounds of a techno beat and where ever there was music there were bound to be people dancing and that was just the thing Neon needed to unwind after a hard day of tests! With a rather cheery laugh and a bright smile Neon finally found the source of the music! It belonged to a club called 'The hipjoint' with a peppy bounce in her step Neon pushed the door to the club open waltzing right in not even hesitating to hit the dance floor, her tail swishing happily behind her, hands tapping swaying hips to the beat as she walked.

As son as she found herself a small open spot on the dance floor Neon started to cut loose and show her moves all the while chanting softly to herself “Never miss a beat.”, It wouldn't take long until Neon got lost in her dancing, losing track of time until her scroll started ringing, Neon's heart skipped a beat seeing who it was calling it was Flynt! Though Neon had to wonder why he would be calling her on a day off. Neon sighed stepping outside answering her scroll, “Yo Flynt what's shaking~.....Wait really!? You aren't pulling my tail are you?” Neon asked her already excited demeaner intensifying as she received some good news. “Great! I'll be right there to pack my suitcase! Don't blink!” Neon put away her scroll taking a deep breath, “LOOK OUT WORLD! This years Vytal festival is about to get FUNKY!” Neon let out an excited laugh as she ran back towards Atlas academy.

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