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Welcome to World of Remnant. We are an AU, no-wordcount RWBY roleplay beginning at the conclusion of Volume 3. The Fall Maiden is dead, her powers in the hands of the enemy. Beacon Academy has fallen, and Vale is soon to fall itself. The Vytal Festival is a disaster; thousands dead, many more injured. Grimm populations are at an ever-present surplus. What dire circumstances has Remnant fallen prey to?

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 Meoquanee Braith, First Year, Team OMBR
 Posted: Feb 16 2016, 03:02 AM
Chaos Member
Guard Gauntlets - Two gauntlets that also expand themselves to a body-sized shield.
Infection - Capable of implanting seeds of ideas in others, causing them to do things they never expected.

Meoquanee "Meo" Braith
Birthplace: Vacuo

Age: 15

Sex & Gender: Female

Race: Human

Affiliation: Beacon Academy, First Year

Physical Details:

Stands at 5'3" with sandy brown hair, green eyes, and a somewhat pale complexion.

Meo is a girl who normally acts like her age, though she does have more sense regarding responsibility. Aside from that, she's your typical school-girl in personality. She enjoys spending time with her friends, whether it would be simply walking around talking, taking the occasional shopping trips, or getting down to the books in a group study. Normally not the one to take the lead on things, Meo normally acts as the adviser type in a group, though her words normally make the most sense and any normal person would probably line themselves up to her way of thinking.

In battle, Meo is not that ladylike. She is more than willing to get in the enemy's face, push them around, send several bolts of arrows in their skull, cleave them in two, and/or headbutt their skull in. However, there are two things that don't change. She is still not the type of take leadership as she can't make up plans on the spot or read into a situation during a fight. Also, she still loves her friends, and is more than willing to take the blunt of the force for them. (Which her Semblance helps to keep herself safe in the process.)

However, despite being willing to stand in the front lines, Meo can get easily worried about things. Why is her friends taking so long? What happened to her school supplies? Where did that noise come from? Those sorts of things. She doesn't like to admit how much of a worrywart she is, but even though it looks like a weakness, worry can actually be good intuition, and she has plenty of it. Anytime she worries about certain things, more often than not something DOES happen regarding the subject of her worry. Just more reason why she plays the adviser.


Meoquanee was born and raised in Vacuo by a mother and father both in the business of Dust trade with a company branched off of the Schnee Dust Company. Needless to say, not everyone saw her family as the well-respected type due to the Faunus population in her part of town, despite having a half-sister that, as she found as she grew up, was a Faunus herself. Though despite her parents being successful business associates, they didn't push Meo to follow in their footsteps. The let her be the child she wanted to be, and this turned out to have a rather positive effect.

The girl started growing to be rather ladylike, taking after her mother in terms of modesty and consideration while she retained her father's fairness. Although she did also have her mother's worrisome nature and father's defensiveness. Regardless, the way she acted gave other families enough reason to reconsider their position on keeping themselves at a distance from Meo's family, and if one were to ask what kind of friends she had growing up? She would always answer that some where rather pushy, others loving, and some gave her a push when she needed one. Never would she consider answering "Oh, I had more Faunus friends than Human ones."

It would be strange to hear that by most people, and some would even call it suspect.

At the age of nine, her family was coming home from a vacation at Mistral. A wonderful time, they had, and Meo kept talking about it during the entire trip back. However, their peaceful trip was ruined almost as soon as they got to the door of their house. A group of White Fang members shown up, making accusations that her family was gathering secrets of their organization and selling them to Schnee Dust. the girl was... well, just a girl at the time so she didn't really understand what they were talking about, but she did understand that they were in trouble the moment one of the members grabbed her dad by the neck.

Meo started screaming to let her dad go, ready to run over and pry the White Fang member off if her mother wasn't holding her back. But just as the guy was ready to follow through with his threats, he was knocked aside by a new figure. All the White Fang called this figure was "A Huntress."

The woman made quick work of them, assuring Meo's family that they would not be bothered anymore. Though looking down, she noticed the look in Meo's eyes. The girl was amazed at what she had seen, and the woman knew this. "Do you know what a Huntress is, little girl?" she asked her.

"Um... someone who hunts stuff?" A typical, childish answer, but one that earned a chuckle from everyone there.

"Not just that, honey. A Huntress helps people. In any way they can. Who knows? Maybe you'll be one yourself one day."

That stuck with her. Since that day on, Meo had a dream to help people. It eventually became a wish to protect people from others that would harm them, to even a resolve to act as a shield for those who could not fight back. At first, her parents thought going for such a life would be too dangerous for their daughter, but they soon decided that they should not go back on what they originally wanted for her. To live the way she wanted to live. At least, doing this, she was less likely to go down a bad road.

A couple of people from their company was asked to help Meo design a weapon for her, as well as a trainer so she could know at least the basics of combat before joining an Academy. Both went well for the most part, her training helping the designers realize she was actually suited to being in close combat and was a decent shot. So they designed an axe that could fold to a crossbow, giving her the capability to do both. Though Meo had one little idea.

"Hey, is there any way we can use Dust in this?"

This actually sparked some curiosity in one of the designers, finding a way to utilize Dust in both powdered and crystalline form and add it to the design. After a few prototypes, they eventually found the perfect balance of weight and length for the girl. She was ready in terms of both training and weaponry, though her trainer had wondered what her semblance might be. It was just last yet, actually, that everyone would soon find out. It was during a night out that Meo and her friends had realized they were late. The only solution they could think of was start running home so they wouldn't be any later than they were already, but as they crossed the street, one of her friends tripped and hurt the leg in the process. As if the situation wasn't bad enough, a car was heading down the road, and it didn't seem to notice that her friend was in the way.

The girl acted on instinct, running out to her friend and tried moving her, but she was too heavy to get her out of the way in time. By the time the headlight was nearly on top of them, Meo just grabbed her friend and moved in between her and the car, the entire neighborhood waking up to the sound of a car crash. The friends off to the side thought for sure Meo died, but after the initial shock passed, a new shock came into play.

Meo and her friend was fine. In fact, the girl sat there completely wide-eyed to the fact that she was still alive. Though the moment she turned around, she saw the front end of the car was caved in... and her arching back could fit in the hole perfectly. Not long after, she finally understood. That was her semblance.

Not long after her 13th birthday came along, Meo jumped at the chance to enlist in Shadow Academy. She felt fully confident that she could make this dream a reality now. It didn't matter how much work it took or how much training she would have to go through. All she knew was that she was taking her first steps to becoming a Huntress. But boy... she didn't realize just what kind of stuff a Hunter Academy would present her with.

Player Details
OOC: Chaos

Contact: PM, Cbox, Skype (contact me for info)

Other Characters: Irene Xanthe

Notes: You'll just have to see to believe it. The entirety of AUTM has transferred officially to Signal Academy as of their third year.

Sample Post:

I'm sorry, what?
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 Posted: Apr 4 2016, 11:59 PM
Chaos Member
Guard Gauntlets - Two gauntlets that also expand themselves to a body-sized shield.
Infection - Capable of implanting seeds of ideas in others, causing them to do things they never expected.

Meoquanee "Meo" Braith
Affiliation: Shadow Signal Academy, Team AUTM

Character Page: Here


Silver Edge: Crossbow-axe

As the name would imply, Meo has a weapon that can be either a crossbow, for distanced targets, or an axe, to be up close and personal. However, there are compartments in the weapon that holds containers of Dust, allowing her to use them during combat.

Tear (Axe): The size of the axe is almost as tall as she is, the pole a decent thickness with the axe blades duel-sided with enough weight to require Meo to hold the weapon with both hands. The size the weight allows each swing to be more impactful than one would think from someone of her size. However, in the middle of the axe there is a spinner like a revolver that holds containers of dust that, as Meo pulls the trigger on her handle, releases the dust to create an effect in her attacks dependent on the element used.

Piercer (Crossbow): The axe folds up with the press of a button, allowing it to be more compact in her arms, but also makes the blades fold in part-way, revealing a string and mechanisms that let it act as a self-reloading crossbow. The pole from before, actually holds the bolts to this weapon, allowing it to act as the cartridge. With this, she is able to shoot up to three arrows per second, each one having enough force to pierce bone. Possibly even metal. Dust can be used on this form as well, the revolver piece able to be put in front of the bolts so as the arrow is shot, it breaks the container of dust and covers the arrow, giving it an elemental property.



Meo's semblance allows her to control the very density of her body, able to not only become so heavy that even the strongest of tornadoes can't move her, but also being able to withstand the force of a speeding Semi and take it like it's nothing. During it's activation, her skin becomes so solid that it's nearly impossible to cut or penetrate, making the concentrated force of bladed weapons, thrusting weapons, and even projectiles ineffective against her. She is quite literally a living suit of armor.

However, upon use of this semblance, her muscles are unable to move or even react, causing her to be stuck in place during the use of this the only things she can really move is her eyes, letting her to still be aware of other parts of the field. But constant switching between an active and inactive state can exhaust her immensely, so Meo needs to know when she can dodge and when it's better to stand her ground to sustain herself in a fight.

However, at partial cost of her aura, Meo CAN center this semblance to certain parts of her body, such as her arms, legs, and head, to let her attack things beyond her usual strength, or to be firmly planted while shooting from afar. However, despite the lessened cost, it can still wear her out if used too often

Combat Abilities

- Bull-headed
A close combat technique, Meo either gets in close or uses this as a counter. The trick is catching her opponent off guard and then swings her head forward into her opponent with her semblance focused on her head and neck, increasing the impact tremendously while lessening the damage to herself. | Usable by Meoquanee | solo ability | Basic

- Meo-teor
A team strike in collaboration with Ailia, Meo has Ailia launch her into the air with her own semblance, gaining a high altitude before Meo activates her own and becomes a falling statue that could potentially create a crater three times her size upon impact with the ground from the weight and velocity of her falling. | Usable by Ailia/Meoquanee | dual ability | Advanced

template by saska for use only on world of remnant. do not reuse without permission.
† Mary
 Posted: Oct 9 2017, 12:51 AM
Mary Admin


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