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 Ciarra Lyons, Third Year, Team ICBG






Blood Type







 Posted on: Jul 5 2018, 07:16 PM
Birthplace: Oakfall(Razed), Vale

Age: 19

Sex & Gender: Female, Female

Race: Human

Affiliation: Beacon, 3rd Year

Physical Details:

Ciarra is a young woman of moderate height and weight, not particularly one who would stand out in the crowd. Of course, the main thing that tends to draw the eye is not her body style, but the way that she wreathes herself in blacks and greys. Her own dark hair is cut short with her bangs, keeping them from her eyes, but the front sides of her hair fall down on either part of her face, resting just above her collarbone. THe back is raised up into a bun, with a pair of long braids wound around it that tangle, resting at about her upper back.

Her uppoer body is concealed both in a heavy, dark grey coat as well as a muffler that winds about her neck and shoulders. A belt with numerous satchels for dust hugs her waist before the woman's lower attire, which consists of a long, billowy skirt, covers her to her feet. The front of the skirt is cut out as well, to allow for easy movements, and beneath it, two large black boots acan be seen beneath.

Ciarra is a woman who's had a difficult life, and that's shown in not only how she carries herself, but also with how she interacts with others. The first thing that most people would note about her is her fondness for honesty. And in that, blunt, honest truth is often what comes forth from her lips, regardless of who it may hurt or how it may come across, finding the idea of lying abhorrent. This has gotten her into some poor situations at school, but the fact that she never made anything up made it difficult for her to be actually punished by the faculty. From this following of truth, discussion with her is often short and to the point. Not because she isn't fond of conversing, she just finds the circular talk annoying, and prefers to simply say what's on her mind, and get that in return. Those who try to beat around the bush often get a glare from her.

Ciarra seems to have a rather unhealthy penchant for finding, and killing, Grimm. While others often see it as a necessity, or as something that's 'the right thing to do,' she instead will find herself going out of her way, and often into harm's way, in order to kill more of them. Those that attempt to dissuade her, or even forcibly stop her from her attacks often get spurned by the girl, and (with the exception of her teammates) that disrespect can last months before she finally starts to let it go.

She's very devoted to her studies and becoming a huntress, with the sole goal of becoming someone who is allowed to wantonly slaughter the Grimm. Due to this, her grades are relatively high across the board and she can often be found studying in the library, making certain to hit the marks required to pass her classes with as high a score as possible.


While there are tales of happiness and excitement at Beacon, so too are there stories of tragedy and woe. Ciarra is one of the unfortunate youngsters who lost their parents early. She was all of eight when it had happened, her parents trying to keep her calm during the attack on their village. Of course, prior to all of this, they had raised their daughter with all the love and care that they could. She wasn't exactly a social butterfly, but she made friends easily enough, and was often found playing outside in the mud, rather than staying indoors and clean. Not quite a tomboy, she often had on skirts outside, finding their ease of movement over leggings to be preferred, which had incurred some teasing from some of the boys around her age group. She didn't always take well to it, until her parents asked her why she was upset about them pointing out the truth of the matter, that she was wearing skirts outside in the mud and dirt. She didn't quite know what to say to that at first and she became a little introspective at that point. Not any less social, but just quieter, tending to think things through, more.

When the attack had come, it really hadn't been expected. They'd just had some Hunters come through within the week and cleared up a small gathering of Beowulves. Oakfall had thought that they were safe from it, and that's exactly the reason why things came down around their heads as it did. The village had called for the Hunters but there was only so much that they could do beyond wait for them to arrive, and it was during this time that they tried to console her, to tell her that it would be okay and that everything was fine. That she didn't need to worry.

Of course, while she was hidden deep under the recesses of her bed, where her parents had hidden her, she could hear the shouts and scream of her parents as they were attacked and killed, but before she was able to join them, the hunters finally arrived, decimating the creatures and rescuing her, and the others that had survived. One of the hunters then tried to tell her that "everything would be all right" and she immediately responded with what has become something of her own signature phrase: "Don't lie to me."

As many children in her situation do, she went to an orphanage, and immediately began to set her sights on what she deemed to be the truth, which was ridding the world of Grimm, so that she could tell someone that it would be all right, and that she wouldn't be lying to them. Of course, this twists a person to be under that much duress, even if self-inflicted and she became nothing short of obsessed with her goal. So when her Semblance started to show itself, she saw that as Fate itself, guiding her to become its hand, and fulfill the need from the deepest seat of her heart.

Starting at Signal Academy was a strange change of pace for her. Even with the trauma that she'd undergone, she was still fairly social, talking with anyone who spoke with her and seeking out those that she found interesting to talk with herself. She made some friends that lingered, and some that grew apart. Her single-minded dedication to the removal of Grimm, almost to a humorous extent, did earn her some ridicule from some of those students who weren't even sure that the Grimm could be exterminated, especially considering the fact that Hunters had been trying that for ages. Ciarra would respond with her single-mindedness as well, which tended to be the point at which people would either continue as her friend...or to not.

The single-mindedness of her virtue helped to keep her on task with her studies, often getting some commendations from the faculty for her studiousness. As such, she tended to group more with people who had a similar mindset, to want to succeed. Those that don't take their training or their schooling seriously tend to get ignored by her, something that continues even to this day.

Her first year at Beacon went much in the same way as Signal had, though many of the students that were present already knew of her focus, and as such, tended to steer clear of her for that alone. Ciarra didn't mind, not wanting to cloud her goal of her Truth with people that may weigh her down, though she did have some initial difficulties with her team due to her single-minded focus. Of course, after her first year...and Beacon was taken over by Grimm...her mentality had a shift. Certain that this was the continued act of Fate, she vowed to act in accordance with whatever was asked of her, often signing up first to volunteer in their takeback of the Academy. She stayed at Signal, wanting to stay near where she was needed.

Working both with her team and on her own, Ciarra worked to eliminate many of the Grimm, often working herself to exhaustion and being forced to sit out on assignments that she had wanted to attend due to said lack of sleep and nutrition both. But she found herself studying even while ill, pushing herself to become the best huntress she could be. Eventually, through the combined efforts of everyone involved, Beacon was reclaimed and for Ciarra, this was yet just another step in in the direction that the Hand of Fate was guiding her.

Shortly thereafter, there was the 19th annual Faunus Rights Anniversary, and during this, Ciarra stepped in to help in getting it setup, finding any division between human and faunus arbitrary and foolhardy, as they both stood against the Grimm.
Player Details
OOC: WhiteFog

Contact: Discord

Other Characters: Damek Noal

Notes: Ciarra is an irish name meaning 'black' and Lyons an irish surname meaning 'grey'
Character image is Mirania from The Last Story
Preference on team is ICGB. Spoke with Raikask and cleared it already

Sample Post:

Done on Damek already.
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