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Welcome to World of Remnant. We are an AU, no-wordcount RWBY roleplay beginning at the conclusion of Volume 3. The Fall Maiden is dead, her powers in the hands of the enemy. Beacon Academy has fallen, and Vale is soon to fall itself. The Vytal Festival is a disaster; thousands dead, many more injured. Grimm populations are at an ever-present surplus. What dire circumstances has Remnant fallen prey to?

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 Gimoto Tenmei, Huntsman, Team MNLT
 Posted: Jun 19 2017, 02:07 PM
Corranis Inactive

Migoto 'Gimoto' Tasogare
Birthplace: Mistral, village of Gekkō

Age: 22

Sex & Gender: Male, male

Race: Human

Affiliation: Huntsman, Team MNLT

Physical Details:

Migoto can be defined as a stunning example of natural beauty. He has a respectable height of 1.85 meters (6.1) with a muscular physique, though he is not excessively bulky. His skin is lightly bronzed and fair without major blemishes or imperfection. His face has strong features with a set of purple eyes that have the natural inclination to stand stern wether he wants it or not. Migoto's hair is a soft black and it hangs loosely till his neck.

Migoto normally wears either of two sets of clothing, three if you count the Atlesian uniform of the academy. He has his Ceremonial combat attire that is made up mostly of fabric expecting some metal plating on the outsides of his arms. The main colours are black, red and purple, and have the motives of fire. Migoto does not wear this armour regularly after his exodus from Gekkō, yet sometimes he puts it on for certain missions. Migoto has chosen to style his clothing more suitable to Atlas during his first year at the academy for something a little bit less recognizable. A Well fitting suit is his regular attire now. It has a long coat that reaches to about his knees.

+ Hardworking

+ Disciplined

+ Courageous

+ Courteous

+ Perfectionist

+ Selfless

+ Honourable

+ Strong-Willed

- Not quick to start conversations.

- Quick to anger

- Overly protective of Mikoto

- Too confident of his own abilities

- Dogmatic thinker

- Paranoid about possible betrayal

- Slow to trust others

- Self loathing about his past


No matter where one lives on the face of Remnant, the question of how one deals with the everlasting threat of the creatures of Grimm is one that needs to be asked by many. Some rely on thick walls, heavy weaponry or the skill of hunters. Others trust on the weapons that they can wield themselves, and their faith to guide them. In Gekkō, a remote village in Mistral, the faith that guided them was known by many as but a mere fairytale. The Brothers of Light and Darkness were said to be connected with the village, and regardless if it was the truth, the people lived accordingly. A priestess led the spiritual life of the villagers, with the light being regarded as the force that would protect them from the darkness.

While every warrior who protected their village was respected for their duty, there was one with a duty more significant than any other. The protector of the priestess, also known as the Guardian of Light, was regarded as the most skilled and respected warrior in Gekkō. Their charge was to keep the priestess safe while assisting in certain ceremonial duties. The skills of the guardian was tested at times, yet never as heavily as when the town of Gekkō was assaulted by a large force of Grimm when Migoto was only 8. Many brave men and women gave their lives, yet it was Priestess herself who managed to drive off the Grimm. Her guardian perished by her side, mere moments before the Priestess gave the ultimate sacrifice for their people. Gekkō was saved, yet at a heavy loss.

Migoto lost his mother and father in the attack, though the young boy did all her could to protect them and others despite his age and limited training at that age. Mikoto became the new Shrine Priestess, that was certain. What was unsure was who became the new guardian. Most of the warriors were slain or wounded, and the new priestess herself was still a young girl at the moment, no matter how dedicated she was. As it was customary that the guardian was around the age of the priestess, Migoto was chosen to act as her protector yet it wasn't till he was 14 that he was officially made her Guardian in title.

Migoto underwent exhaustive training to prepare him for his role as guardian, but in skill with the blade and to forefil his ceremonial role. Yet all of his training could not prepare him from the shifting ideology of the village when they started to switch which brother could protect them better. Instead of praises to the brother of light, they started more and more to praise the brother of darkness. Migoto stayed on the sideline of this conflict for as long as he could, even when the sacrifices started, yet his duty would be to serve the priestess and what ever she said was best for the village's spiritual well being.

When Mikoto was imprisoned by her father and chosen was the next sacrifice, Migoto's choice was quickly made clear to him. He would not allow anyone else to suffer such a faith and stand by, certainly not the young girl that wanted nothing but the best for her people. Migoto 'volunteered' to escort the priestess to be scarified, and because he did nothing against the early imprisonment of Kimoto, he was believed on his word and proven loyalty to the village.

On the night of the sacrifice, the guardian never intended to let the procession reach the lake where sacrifices took place, yet there were too many for even Migoto to be certain of victory. Luckily, the Grimm that were once feared and now almost revered were never very selective. When the beasts came for their sacrifice, Migoto struck. The first two bodies fell when those terrible people knew what happened, and the smell of bloodshed so close and plenty called louder to the Grimm than one girl, however pure she was.

After a three way battle, one figure stood victorious amidst the fallen and the smoke. Wounded, but still very much alive. When Migoto opened the box and looked at the eyes of the one he saved, it was all worth it. The two fled into the wilds, ever away from the place that they had called home once. Migoto thought Mikoto to handle the bow that once belonged to him, as the guardian was more skilled with the blade and a bow could be wielded to strike from a distance. Because while Migoto learned that she was a most capable warrior, he would never abandon his duty to defend her from harm. On top of his duty to protect her, the two made a vow to follow the way of the Light and defend the good people of Remnant. With this Migoto renamed himself as Gimoto Tenmei, both as way to hide his former identity and to symbolize the change in his life.

Their road let them to Atlas; the most secure and secluded kingdom. The choice to become huntsmen and battle the Grimm was almost not even a choice that needed to be made. The only doubt was for Mikoto's safety yet with the skills they would learn here they would be as prepared for any hardships there could be. The two became each others combat partners in team Moonlight, a name fitting for the night that their life changed. Four years have passed at the academy, and plans are being made to return back to the village that betrayed both them, and the light. Gimoto is anxious for the fated reunion, but would his training be enough? To protect both himself and Mikoto, or will his fate be alike so many guardians before him.
Player Details
OOC: Corranis

Contact: Use the eagles, they will come eventually. Could also use the site or Discord, or whatever...

Other Characters: Mathan Donovan, Robert Flamel, Ciel Soleil

Notes: The orginial name is of Japanese origin: Migoto means Beautiful and Tasogare means twilight. Gimoto is just a mixing up of his first name while Tenmei means 'Dawn'.

Sample Post:

Migoto took out his mighty sword. Mikoto was aghast. Hijinks ensue.
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† Mary
 Posted: Jun 19 2017, 10:20 PM
Mary Admin


Welcome to World of Remnant!
If you have any questions, don't hesitate
to contact a staff member. Please make
sure to post in the Face Claims
thread and the Team Listing thread.
Last but not least -- have fun roleplaying!

† Saska
 Posted: Oct 9 2017, 09:07 PM
Saska Admin


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