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Welcome to World of Remnant. We are an AU, no-wordcount RWBY roleplay beginning at the conclusion of Volume 3. The Fall Maiden is dead, her powers in the hands of the enemy. Beacon Academy has fallen, and Vale is soon to fall itself. The Vytal Festival is a disaster; thousands dead, many more injured. Grimm populations are at an ever-present surplus. What dire circumstances has Remnant fallen prey to?

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 Journey of a Light, Ava's Logs
Ava Llyn
 Posted: Jun 16 2017, 05:57 AM


Ava Llyn

Word Count: ###


Notes: ---
Coding by ShadowSaiph
[SIZE=3]Recording #1: "Hello?... Is this thing... oh sweet, it's on!" Ava can be seen giggling on screen, or for those just merely listening they can hear her do so. "Sorry, I've been fiddling with this stupid mic for like... three hours now. Turns out I got the wrong mic jack for this to work so I had to go get another one. Ugh, glad that damn thing is done now.

"So hello to those listening. This is Ava Llyn from Shade Academy! Not... too many people are going to be listening to this so... you all pretty much know who I am. BUT, if you feel like sharing this audio recording with anyone around you, feel free to do so. I'm doing this in hopes to bring a smile to you, maybe connect you with others or myself better, maybe I'll even intrigue you long enough to listen to this whole thing. Goddesses know I've been blessed enough to have anyone listen to me over the years... I'm grateful for you doing so... just so you know.

"Dad, you and everyone else who may be listening to this, I hope you're all having a good day today. I don't think that gets said enough. Some people just... are really having a really shit day and... too few of times people go out of their way to ask someone if they're okay or if they need someone to talk to. Heck, by them a cone of ice cream. Tell a girl her shoes look nice and tell a guy he's got a nice smile. There's too many Grimm in this world for us to just let people have bad days. You don't have to make it great or magical... just a little kindness goes a long way.

"Anyways... this... is meant for me to be able to reach out to you when I physically can't. This... is also a way I plan to become better for my team and I'm going to do that by... just saying whatever the hell is on my mind. I'm never going to shy away from saying what's going to be said but... I have this... issue.

"Ever since being a little girl when I lost my parents... I've... got this need in me to do everything imaginable in order to keep moving forward. I bottle things up, I put my foot forward and... try to do everything myself. I don't do this because I think other people make me weaker. In fact, without you, Enya or you, dad, I... would never be alive. Spiritually, emotionally, mentally, who I am as a person would not be alive. I'd just be some... shell of who I am right now.

"But I do this because I don't want to see any harm come to anyone I love and care about. Hell, I don't want to see harm come to anyone. I know, I know, I already hear 'But Ava, you start fights in Shade all the time.' Yea, I do, but I'm not out to hurt anyone. Most of the time anyways... sometimes I'm just doing it because I find it fun. Like with Orel, we [/literally punch each other in the hallways to greet each other. So bite me, I enjoy a brawl with my friends every once in awhile.

"Anyways... I've always been the one who stepped into the spotlight whether or not she wanted to. I'm always going to step into the spotlight... that's just not something I'm afraid to do anymore. But... I don't want to be alone when I do it anymore. Before, the way everything would be done made it feel like I'm alone. I've been trying for years to get my team ready for whatever fucking enemy is waiting for us out there which by the way, you're not going to fool me if you tell me the Fang were solely responsible for everything that happened. Just stop there, I might be a kid but I'm not fucking stupid." She says, snickering into the mic as she leans back on her bed against the wall.

"I've not prepared my team as much as I've been preparing myself... I realized it not too long ago. On another log, I'll explain how I figured it out because that's an entire entry on its own. But there was a mission I took part in in Beacon where I came to realize what I've been doing all this time. Yea sure, mentally I believe we're all on the same page but ability and teammwork wise... I've gotta do better in helping elevate them.

"These guys look up to me for so much. They're my team, my family, my friends and my lover... For the better part of two years, I thought I was doing pretty good at preparing us. I was wrong. I've let them down everyday we've been a team. I've got to do better. I've got to quit focusing on being this solo act with my team in the background and bring them out into the spotlight. They've busted their asses way too hard for themselves and each other to be considered anything less of a Huntress than others regard me as.

"And don't say you don't do that. Day one of Shade when we were all put on a team, I remember a few of the students present who laughed at us and immediately thought we'd be the worst team. That's fine... that's fine, keep thinking of us like that because you're not only motivating me, you're motivating them too. Especially Enya. To put it in perspective, the girl cracked her chirgiki over my head to pick me back up in the middle of a mission in front of two others. There's not a damn one of the students here at Shade that for a moment thought that that would ever happen, hell I wonder if some of them even thought she'd ever be able to handle a few Grimm on her own.

"I can hear some of the students saying 'Oh, cracking a weapon over your head isn't that hard.'. It's not about it being hard, it merely speaks to the length she was willing to go to make sure we got out of that mission alive. I'll explain why on another recording why I needed to be hit over the head but long story short, I'm alive and likely some if not all of the team is alive because she did that. A lot of people would have sat by and let what was happening to me happen or try yelling at me. Enya, if you're listening to this, you're a badass and thank you for hitting me.

"I don't want to be alone in the spotlight... I want my team there with me. Everyone who knows me knows that I have a dream... I dream that one day, faunus and humans will all get past their differences for a better tomorrow. That the White Fang will lay down their weapons, we'll lay down our differences and understand we all have one common enemy out there that we know about. The Grimm. Everytime we hurt each other, they get stronger and Beacon is a shining example of it. How many more Beacon incidents will happen until we say enough is enough?

"Like I said about the spotlight. I want to accomplish my dream... I want us all to live happily and yadayadaya. I know, real world's a bit more tricky, but we shouldn't have to fear walking out of our front door. In order for me to accomplish my dream... I need you all. I need the people of Remnant to be up on that stage with me, hand in hand and say... enough.

"So... the next entry will be longer but I will say this before I shut this down for the night... I'm done marching to this world's broken tune. It can't work anymore and it won't. The Beacon incident proved that much... but what cam from Beacon? Humans and Faunus working together in a confined space to take back Beacon? The families of those who've lost and those who have loved ones out in the field getting together and helping each other through hard times? The camaraderie we showed to one another the entire time?.... This dream of world peace? It isn't impossible... as a matter of fact, it's more than achievable. But nothing, NOTHING is going to happen unless we make it happen.

"So I'm going to march to the tune of my heart. Peacefully, emphatically, with kindness and with the determination of someone from Remnant's hell, hellbent on changing the world for the better while being hand in hand with those I love and care about from all over the world...

"No more. We. Will. Know. Peace... Thank you for your time tonight... goodnight everyone."[SIZE]


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