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 Gwen Darcy, Second Year, Team NDGO
 Posted: Aug 27 2017, 11:15 PM
Stark Member

Gwen Darcy
Birthplace: Anima

Age: 18

Sex & Gender: Female

Race: Human

Affiliation: Shade Academy, Second Year

Physical Details:

Gwen has olive skin from her time in Vacuo, with curly black hair pulled back from her face into ringlets and brown eyes. She a little shorter than most of her team standing at 5'5.

She wears a black corset dress with a dark gray front, purple hem and purple laces on the back. The upper part of her dress is light gray, with a high gray collar and elbow length sleeved with black cuffs. Her belt is a long purple ribbon edged in gray, with a bow in the back and tied in the front, and connected to the belt are a pair of armor tassets that also act as storage for her weapon.

She also wears light gray stockings and pale gray ballet flats, with ribbons around her lower legs.


  • +Confident
  • +Optimistic
  • +Cultured
  • +Realistic
  • +Intelligent
  • +Graceful
  • +Affable
  • +Meticulous
  • - Sarcastic
  • -Neglectful
  • -Rebellious
  • -Prim
  • -Prideful
  • -Vindictive
  • -Selectively loyal
  • -Fidgety


Unlike her team, Gwen was not born in Vacuo but rather in Anima. The Darcy was a wealthy well to do family in the entertainment world of Mistral, her mother a famous ballet dancers and her father a producer for entertainment events. Despite many of the sad story about the relationships between parents and kids in rich family's, the Darcy wasn't one. Gwen grew up in a loving household, if not a little demanding.

Her mother wanted Gwen to follow in her footstep into the world of dancing and for a time she did. For as far back as Gwen could remember her life was filled with days of training and lessons in the art of dancing, particular in the ballet like her mother. For a time Gwen enjoyed it. She had the natural talent for the movement and the persona to shine when on the stage.

However, as she grew older Gwen slowly lost the drive for the art. The inspiration was fading and she felt her life becoming robotic with it repeats. Gwen wanted to do something new with her art! Something no one had done yet and that when she saw "them" for the first time.

During one of her father events, a tournament was held for the Huntsmen of Mistral. The way they moved, the way they fought captivated the young girl, unable to pull her eyes from the screen. It was like a dance she had never seen before, but with an edge. It was the spark she was missing with a great shocked to her parents when she told them she was joining the Sanctum Academy.

This was the first of many wedges that would begin to come between her mother and herself. Understandably her mother was against the idea of letting her little girl go off to training to fight against monsters, but taking after her mother hard-headedness Gwen made a deal with them. If she could not make it through the academy then she would give up on the idea and return.

Surprisingly to everyone, but Gwen, she excelled at the academy. She was always a bright student so the study was never a problem and her years of training in ballet transfused over to fighting far better than even she would have thought. Yet, the fights with her mother never let up even with her rising success.

The breaking point came at her graduation when her mother demanded that she give up this folly of dream and return home. The fight only grew more heated when Gwen announce she would be attending Shade Academy in Vacuo. This ended on a very sour note with Gwen leaving without a word, only saying goodbye to her father before leaving.

Gwen always hated leaving like that, but she didn't want to become a clone of her mother. She wanted to become her own person, her own woman and she would never do that living in under her mother shadow. She traded in her shadow for a Shade.

Gwen time in Shade was nothing like she expected at all. Being placed in a team of other girls Gwen quickly felt at home in this new land of sand. What felt like over night their group became well known in the academy for both their skills and looks. All of which Gwen took gracefully. Years in the spotlight while on stage had prepared her for just about anything to do with recognition. Giving her an air of royalty among her fans and among her team.

Player Details

Contact: Pm or Discord

Other Characters:

Notes: *Darcy is an Irish and Gaelic name meaning "dark", which brings to mind dark and black colors.

*Gwen is a Welsh name meaning "white", "fair" and "blessed".

*Gwen isn't super rich, but is far from poor and still has access to her family wealth, but rarely uses it

*Currently on no-speaking terms with her mother with both being two prideful to be first to say sorry, much of the time using her father at the middle man between them.

*Is sima-famous for her ballets and dancing, which she still practice to this day.

Sample Post:

Sitting in her seat Gwen knee couldn't stop shaking as she grew restless by the seconds. She hated sitting in one place for long period of time and an airship ride was especially going to be long. Thankfully the first class seating made it somewhat more bearable as the added leg rooms helped, still that would only last for so long.

Looking back she couldn't see the land anymore, but she hoped her teammate was doing alright. She had left a bit early using her own money to get a flight rather than the one the school would get. Half cause she knew it would be a long flight and wanted the leg rooms. The other half was more personal that she wanted to deal with on her own.

Staring at the screen before her Gwen took a deep breath before making the call. A few seconds later a man with similar olive skin appeared on the screen. "Hey, daddy." She said meekly, but still joyful. It had been far too long since she had checked in with her family. The man before her had aged but didn't appear in poor health sort.

"Gwen?!" He sounded a bit surprised, but the joy was clear in his eye as it was for herself. "How are you doing? Everything okay. We haven't heard from you for a few months now. I was beginning to worry." This hurt more than she thought it would. While she and her mother weren't on the best of terms Gwen always hated disappointed her father or making him worried.

"No everything fine. In fact, things are going rather well I must say." She wanted to ask the obvious question. How was mom doing? But her pride kept it from being asked. "I'm sorry for not calling sooner but things been busy here, well back at the academy I guess." It was only then that her father looked around before looking puzzled. "Gwen are you on an airship?"

It was then the largest smile appeared on Gwen's lips. "Yeah, it the reason I'm calling." She said before shaking her head. "And before you ask I'm not coming home. But rather heading to Vale." There was a moment of hope in her father eyes before once more looking confused before nodding and smile. "So I see you girls are going to try your hands at the Festival?" Gwen nodded with a smile.

"Well, Vale is a long ways from Vacuo so how about you catch me up hmm?" He asked as he sat back in his chair, preparing himself for a long talk. "You sure? I don't want to take up to much of your time if you're busy." Which the only firm look as the man shook his head. "Nonsense Gwen. Now tell me how are things. And start from the beginning." With another word on the subject, Gwen sat back as she began. "Okay well, I guess I'll with Dew. You remember Dew right? Well...."

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 Posted: Oct 10 2017, 05:34 PM
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