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Sol Chrome
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28-November 17
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28-November 17
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Sol Chrome
Played By Sunkruhm
Aug 9 2018, 02:51 AM
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April 4
Physical Details
Dark Tan
Empyrean Edge (left hand, primary) and Firmament Guard (right hand, secondary) Sol's left hand weapon, Empyrean Edge, is primarily a bastard sword that is double-edged and slightly broad. The blade has an angular, clean design that is primarily white with a mostly grey-black edge and silvery detailing. The hilt is straightforward and black, but the crossguard has a partial golden-orange sun ray design across it. At the base of the blade is a rectangular compartment designed to house an SINGLE interchangeable cut dust crystal (usually red fire or yellow lightning), which can send their energy up embedded conduits in the blade to coat its edge in the crystal's element for mild additional damage of the appropriate element and a chance for a mild secondary effect like light searing or minor electrocution. Changing out the dust crystal mid-combat requires 1 post of completely defensive action and can be potentially interrupted by focused or viscous attacking.

Empyrean Edge's secondary form is a rifle in which the blade splits apart and turns inward, the hilt shifts to a pistol grip, and a section of the blade's base that normally connects to the crossguard instead extends back and repositions into a stock. The rifle can fire in semi-auto, but is primarily intended for firing three-round bursts and medium-range combat; at a long range it is not accurate enough and at a close range it can be unwieldy to use against many opponents. The rifle form does not make use of the dust crystals but instead needs to employ multi-use cartridges that are slotted into what is normally the crossguard. Sol usually only uses fire multi-use cartridges.


Sol's right hand weapon, Firmament Guard, also has two forms. Its primary form is that of a white kite shield with a pointed top as well as a pointed bottom. It has a simple design with an orange sun symbol on it and a defined black edge. In this form it is somewhat useful for bashing opponents off balance, but it can also use either red fire dust (for damage) or yellow lightning dust (for a potential stun or stagger) single-use cartridges to release a blast of elemental energy at point-blank range from the subtle, thin edges around the inside circle of the sun symbol. This blast can be useful when bashing or if timed perfectly with a solid block. As a note, when Empyrean edge is in its gun form, Sol can slot it into a slide-away portion of the left edge for one-handed aiming using the shield as a prop.

Firmament Guard's secondary form involves it attaching to his right arm's bracer and collapsing in on itself to form a gauntlet-blade & buckler combination. This form has significantly less coverage but has a short, sharp edge that makes for a better offense. The gauntlet blade itself can be fired on a small cable to perform a light attack at ranges of up to 15 feet or be used as a grapnel. While in this form, it can use its single cartridges to provide additional power and elemental charge to the grapnel shot.
Aura Projection. Sol's Semblance allows him to project and solidify aura into a physical, kinetic form at close to long range. Whatever shape it takes, it has a fractured grey form surrounded by a silvery white sheen just as his own aura. Using this Semblance requires line of sight, as he has to cast or throw it from himself towards the target destination. Out of combat he can create small and simple objects that last for up to 2 posts or so long as he focuses on them. He has two basic uses of this Semblance that he can easily use in combat.

1. The first use of his Semblance Sol discovered is Shield Projection. This allows him to physically throw out out small sheets of aura out that, upon reaching their destination, expand into a solid and mostly flat wall of his aura that stays in place and cannot be moved. These walls are only a few inches thick, typically rectangular, and are a translucent grey with mixed in white and black lines that gives them the appearance of depth and internal fractures. While he can create walls of up to 5x5 dimensions with relative ease, creating anything larger consumes 2% aura per extra 5 square feet (max 15x15) and drains Sol enough to slow him down and potentially open his own defenses. Each Shield Projection can last up to 2 turns currently or until shattered by a few heavy blows or one massive blow, while using the ability itself has a 2 post cooldown. If he increases the size, the cooldown increases by 1 post per extra 5 square feet added to the wall. As a note, this ability requires focus to create, so he cannot use it if dazed, confused, or stunned.

If Shield Projection is used with dust that creates a physical wall (like brown earth/stone), it is tougher and can last 1 additional post, but the shield must be targeted on the ground or another appropriately sized surface capable of supporting it. Offensive energy Dust (such as fire) reduces the duration to 1 post and removes most defensive properties, instead only doing damage to anything passing through the shield.

2. The second practical combat use Sol has discovered is Blade Projection. This is the ability to throw out foot-long "blades" of solid aura that look like sharp, thin sheets of cracked grey light with gleaming white edges. These blades are essentially glorified throwing knives, as he currently has no control over them once he has thrown them out and they travel in a straight line. Despite their solid nature they can be broken or deflected and at longer distances are only about as accurate as throwing knives would be. Blade Projections can be formed with ease and interspersed with attacks, but only do damage similar to a normal strike from Sol, albeit ranged. Dust has no special interaction with this normally other than making the blades elemental rather than purely kinetic.

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