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 Elena Moreno, First Year, Team MNLT






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† Saska
 Posted on: May 20 2018, 10:19 PM
Elena Moreno
Birthplace: Atlas

Age: 17

Sex & Gender: Female, Female

Race: Human

Affiliation: Shade Academy, First Year

Physical Details:

Elena is a particularly small girl, standing only five feet and two inches tall. Her build is lithe, albeit willowy to a degree; though small and fast, she lacks heavily in terms of physical strength compared to her peers.

Elena is the kind of girl you wouldn't think to be a Huntress, if one's putting it simply... nor a daughter of the Moreno family, if you know them well. Elena is as her name indicates; she is a bright, pure soul, with benevolence in spades. Sweet and empathetic, she has an open-minded outlook on the world, determined to see even the worst of people in the best light that she can. She sees the good in people, and at times, it can hurt her; she wants to believe that everybody has the capability to be good. Though skilled as a Huntress, she is modest about her capabilities, hiding behind her riveting optimism and passionate drive to graduate as a Huntress.

But despite that drive and passion, Elena is forever a pacifist when it comes to combat. She fears those around her, including herself, getting hurt; after all, severe injuries led her sister to being entirely disowned from the family, and Elena is determined to avoid that happening to her or her friends if possible. Her optimism, though welcomed, is often considerably naive, as if she looks at the world through a pair of rose-coloured glasses without really understanding the dangers that lurk.


Elena's early life was... Sheltered, to say the least. She grew up a member of the Moreno family, famous for their manufacturing of parts for weaponry utilized by Huntsmen and Huntresses. Of course, the parts they manufactured were particularly... unique, to say the least. As weapons turned more to guns and cannons, Moreno Manufacturing focused on more traditional weaponry; combining Dust mechanics with swords, rapiers, and the like, to produce high-end, beautiful, functional weaponry. Elena, the younger of two sisters, grew up with a home education: she was privately tutored, taught from a young age the arts of reading, writing, and even significantly surpassed her peers.

Or, she would have, if she'd had any. Friends were not something Elena exactly had... Except for one. She had a butler, whom waited on her hand and foot; he was a sweet boy, with sandy blonde hair kept tousled around his face and gentle amber eyes to match. He followed her around from tutor to tutor, carried her books, pulled her seat out when she sat down for dinner... Essentially, he took care of her, as was his job. Being a butler, however, wasn't to be his only duty.

His name was Finian. She called him Finn.

She and Finn were close. Arguably, Finn was the closest thing she had to a friend. But while Elena was to be groomed to take over the family business alongside her sister, Finian was to eventually become her personal bodyguard. As her studies became more in-depth, so did his; learning to fight, learning the art of combat, learning how to protect his mistress.

But things changed when Elena turned sixteen.... Or more accurately, when Beacon Academy fell. Her elder sister had been an Atlesian Specialist, and had been injured in combat, losing three of her limbs and becoming paralyzed from the waist down during the fight. By some miracle, she survived, but she would never be the same again. Without cybernetic enhancements, she would not live any kind of life.

This did not sit well with Elena's parents. To them, their eldest daughter was a failure; she'd been incapable of taking care of herself, incapable of fighting to the level they'd expected. And most of all... She willingly took the cybernetics, without question. That, in turn, meant that she was effectively disowned from the family, leaving Elena to take over. Elena's life changed drastically over the course of a year. Suddenly, her studies were doubled with combat studies, with a private tutor teaching her how to use Aura, a weapon, and even Dust in combat. It was a crash course, and while she was smart, even she felt the weight of what was going on. She knew she needed to go somewhere that she could learn... And somewhere that would be outside of the watchful eye of her parents.

Thus, as the year neared an end, she put applications in to each of the Huntsman Academies.... except Atlas Academy. She had no intention of attending at home; her parents were furious, but when she explained that it would "further the reach of the Moreno name", they relented. Eventually, Elena settled on Shade Academy, but her parents' relenting did not come without a price: she would attend the academy with Finian, her bodyguard, as a member of her team. They were the same age, after all; it would be suitable.

Thus, at Shade, she became the leader of Team Moonlight... Along with her bodyguard Finian for a partner.

Player Details
OOC: Saska

Contact: PM, Skype/Discord upon request.

Other Characters: Way too many.

Notes: None.

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