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 Noor Azraqi, First-year at Beacon






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 Posted on: Jun 5 2018, 12:38 AM
Birthplace: City of Mistral, Mistral

Age: 18

Sex & Gender: Female, female

Race: Faunus

Affiliation:First-year at Beacon Academy

Physical Details:

Noor towers over most other women at 6’ (183 cm) and with a considerable musculature, Noor can be fairly physically imposing, something that is not lost on her and can be used to her advantage. Her skin is an olive tone, with blue-gray eyes and hair. She weighs in at about 160 pounds. Her faunus trait is a fin, often misattributed to being a shark’s fin due to Noor’s fiery demeanor. Despite living in Vale, her dress is Mistralian, with a long sleeved blouse with flared sleeves and a v-neck in the back to show her fin.

Noor is an ambitious and passionate spirit. Because of an underprivileged background and having to deal with discrimination that was both subtle and not so subtle, many aspects of her personality are suppressed and substituted with a thick-skinned, snarky and confrontational persona that talks tough and doesn’t put up with nonsense from anyone. At times, with her passionate disposition, she may resort to physical means to resolve a dispute in the heat of the moment. Because of the isolating nature of being discriminated against, Noor had trust issues with people--even fellow faunus--and usually assumes the worst intentions in meeting people for the first time. She is also not easy to get her guard down, as that is an invitation to be taken advantage of and humiliated, especially given her past experience with trusting humans.

Getting Noor to open up to people usually is a hard-earned battle, with ample time and assurances backed with action needed to get her to trust people With people that she has managed to befriend, Noor shows a more playful side with a less dour and more affable. She cracks jokes, has a more positive demeanor, is less confrontational and is able to better get along with people who share common interests such as athletics. She is, however, still just as passionate and energetic, going a mile a minute and having a relentless drive, especially concerning the faunus cause. No matter how low her guard is down, however, she still has little disclosure about her past (especially with the White Fang) or about her insecurities that plague her at all times. Noor feels immensely guilty about her participation in the White Fang, especially seeing how many of her own kind view the group with disdain. No matter the side of Noor one sees, a consistent trait that she has is a drive to better herself, whether it be her skills as a huntress-in-training or in academics, both a coping skill and to advance up the socioeconomic ladder to leave behind her tough past.

As a dolphin faunus, she loves being in and near the water, with her considerable musculature earned with copious amounts of swimming, volleyball, water polo and other water related recreational activities. She also enjoys chowing down on seafood and has a considerably large appetite.


Life was not kind to Noor. Already at a disadvantage in life growing up poor in Mistral, she and her family were faunus. While they weren’t subjected like faunus were in Atlas, things were not peachy in Mistral. On top of the slurs and blatant racism, there was the subtle acts that even a young Noor could pick up. People would walk across the street for them, hold onto their wallet or valuables tight when they came by, and give them rude gestures or looks for no good reason. School was the place that Noor saw her kind be discriminated against. The other kids would make fun of her fin and call her demeaning names or slurs picked up from their parents, deny innocuous requests and exclude her from social activities, even if Noor tried to be extra nice in a futile attempt to convince them that she was just a kid like them. This drastically affected Noor from an early age and shaped her to hide her nice traits in favor of a tough shell to get people to stop seeing her as a weakling to her aggressors. Her parents were disheartened but not able to do much, working long hours for positions that were far below their education and skill levels; the positions that they desired seemed perpetually locked out to them.

Growing up into an adolescence, things seemed to stay in an uneasy yet constant cycle for Noor. Her parents worked long hours, people would pick on her, she’d retaliate, get in trouble, refuse help from a sympathetic classmate or teacher and go things alone. Right as Noor turned 12, her parents managed to find a good job from a faunus friend of theirs in Vale, with actual benefits and a livable salary. They left Mistral behind, which is something Noor wasn’t too broken up about considering her life there. With a higher amount of material security, the words of White Fang were more in the back of her mind. Despite not being much of an optimist, she could at least feel somewhat better about her life.

Noor found another unexpected thing upon arrival into Vale. Not long after getting to Vale, Noor befriended a human boy named Vert. He was handsome, popular and seemingly charismatic. More importantly for Noor, he was surprisingly amiable to the Mistralian faunus girl, sticking up for her in ways other than using fists and being supportive. While it took a considerable amount of time to get Noor to lower her guard, Noor proved to gel well with Vert after getting her guard lowered. Her parents even approved, seeing it as a healthy way of Noor getting over a rough childhood of prejudice. Eventually, Noor developed feelings for Vert and entered a relationship with him half a year after turning 14.

However, on one day, Noor’s newfound positive track in life was smashed in an abrupt way not long after they entered a relationship. As part of a humiliating prank, set up by none other than Vert and his group of friends, Noor was ambushed, tied up, and led around a street on a leash as a reminder to her lowly status as a faunus, all while they guffawed and called her the ugliest slurs and statements imaginable. He never really loved her, even as a friend, and played a long game to get at Noor. She felt vulnerable, betrayed and angry in a way that Noor had not really felt, and Vert relished it. He faked being in a relationship with Noor, all to get under the skin of a faunus who he knew wouldn’t be cowed with the usual bullying. More than being humiliating and a stab to the back by someone she lowered her usually high guard to, the one she was most angry at was herself for trusting a kineving human. Even when they seemed to be nice, they were out to get you. From here, the words of the White Fang that she had heard back in Mistral and increasingly in Vale were appealing to her.

From then on, Noor put her energy and effort in educating herself more about the faunus struggle and most importantly, train herself for combat. She already had a good physical build, so it wasn’t too difficult to apply herself and refine her physical attributes to be useful for combat. She became a full-fledged member of the White Fang by age 15, fully committed to the cause and remembering the years of discrimination and the consequences of trusting humans. This caused a rift with her family that to this day still effects the Azraqi family. While in the White Fang, as part of an effort to better her combat skills, Noor was given a mentor with experience as a huntress in Mistral before being radicalized as a White Fang member. The mentor, Scarlet Redding, taught Noor everything that Noor knows in regards to combat. She was also the one who helped unlock Noor’s semblance and helped train her aura. The two of them worked well as a pair, committing minor crimes and helping to instill the sort of fear that both Scarlet and Noor wanted so that faunus would be more respected. After all, if you can’t reason with creatures as hateful as humans, then they would have to garner respect from fear.

However, leading up to the fall of Beacon, Noor and Scarlet both were deeply unsatisfied with the new direction that the radical direction the White Fang was going. They were filled with passion about the cause of faunus working at the White Fang, but didn’t have it in her to be extreme and callous like them. On top of that, Adam’s plans were taking focus away from the purported goals of the group, and to Noor, terrorized just for the sake of terrorizing. After much deliberation and two years of service, Noor and Scarlet quit the White Fang, with Scarlet returning to Mistral while Noor stayed behind in Vale. It was after quitting that Noor started realizing how unhelpful, selfish and misguided and started embracing a more moderate mindset with the advent of the Faunus Rights Anniversary to atone for her time at the White Fang. With her skills and experience, Noor found it appropriate to apply to Beacon Academy a few months before turning 18, at this point rebuilt and fully functional. She was accepted and got on to team VRDN.

Player Details
OOC: Fen210

Contact: Discord FenFen #1175

Other Characters: N/A

Notes: Noor is the Arabic word for light, and Azraqi is the Arabic word for blue (نور and أزرقي respectively). The face claim image is in fact an original image, commissioned by @dreamingtowns on Twitter Link here.

Sample Post:

Waking up in the bed of her modest apartment, Eve sat up and yawned. She got out of her bed and looked around. It was still quite an adjustment living in a decent, relatively clean place with a few possessions to her name, namely her snub-nosed wand, the accompanying cartridges and some little items of decor at Hainley’s suggestion. It was certainly an adjustment, not having to worry about waking up with a need to evacuate whatever place she was in last to evade the Mediators, nightmares or because of the shoddy condition of her lodging. Of course, old habits ingrained in her head didn’t really seem to go away, always looking at everyone with wariness and if need be an intimidating glance at anyone who she thought looked at her the wrong way. More than a few times she has made a child cry because of the look she had on her face or an adult visibly afraid of her. She sighed, seeming to have a lot more time to reflect on herself and what she has done in her short life. It seemed like only yesterday she was running raids with Pogs, Bentley and Viper, only for everything to turn to shit.

After sitting on her thoughts for a while, Eve got up out of bed and got dressed. As per usual, she dressed in her crop top, midriff jacket with a scratched out insignia on the back, wool lined pants and combat boots. In something Eve never would imagine doing several years ago: she began to read. Surprisingly, despite opposition from Eve as something stupid and not worth the effort, Hainley managed to convince her to read, offering it up as a challenge to be “vanquished”. So far, she was reading at the equivalent level of a primary school student and was actually enjoying it. Not that she’d admit it to anyone else. Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on her door. She subconsciously tensed up, reaching for her wand just in case. She called through the door, “Who ‘s it?”

A male voice replied, “Hainley. May I come in?”

“Whaddya need?” She stood up to greet her superior, crossing her arms across her chest.

It’s concerning your previous assignment. You’ve done excellently since we had you help out the old woman with her son and the other one with the fight. No complaints about the work.”

Eve rolled her eyes. “Whatever, man. Jus’ trying to get by n’ shit. Can’t bite the gift horse in the mouth.”

“I think you mean look a gift horse in the mouth.”

She replied, “Whatever. You get what I mean. ‘S there anything else you wanted?” Eve’s tone was a bit deadpan.

Hainley explained, drawling out Eve’s assignment. “Yeah. There’s something you can cut your teeth on...for real this time. I want you to go after some Hydera gang member. His name-”

Immediately, Eve’s eye lit up and excitedly replied, “What, really? I get to finally kick some guy’s ass?”

Hainley chuckled dryly, “Easy there, greeney. Let me finish. His name is Oskar Cadell. Like I just said, part of the Hydera gang. He keeps himself closely guarded and has a nasty whip attack himself. This gang is no rinky dink collective like the gang I rescued you out of.” Eve for the briefest of moments had a flicker in her eyes and looked away. “The guy means business, and he is not reserved when it comes to lethal force. Understand?”

Eve nodded, facing Hainley again. “Yeah. I can take him. Lil’ punk won’t know what hit him.”

He chuckled slightly, “I’d sure as hell hope so.” He lowered his voice and got more serious. “Look, I’m gonna be level with you for a sec. You’ve done very well for yourself, coming and helping enforce the law for a change. I’m not usually a man to sprinkle compliments like snow around here. Hell, you’re hardly the type of woman to be dishing them out yourself. But really, you sure as hell are taking an eager shine to this whole business. Surprisingly so given how...rough around the edges you are. As good as you’re doing, make sure that you are doing it for the right reasons. You may be wondering, ‘Why the hell’s this geezer tellin’ me all this crap?“ He uttered a rough approximation of Eve’s husky, street-affected voice. “Well, I’m only telling you this as a guide. To help-”

Eve interrupted him, “I don’t need no guidance.”

Hanley shrugged, “You’ve been fine letting me be your guide this whole time. You don’t look it, but you are quite the lost little lady.”

“Whatever you say. Jus’ lemme do the job.” She stood up and walked over to get her wand and holstered it. “I’ll be back in a few hours.” Eve grabbed the cartridges and left abruptly without so much as a goodbye.


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