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Posted by: Saska Oct 1 2017, 03:58 PM
With the upcoming onset of Volume 5, we here at World of Remnant are expecting a influx of new members to be coming in. As a result, we're looking for one or two staff members to fill the following positions:

ADVERTISING MODERATOR: Reporting to our Community Admin, Aya, your primary job will be two things: advertising and upkeep. You will be responsible for updating site lists, and your job will primarily focus on advertising the site. You're the kind of person who's around a lot and has a lot of free time to offer, so you're almost like a greeter, in a sense, and you spend a good amount of time each and every day posting new ads to get our link out there. We are looking for ONE staff member to fill this position.

APPLICATION MODERATOR: Reporting to the Application Admin, Fireseeker, you will be responsible for helping on character application reviews. Much of this will be focused on regular applications, but you may later be drafted to help out with combat applications. We are looking for TWO staff members to fill this position.

And last but not least, all staff members must be part of the Discord and are expected to check the staff chat in Discord on a regular basis.

If you are interested, please fill out the following application and PM it to Saska:

[b]Characters:[/b] Provide a link and name to each of your characters.
[b]Timezone:[/b] Though not a large factor, it helps us to know which potentials are in what time zones in order to coordinate round-the-clock staff presence whenever possible.
[b]Position Applying For:[/b] Note which staff position, if any, you are applying for.

[b]Experience:[/b] Detail any staff experience you have here. You do not necessarily have to provide links to places you have staffed; only names and things you were responsible for at each of those places.

[b]What You Can Provide:[/b] This section is simple. What do you believe you can bring to the World of Remnant staff team as a whole? What are your goals for the site, and what are achievements you can see the site reaching? Subsequently, how do you believe YOU can help achieve that goal?

[b]Questionnaire:[/b] Please fill out the following questionnaire.[blockquote]

[u]01: A member is being rude or discriminatory in the c-box toward another member or guest. What do you do?[/u]

[u]02: A [i]guest[/i] is being rude or discriminatory in the cbox toward another member, guest, or the site as a whole. How do you handle the situation?[/u]

[u]03: Another moderator is being unncessarily cruel or rude to members, guests, or other staff members. How do you handle this situation?[/u]

[u]04: A member is being difficult by refusing to make changes or other reason(s) regarding an application. How do you handle this?[/u]

[u]05: You are unsure about your opinions regarding an application review. How do you handle this?[/u]

[u]06: (Yes or No) Do you have [i]basic[/i] knowledge of coding (bold, italic, line and paragraph spacing)?[/u]

[u]07: (Yes or No) Do you have experience using Jcink's admin CP panel?[/u]

[u]08: Have you ever been banned from a site, and if so, why? How long ago, if applicable?[/u][/blockquote]

Applications will close October 8, 2017. Please note that applying does not necessarily guarantee you a staff position. Subsequently, do not harass staff members regarding your application or any commentary on it. Doing so will not be in your favour.

Posted by: Saska Oct 13 2017, 02:44 PM
Please welcome Fireseeker and Ash as our two new mods here on World of Remnant!

As well, we are still looking for applications for our advertising moderator. If you would be interested in this position, please send in an application (or if you applied for our application moderator position and would like to try for advertising moderator, please PM me and let me know!)

Posted by: Saska Nov 15 2017, 06:18 PM
As of November 15, we will be re-opening our search as we are in need of at least ONE more moderator. Those of you who have sent applications in are free to re-submit applications with a newer, fresher perspective on the site, how things are run, and the like, as we can understand that you may have perspective changes based on your last submission!

For the moment, we are looking for an APPLICATION MODERATOR, ADVERTISING MODERATOR, and PLOT / MISSION MODERATOR so we can kick off some good things.

Posted by: Saska Mar 19 2018, 01:54 AM
For those of you who haven't noticed -- our staff search is still currently open.

We will be adding a new position: UPDATE MODERATOR. Your job as that is simple -- you keep things up to date. This means lists, census, Semblance listing, all that: you're responsible for that kind of thing. Some basic knowledge of code is useful, but not required; we can teach you how not to break it.


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