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Welcome to World of Remnant. We are an AU, no-wordcount RWBY roleplay beginning at the conclusion of Volume 3. The Fall Maiden is dead, her powers in the hands of the enemy. Beacon Academy has fallen, and Vale is soon to fall itself. The Vytal Festival is a disaster; thousands dead, many more injured. Grimm populations are at an ever-present surplus. What dire circumstances has Remnant fallen prey to?

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 Dublin Gainsboro, Atlas Graduate
 Posted: Apr 15 2018, 02:01 PM
Hexx Newbie

Birthplace: Atlas

Age: 27

Sex & Gender: Male, Male

Race: Human

Affiliation: Ludex Family, Atlas.

Physical Details:

Dublin stands at a pretty tall height at 6'4, and this is helped by his rather lean body, not too muscled, not too skinny. His typical uniforms hide a muscled and toned body that developed over years of training in gymnastics and acrobatics. He has long silvery-grey hair that he usually keeps tied up, but when untied goes down to his waist, and is very thick and strong. It's also a pain to shampoo but he deals with it. He has dark purplish-grey eyes and lighter, smooth skin.

When working, his uniform consists of a loose white undershirt with puffy white and purple sleeves, a cravat which is pinned with a brooch, a vest and then an overcoat with coattails. He then has a pair of simple slacks, tall black riding boots and black metal greaves covering his legs. Instead of typical butler gloves, he has a pair of gauntlets that form claw like fingers, but he has worn them for so long they feel like just another part of his body to him. His hair is also pulled up with a purple ribbon and braided a bit on the sides. Outside of work, he wears formal, yet still comfortable clothes. He often wears button up shirts, khaki pants, and wing tipped shoes.

+ Loyal ~ Almost to a fault, Dublin is devoutly loyal to those who put their trust in him and vice versa. As a kid, he would protect his friends even though he was often smaller than the bullies and takes pride in being a good butler and bodyguard for his employer and ward.
+ Strict ~ He is very proper and pointed with the way he speaks. He expects the most out of others and himself if he asks them to do something. Despite sometimes getting under the nerves of those he's speaking to, he tells others what he expects and isn't above understanding if someone made a mistake or had something else to do.
+ Hard Working ~ If his master asks for tea, he gets tea and also makes some scones and sandwiches to go along with it. If his mistress asks for her sheets to be changed, he changes them, fluffs her pillows, opens her curtains and takes all laundry with him, leaving a mint on the pillow. Anything he's asked of he goes above and beyond expectations. Even in school he was very hardworking on school work and trained everyday to make sure he was as best a student as he could be.
+ Brave ~ A true butler and bodyguard always stands for his employers. As he's typically watching over Celete when she's out about the town it's been more than once that he's had to beat off a mugger or someone trying to get a little too handsey with his 17 year old ward. Even out of that, as a huntsman, he protects those unable to. He's brought his boot to the face of many purse snatchers among Atlas.
+ Intelligent ~ Making it through Atlas ninth in his class doesn't exactly an easy task. Reading, cooking and music are three of his passions, and he hardly watches television at all, preferring to borrow books out of the Ludex library and is also an active horticulturist with the multiple plants he keeps.
+ Resourceful ~ One of his main fighting strategies, he is very imaginative when it comes to using things most people would never guess could become a weapon. As a butler, this is mostly domestic items, such as him turning a fountain pen into a throwing dagger and a serving tray into a discus, something he actually worked into one of his weapons.
+ Cautious ~ Basically a requirement with being Celeste's bodyguard, he constantly keeps a cautious attitude and will do anything to protect his ward. That includes with his life.
+ Graceful ~ Naturally, being a member of staff, he must always have an air of dignity and control at all times. This includes as he's fighting, where it's essentially required, as he utilizes throwing knives, daggers and a concealed umbrella weapon to make him seem normal and just simply a butler. Until he pulls the blade from the handle of his umbrella that is.

- Aloof ~ Dublin is known for his distant, cold nature towards others, and that often can be attributed to either his work, where he has to slightly disassociate himself as he's submissive to his employers, and also to what he saw as a Huntsman, giving him flashes of PTSD and that keeps him slightly distant from others.
- Vulgar ~ When not at work, he is very vulgar and swears a lot, especially when he does something wrong. It can be slightly jarring to see the proper and soft spoken Dublin and work and then see him outside of work where he swears up a storm, even if it's still in that soft spoken voice.
- Proud ~ Despite being a servant and bodyguard, he still is very proud of himself and is a bit of a sore loser when he loses a fight. This was a large source of contention between him and the leader of team SHDW, Solaria Plutus. It seems rather contradictory for him to be a servant with such a large pride but considering he's both an achieved huntsman as well as a servant of one of the largest corporations in Atlas he definitely has some right to it.
- Reserved ~ He keeps his emotions constantly hidden with a shell of pride and aloofness, and is often unable to truly open up to other people as he's not used to showing his true feelings. It's one of the major reasons why he has trouble finding a date.
- Cynical ~ In a deep contrast to Celeste's naivete and optimism, Dublin is often very sharp and critical of the world around him. A very clear line is shown as he often keeps a grip on his daggers whenever a slightly seedy looking person approaches Celeste in public, even if it's innocently asking for directions or a shopkeeper asking if she needs help.
- Workaholic ~ Dublin works six days out of the week and lives in his place of work. He often works far past the hours needed and has actually collapsed while cleaning the silver, working through the night to make sure his master and mistress are satisfied. While he thinks it's a sign of hard work, his employers are genuinely scared for him sometimes and have forced him into bed after working many hours.
- Abrasive ~ Especially outside of work, Dublin can be blunt and rather rude towards others. He has a hard time with social situations, and often prefers to not speak to others first, waiting to be spoken to first. Dublin has accidentally insulted people multiple times and once even got into a bar fight.
- Critical ~ While he's willing to allow some mistakes go by, he demands perfection from his subordinates at or above the level that he could do it. This can lead to some of his employees resenting him for demanding more from them.


Dublin Gainsboro was born to Greyson and Penelope Gainsboro, a pair of well known Atleasian commanders, known for their harsh way of teaching and speaking. Due to being in the army, they never really had time to raise their child, so they left that up to the people Dublin considers his real parents: Dahlia Coriander, his maid and nanny, and Niles D'Agua, his butler and cook. They raised him with stories of huntsmen and huntresses saving the world and keeping the world of Remnant safe, and he especially liked to listen to stories of little people doing great things, like a homeless huntsman who protected a village even though they never gave him money and spit on him, or an amazing army general who was once a poor girl stuck in her stepmother's home washing the floors. He also wasn't very good at making friends with others, and often would play alone in the dirt or read books by himself.

Niles and Dahlia saw this and tried to introduce him to other kids of his status, but he found them mean and kept away from them, but he mixed well with Dahlia's daughter Cordelia and Niles' daughter Ursula. They'd often play dolls together when they would bring the two girls around and Dublin loved to braid their hair, something that lead him to enjoying having long hair in adulthood. As he started to grow, he was tutored by Dahlia on mathematics, language and other education basics while Niles taught him how to cook, make excellent tea, and take care of himself. Dublin looked up to both of them so much that he basically saw them as his parents.

Eventually though, his parents expected him to eventually join the army, so they sent him to Helios Academy for training, something that nearly traumatized him, as he had never really been away from his home before. At Helios he grew stronger and began to socialize a bit more, but really kept to himself mostly. As he was sorted into team SHDW, his combat partner, James Wheatly, began to really grow on him. The two were close friends and grew closer until they fell for each other when they moved up to Atlas Academy. They were the perfect couple, Dublin being quiet and intimate while James was loud and emotional. They meshed perfectly, and after graduating they even moved in together. SHDW was a powerful team, but one very treacherous mission deep into the snowy mountains of Atlas's continent caused team SHDW to all be nearly completely obliterated. Only a heavily bleeding, exhausted and emotionally broken Dublin Gainsboro made it back to a small town outside of Atlas proper, screaming about his whole team getting torn apart by a massive hoard of Grim. Past then he was different. He was cold, dark and didn't easily enjoy things he liked to enjoy before.

He returned home to recuperate, and his parents were expecting him to toughen up and enter the military, but he angrily defied them, disgusted that they would try to make him go back into the war after literally seeing his whole team ripped apart by Grim right in front of his eyes. Just to spite them, he said he had taken up a job in the private sector: as a body guard. This they didn't find too odd. It was the butler part that made them furious. Their only son will be a servant?! They yelled and screamed, but Dublin had already packed all of his things and walked out of their home, angrily throwing a knife into the door jamb just to make a point. "I will not be your toy," he said, his final words to his parents. Niles and Dahlia, now older, watched their "son" go off, waving to him as his car sped away.

Getting employed at the Ludex mansion was rather odd at first, but he proved to be an amazing butler and bodyguard, the first half thanks to Dahlia and Niles and the second half thanks to Atlas and their school system. He slowly developed a unique fighting style based around his semblance, and was placed as both a head butler as well as a bodyguard for Mr. and Mrs. Ludex. However, his major job is to take care of and keep watch over their daughter, Celeste, while she is about the town. Sure, she's disgustingly naive and innocent, but Dublin does care about her and makes sure she's protected at all times, even if he does sometimes have to drag her back to school so that she doesn't spend all of her allowance or wander down seedy alleyways.

While working for the Ludexs the Fall of Beacon occurred, which struck a deep cord somewhere in Dublin. Not only was it hitting him as a huntsman, but as a huntsman who has lost his fellow teammates. While working he was distant and cold, not as attentive and constantly making mistakes. It was the first time he had dropped a plate from his tray. While watching over Celeste she convinced him that they should visit a spa. Never having visited one, he completely expected to be sitting to the side reading while Miss Celeste got her massage or got a facial, but instead she cheerfully said they should both enjoy the spa, her treat. While at first he was repulsed by this idea, he was softened by her pouting and did it mostly to calm her down. Admittedly though, the whole experience was amazing. Dublin was allowed to stew over his thoughts while relaxing for one of the first times since... ever really. Afterwords he felt like he could run a hundred miles and actually allowed Celeste to stay out past curfew. From then on, Celeste was one of Dublin's closest friends, if she is still his ward. He kept the stoic face afterwards, but was still always thankful for her compassion and was a bit less... butler and he did show signs of that huntsman that shows up so little. Dublin was happy to see the Faunus Rights celebration, and even accompanied Celeste to the festival. To put it into perspective, James was a fox faunus.

Dublin now is proud and reserved, keeping a constant professional face to protect his still damaged mental state, and often keeps this face up even outside of work. In his off time, he likes to do rather delicate things, such as taking care of his garden, a small patch of the yard allotted to him by the gardeners, crocheting, and playing the violin (he also plays the accordion but he's rusty). He enjoys shopping, but keeps a tight hand on his purse strings, not even really knowing what he'll spend all of his savings on at one point.
Player Details
OOC: Hexx

Contact: PM would be best, or Discord now that I have it.

Other Characters: None at the moment.

Notes: Dublin is the capitol of Ireland, who's country color is green, and gainsboro grey is a light blue-grey color.

Sample Post:

Dublin sighed as he bit down on the pin, staring in the mirror and trying to braid his hair properly. He was definitely the opposite of a morning person, and the fact that he had to wake up earlier than usual today was annoying, but it was rewarding at least. Guests in the house meant more cleaning, more cooking and more food to serve, but at least he had the help of the rest of the staff. But in the morning he always liked to personally make the master and mistress' breakfast, since they did like their eggs scrambled in his special way, and the bacon he cooked was always chewy for Mr. Ludex and crispy for Mrs. Ludex. With his sleeves rolled up, he got to work whisking and frying, the kitchen staff slowly working their way in, first the scullery maids and finally the head chef, Ms. Beesley. "Mistah Gainsboro," she greeted him, setting up her counter. "Good morning Ms. Beesley. Sleep well?" he replied. The two weren't exactly rivals, but ever since the bosses insisted that Dublin make their breakfast, the chef was a bit more cold to him.

"Like a rock," she replied, beginning the cake for afternoon tea. Dublin and her shared an awkward silence as he finished up the breakfast. Unfolding his tray, he placed the plates on it and activated the fire dust, warming up the tray and keeping the plates hot. He then grabbed the pitcher of orange juice and began to walk out of the kitchen. "Ms. Beesley," he said, turning around to look at her, "Just because I cook their breakfast, you still make everything else, so perhaps don't look so sullen all the time." The chef rolled her eyes and the two went their separate ways.

"Mister Gainsboro," two of the maids curtseyed to him as he walked by, and he performed a half bow back to them. It might be strange for an Atlas graduate to be working as a butler, but he still enjoyed his job immensely. Finally reaching the door to the dining room, he gripped his tray and entered, bowing to Mr. and Mrs. Ludex. It was rather traditional, but he liked it. Setting the plates down, Dublin opened his pocketbook, "Sir, you have a one o'clock meeting with a Schnee representative and at four Mr. White will be visiting to appraise your painting collectoin. Madam, at noon you have a brunch with Lady Violetta and at three you will receive a call from the Gardeneers Society. And finally, at six Miss Celeste will be visiting for the weekend." He snapped the book shut. He discussed the day with his employers and walked out of the dining room, shuffling his tray back into its holster. He flicked back a strand of hair that had gotten out of his ponytail. Damn at this rate he'd have to do it all over again.
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† Fireseeker
 Posted: Apr 16 2018, 07:08 AM


please check your pm's! we have
given feedback on your character
and it may require certain changes.
please reply back to the pm once you
have made the necessary changes. thanks!


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