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 Orik Alistair, 2nd Year Haven, team DSCO
‡ Sunkruhm
 Posted: May 7 2018, 12:57 AM
Literal Humor: a language-dependent weapon that can switch forms between puns and dad jokes, and which mostly just causes emotional and spiritual trauma.
Sunny Disposition: Bringing beaming smiles to people's faces. Also burning out retinas and keeping people up too late at night.

Orik Alistair
Birthplace: Mistral

Age: 18

Sex & Gender: Male, male

Race: Faunus (Husky)

Affiliation: Haven, second year, team DSCO.

Physical Details:

Orik is a 6'3" tall, broad-shouldered young man with a fairly hefty build for his age and broad shoulders. He's got slightly messy blonde hair, sharp-featured orange eyes, and messy blonde hair. His fluffy white tail is his faunus trait, inherited from his birth-mother. He's rarely seen without his rectangular glasses, and he has a tendency to wear whites, blacks, and muted browns accented by vibrant oranges and yellows.




+Acute mind

+Generally disciplined

+Deeply cares about justice and equality

+Can be a softy with people he cares for





-Has a hard time knowing how to express or receive gentler emotions

-Typically very distrustful

-Occasional anger or overzealousness issues break through his discipline

-Rarely thinks to ask for help

-Holds grudges indefinitely


The Alistair family was a wealthy and influential household in Mistral, one that owed its fame to a successful business venture of armed protection. Alistair Securities, the family company, was a security firm that saw limited success for many decades. Once the company was passed on to an heir trained as a full Huntsman, however, it flourished and grew, and so a tradition of Huntsman training for the company heir was set. Aaron Alistair was one of these heirs, as well as the father to Orik.

Aaron was a human Huntsman, married to a human businesswoman, so it would make sense that all their children were human as well. That is, all of them except Orik were human. As it were, Aaron did a great deal of travel, and rarely took his quarrelsome and nagging wife along with him; over time, he developed close connections with a client, a husky faunus woman; Orik was the product of the resulting affair. Unfortunately for Orik, his birth mother was in no position to take care of him, and left him as an infant at the gates of his father's estates.

As would be expected, the presence of a child born of an affair caused turmoil--both old and new--to rise up to the surface in the family's day-to-day life and public relations alike. It also didn't help that he was a faunus, and had a different eye color than anyone else in the household. Officially, Aaron and his wife made the statement that he was an adopted child, brought into the family in an act of interracial goodwill. In private, however, Orik's step-mother twisted and turned things until the faunus child was despised and ridiculed by all but one of his other siblings. It didn't take her long to wear Aaron down either, and so the only memories Orik can recall of his father's feelings towards him are filled with severity, irritation, or sometimes just simple indifference.

Understandably, this made for a difficult childhood. In public, his family always put on an act he just had to go along with, but in private, Orik learned to make himself scarce to avoid mistreatment. More often than not, as a child he found himself in his father's library; it was there, with all the stories he'd read, that a dream to become a Huntsman himself was born. He had little desire to be anything like his father, but the Huntsmen and Huntresses in stories were noble men and women, people from every background who had risen above and proven themselves worthy. They were people who could defend others--and almost more importantly, people who could defend themselves, unlike the young Orik.

Stubborn and prideful, Orik was more than ready to do what he could to stick it out on his own and make his own way into Sanctum, but much to his surprise, his father supported his dream without question or hesitation. While his step-mother made trouble initially, Aaron was able to convince her with the fact that both Sanctum and eventually Haven would take him away from the estate; this same argument convinced Orik he'd seen his father's true reasons for supporting his idea, embittering their relationship even further than ever before. It was for this reason that Orik cut off all contact with his family virtually immediately upon starting his training. He'd always known they didn't want him, after all, and truth be told, he thought he'd be better off on his own anyway.

As expected, Sanctum was rough for an young teen unaccustomed to teamwork or accepting any form of positive reinforcement. Despite being quite capable of book learning and taking immensely well to the outlet of physical training, he responded poorly to correction, occasionally got in fights, and often isolated himself. When his behavior came close to resulting in an expulsion from the school in his first year, however, he realized something had to change, and agreed to a teacher's offer of assistance in correcting his attitude. It took Orik and his teacher both working together to teach him some of the healthy sorts of discipline he'd missed out on as a child, and along the way, he learned a few methods of keeping the temper he'd developed at bay as well. In particular, Orik found a love for rhythmic music--specifically playing the drums--did wonders for helping him calm himself whenever he got worked up. By his final year in Sanctum, Orik had at least mitigated some of the worst of his traits, and his strengths kept his grades solid, even if he was no where near the top of his class like he'd wanted to be.

The Fall of Beacon also took place in Orik's fourth year at Sanctum, and thankfully, Orik was not there to witness it all firsthand. Like everyone else, he did see the chaos that unfolded before the feeds went short. Many around him were shocked, horrified, angry, of fearful. At first, Orik just felt confused. At one time, he'd believed that the White Fang really might champion equality, but after that? Disillusioned is the best description for how Orik felt after he'd processed it, and more than a little angry over it all. The White Fang seemed to understand that sometimes, violence was necessary, but they'd committed an atrocity against the innocent and guilty alike--even against human and faunus alike--and had shattered communications between nations after proving themselves the beasts they were accused of being. Sure, they'd made a point, but they'd done so with the most idiotic method that they could have ever chosen. He found himself pridefully thinking that if he was ever a part of the organization, he'd make sure to show them how to do it right.

Fortunately, his desire to become a Huntsman far outweighed his desire to show the White Fang how he thought everything should be done. As such, he joined Haven Academy after making it through Sanctum, and found himself sorted into team DSCO. Admittedly, the assignment was a pleasant surprise--even if he wasn't the leader--as he found himself surrounded by others who shared a similar interest for the first time in his life: music. While he never made his pleasure over the arrangement clear, he did find that the common ground made it slightly easier for him to work with them.

When time came for the Faunus Rights Anniversary, Orik was thrilled to attend the festivities. It proved to be precisely what he'd hoped: a celebration of equality, and a cry for its furthering as well. Between his team sorting and the festival, he felt like things might be looking up for him.

Player Details
OOC: Sunkruhm.

Contact: PM or Discord.

Other Characters: Sol Chrome, Selas Tempeste, Trent Danube.

Notes: Orik means “from the oak tree” and Alistair means “defender of man”.

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