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Welcome to World of Remnant. We are an AU, no-wordcount RWBY roleplay beginning at the conclusion of Volume 3. The Fall Maiden is dead, her powers in the hands of the enemy. Beacon Academy has fallen, and Vale is soon to fall itself. The Vytal Festival is a disaster; thousands dead, many more injured. Grimm populations are at an ever-present surplus. What dire circumstances has Remnant fallen prey to?

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 Diana Aurelius, Third Year, Team SAND
 Posted: Nov 4 2017, 12:38 AM


Birthplace: Vale

Age: 19

Sex & Gender: Female / Female

Race: Human

Affiliation: Beacon Academy, Third Year, Team SAND

Physical Details:

A slim but tone 6’0 tall girl, blue eyed and has short unkempt blonde hair. She only puts the minimum required effort to make sure she looks presentable, preferring to use that energy for more practical uses, like training and working. For that reason she always makes sure to keep her hair short, using that as an excuse to not having to comb it.

She prefers wearing tank tops or T-shirts, as well as shorts, seeing how she’s used to Vale’s template climate and prefers comfortable, practical clothing over "fancy and expensive" clothes. That said she has no issue wearing tbe school's uniform, doing so with almost palpable pride. Her combat uniform, if you can even call it that, consists mostly of a few scattered pieces of golden painted armor on top of her school uniform, covering her arms and shoulders.

Always wears insulated leather gloves when handling her weapons to protect her hands from the possible overheating.

Her aura is of a dirty looking golden color, similar to an unrefined gold ore.

+ Witty
+ Loyal
+ Intelligent
+ Cautious
+ Hard Working
+ Dependable
+ Patient (with some people)
+ Determined

- Grouchy
- Sarcastic
- Single-minded
- Brutally Honest
- Irritable (with most people)
- Pragmatic
- Overconfident
- Aloof


If you were to ask Diana to describe her life story to you in a few words, she would probably call it “a mixed bag”, shrug, and get back to whatever she was doing without a second thought. You’d be hard pressed to correct her, because while her life wasn’t exactly the best, it wasn’t near as bad as that of other fellow huntsmen.

This”mixed bag” of a life started as an affair between her mother Annabelle Aurelius (a successful business woman from Vale) and another, still unknown man. While she never heard or learned anything substantial about her father (other than he was definitely someone just as wealthy as her mother, and presumably came from Atlas), it was clear from her mother’s contemptuous comments that she’d much rather forget that man ever existed.

Unbeknown to Diana at the time, her birth had never been something her mother had ever planned as she didn’t have the time or wish to take care of a daughter, so most of Diana’s childhood was spent growing up under the constant vigilance of a nanny. As such, while Diana grew an accommodated life, she always felt rather distant from her mother, whom barely seemed to acknowledge her existence the few times they came across each other on the large Aurelius household.

Around the age of 13 however, Diana grew more and more disinterested with her over privileged life, around the same time she started taking an interest for hunters. Soon, her almost small interest started growing, soon becoming too loud for even her distant mother to ignore; her relatively quiet daughter was now endlessly pestering her to send her to Signal every chance she got.

Maybe she noticed her daughter’s sudden interests and wanted to do something nice for her for a change, or perhaps it was just the excuse she needed to keep Diana away from her. Whatever the case it wasn’t long before Annabelle sent her daughter to Signal, to learn the ways of the hunters.

It was a sudden switch in her lifestyle for sure, as she had to learn to work and achieve things on her own instead of relying on the power of her mother’s money and influence. That said she not only adapted well into her new environment, she thrived on it, relishing the challenge the classes gave her and the feeling of accomplishment that came from actually learning. Of course, not everything was fun and good times, as over 10 years of having a rather scarce social life had made her into a loner, preferring to work alone and trying to avoid casual conversations.

After about a year she slowly but surely tried to improve what she knew was that rather problematic part about herself, not so much out of any desire to be more social mind you, but only because she knew it was probably the only way she would do well in school. Despite some hiccups along the way, she still graduated from Signal with flying colors, and soon started the preparations to take the next step in her goal to become a huntress.

While she took to Beacon well for the most part, her biggest struggle was being forced to work together on a team, something she had no previous experience with. It took some getting used to, and while the first months were especially difficult for her, she eventually managed to start acting like part of a team. After two years together however she has grown to respect the others and actually think of them as friends, if not almost family.

While she was rather annoyed that the team did not qualify for the Vytal Tournament. She spent most of the duration of the Tournament rewatching the fights and taking notes, in case they got lucky next year. However, soon things took a turn for the worse, with the White Fang launching an attack on Vale, Forcing Diana and her team to take up arms and help with the defense of the city.

Much to her surprise, not long after the team joined in to help out on Vale after the tragic events of the Festival, Diana found out her mother seemed to also be aiding on the rebuilding efforts, donating large amounts of her funds to help pay for the needed repairs. Despite her best efforts to avoid it, due to circumstances outside of her control she eventually found herself forced to confront her mother once again after many years of barely talking to each other.

Their reunion went…less than ideally, to put it mildly. What started as a relatively amiable conversation quickly turned into full blown verbal attacks and things that both mother and daughter would come to regret ever saying to each other. Needless to say, their already rocky relationship turned even sourer than before, especially after learning how her mother always felt about having a daughter. Despite this, Diana insists on avoiding the subject and continues to simply look ahead, just as determined as always to not let her past weigh her down, and focusing all her efforts to aid both her team and the others to take back Beacon.

During the team's visit to Vacuo during the Faunus Rights Anniversary Festival she spent most of their stay there eating, leaving all of that "social interaction" thing to her teammates. Despite that, while she still had fun she kept foward to continuing her studies and hopefully become the Huntress she always wished soon.
Player Details
OOC: Cinna

Contact: Pm, Cbox, Discord (Cinnamon)

Other Characters: Nope

Notes: Face claim: Aigis from Persona 3.
Aurelius comes from “aureus”, the latin word for golden.
Weapon’s names are a reference to Shakespeare’s play The Tempest, as well as Dark Souls 3.

Sample Post:

Late morning. As the rays of sun crept from the window and into her room, the blonde girl Diana slowly opened her eyes, a yawn escaping her mouth. She lazily reached out for her scroll, which was just on top of the nightstand. She lightly tapped the screen, a big interface opening up and showing her both the time and the current day. Looking close at the screen, she couldn’t help but notice something was…odd about the current day. She tried to recall, wasn’t something important happening today?

“...CRAP!” She suddenly exclaimed, now wide awake, as she rapidly jumped up from her bed and raced towards her closet, as she started putting on the first clean white tank top and shorts she could find, almost losing her balance and falling to the floor for being in such a rush. Why was she suddenly in such a rush you ask? Why, this was supposed to be her first day on Beacon, of course. The day she had been preparing for a long time now, even going so far as to prepare her bags a week beforehand.

So of course this being such an important day for her she had overslept. A whole hour, to be exact. If she didn’t hurry up she wouldn’t even be in time to see the aircraft take off without her.

Grabbing two big travel bags that contained both her weapons and a month worth of clothing she ran out of her room and into the hallway.

“Mom, what the hell? I told you to wake me up early!” She called out, the annoyance in her voice being almost palpable. There was no response. Apparently her mother had left early for work and forgot to wake her up.

Diana huffed, annoyed. Figures, of course she wouldn’t remember. It’s not like this could be the most important day of her only daughter’s life. Whatever, she didn’t have time to dwell on that, she had a plane to catch.

Her heart was racing, both with nervousness and…excitement. Finally, all that time spent training on Signal would finally be put to good use. That is, as long as she made sure to get there in time. Running down the stairs she stopped in front of the living room’s old grandfather clock, checking it while hoping that maybe she still had some time left. Forty five minutes until the aircraft left. Well, so much for having a quick shower, she’d just have to make do with putting on some perfume when she got there. After quick run down the hallway she found herself in the middle of the kitchen, opening the fridge while trying to ignore the loud protesting growls coming from her empty stomach.

Perfect, the breakfast she had prepared the night before was still there, ready for consumption. Unfortunately, she was still running late, so she’d have to eat it later. They wouldn’t have a problem with her having some food on the aircraft, right? She grabbed the plate containing the sandwiches that were supposed to keep her going for the rest of the morning and shoved it all on her bag, plate and everything. Her mother had money to spare, she probably wasn’t going to miss it. Hopefully.

She took yet another glance at the clock. She had about forty minutes to get there before they took off without her. If she ran maybe she could get there in about thirty minutes. Twenty six if she didn’t stopped to catch her breath. Taking a quick glance around to make sure she wasn’t forgetting anything else, she took all of her luggage and dashed towards the front door, practically kicking it open in her rush to save time.

Just as she was about to step out however, she turned around and took one last, long look at the house she grew up in, taking in all the details while she still could. As much as she hated to admit it, she was going to miss the place while she was gone, if only for the nostalgic memories of growing up there. With one last sigh, she got out of the mansion and closed the large door behind her, as she broke into a full on run towards her destination, ignoring the weird looks the recently arrived cleaning staff gave her.

This was going to be such a long day. And she could not be any happier about it.

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 Posted: Nov 6 2017, 10:13 PM


Diana Aurelius
Affiliation: Beacon, Team SAND

Character Page: Here


Caliban : A large golden battle axe about 1 meter (3 ft) long. While it's not particularily fast, it has a dust fueled mechanism built inside of it, with jet like propulsion tubes emerging from the blade’s opposite side as well as the pommel and along the handle, allowing for increased swinging and movement speed, as well as being able to be fueled by the different types of basic dust to enhance its attacks, though extended dust usage can lead to overheating the whole weapon.

Despite it being more efficient when wielded with both hands, Diana has grown accustomed to using it one handed while using her shield Ariel on the other hand, slightly limiting her more flashy offensive options while adopting a more defensive, conservative approach.

Caliban’s alternate mode morphs the axe into a medium-short ranged flame thrower (affectionately reffered by her as a "dust thrower"), capable of shooting streams of fire, ice, and electrical dust to fit the situation.

Ariel: A large golden metallic shield made in a circular shape, big enough to easily cover half of her body, and while heavy it’s virtually impenetrable from the front and makes for a good bludgeoning tool in desperate situations. Has a small crevice to the side to lock Caliban’s gun mode into place to reduce recoil, which also works as Caliban's sheath when not in use (as well as being useable for some rather creative attack strategies.)


Self Displacement: After coming in physical contact with a desired target (can be used on both inanimate or moving objects, as well as living creatures), Diana can use a negligible amount of her energy to put a “mark” on a target, represented by a small golden glyph attached to said target, which follow target's movement. She can place up to five marks at the same time. Afterwards Diana can then activate her semblance to teleport instantly within close proximity of her marked target. She can chain more than one teleport together in quick succession, but the cool down will increase depending on the number of teleports performed. (3 posts for 1 teleport, 4 posts for 2 teleports, and 5 posts for 3). Her current maximum of teleports in a row is 3.

Additionally, there are a number of specific limitations to her semblance. First, she can only teleport to where her mark is currently placed, and can’t teleport back to her previous location (unless there was a mark placed there). Secondly, she may cancel out her marks to avoid having to teleport to a disadvantageous position, but if she does she has to cancel all of her other marks as well. Finally, she can only teleport to a mark if she is within a 25 ft radius of proximity to it, and her marks will dissipate on their own after six minutes if they are outside of said radius.
template by saska for use only on world of remnant. do not reuse without permission.
‡ Fritsle
 Posted: May 9 2018, 12:04 PM
Passive Aggressive Advice
Seems to hate everything that is commonplace or highly praised on the internet, most prevalently in food.


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