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 Victra Chrysanta, First year, Atlas Academy
 Posted: Feb 10 2018, 06:45 AM
Vic Member

Victra Chrysanta
Birthplace: Atlas, Town of Liko

Age: 17

Sex & Gender: Female

Race: Human

Affiliation: Atlas Academy, team CLER

Physical Details:

Standing at 5'5 she about average in both hight and weights for her age with pale skin. Her most noticeable feature is her piercing blue eyes. Her golden hair is almost always cut short just a few inches above her shoulder and often messy. Despite her seemly lazy nature and book smarts, Victra is in surprisingly good shapes with a lean tone body.

As for her styles, Victra could care less what she wears. More time than not it something simple and easy to get around. Offen being some baggy jacket or pullover she can tuck into to get cozy. Offen not caring for fashion preferring confer over style.


If one word were to be used to described Victra, it would be altruism. At least in the weakest sense of the word. While Victra isn't the sort to show no empathy toward others, she simply just doesn't care about most things, people, or subjects if they do not hold an interest in her. Thankfully her interests are far and wide. Being the scholar sort, Victra enjoys learning what she can from the world around her always looking to expand her knowledge. Despite her appearance, Victra often surprises people with her intelligence and vase knowledge of both practical and unpractical subjects.

Even with her intelligence Victra often is thought to be an air head or scatterbrain for her short attention span. If the subject of her attention grows to boring(at least to her) she can quickly drift off to her thoughts or ever right up walk away without a word. She never means to offend with any of her action, but tend to just never think of how her action affects others, as she feels she wouldn't be offended.

For the few who catch her attention and can call her friend, Victra can be quite cheery and talkative. Just don't expect an apology when she acts weird. While she would never say it, Victra quite enjoys spending time with people. Whether it just people watching or interacting with others can often be seen around group even if offend thought of like a loner. As deep down she knows she needs people in her life even if she doesn't fully know why.

However, one sure way to fire Victra up is to bring up her one true passion. Dust. Growing up in a Dust mining town Victra had spent most of her life around the product. From how it mined, to process, to using Dust Victra can tell you almost anything you want to know.

As far as fighting goes, Victra does her best to avoid the subject altogether. Offen if it can be helped she more then happy to sit back and allow someone else do the fighting. However, will reluctantly fight if needed as she isn't one to watch other dies. When fighting Victra often will seem bored with the subject, offend complaining the whole time and wishing someone else could do it. Sometimes even only doing the bare minimum to get the job done. That is unless she came up with a new idea to use her dust. In the past has given her a cold reputation by those that have fought with her.


Victra was born in the Dust mining town, know only as Liko. A small town by all means, but rice in both white and black Dust making it a bit ricer then your adv mining town. It here that Victra's spent much of her earlier years. As far as Victrafeels she never truly met her parents, them having died when she was still very young in a cave in of the mines. Leaving her with but the vaguest memories of them, if even that. From with only a few pictures to even proved they were real Victra sent to live in the town orphanage.

Her new family would be made up by mostly Faunus, those who had also lost their family in mining accidents or the like. Though she can never remember a time, she felt left out, even being one of the few human's in Liko. Even as a child Victra stood out in the town and not just for being about the only human, but for her personality. Where the other child learned at a normal pace, Victra knowledge seemed to grow with each passing day. Quickly outpacing what her foster parents could hope to teach her within their small town.

It seemed there was no limit to what her young mind could learn when she put her mind to it. It wasn't long until many in the town was calling her "Liko little genius." A title Victra herself never truly liked. It didn't take long until Victra grew bored with life within their small town. Ofen dreaming of the world outside their walls and what she could learn. It came to no surprise to her foster parents as she grew older Victra express interest in furthering her education. However, with their limited funds they knew there was lonely so much they do.

It came to an even bigger surprise to them when Victra came up with a solution to this. The Huntsman schools! It offers both a way for Victra to branch out her education while also teaching her the skills she would need to survive in this world. After much discussion for the better half of a year, her parents reluctantly agree to allow her to enter the Kingdom combat school to begin her new life. Under the agreement that if she could not handle the combat school, she would return home.

Helios Academy was a real wake up call to the young girl as she wasn't used to being around so many people. Soon learning how much she truly missed her the small town lifestyle. While she was no stranger to Grimm's, having growing outside the walls of the major cities. However, learning to fight them was another thing altogether. Still just like everything else Victra seems to soak in everything, especially when it came Dust. Surprisingly using the knowledge from her hometown Dust seem to come rather natural to her. So much that Victra slowly began to base her whole combat around the use of these crystals.

In what felt like four quick years Victra soon found herself not only starting her new life within the Atlas Academy but as to her great surprise, she was made the leader of the team Clear, aka CLER. The young girl as she always thought she would merely cost her way through the academy along with her team, but now it seemed that plan was ruin. Now being forced into becoming something she never thought she could be, Reluctantly the young girl steps up to the task to try and give it her best, or at least the best she was willing to give.

As she had little interest in The Vytal Tournament Victra went ignorant of the events that unfolded there until it was broadcast to the world. Watching from Atlas Victra could only think of two things during the broadcast. The first of how she was happy she didn't go when asked and about how stupid were the Fangs really? Growing up around Faunus most of her life she knew more about the Fangs true natures than most humans. Which was the reason this attack seems so unreal, so radical in the reflection of their past actions. With the destruction of the CCT at Beacon Academy cutting all communication in the Kingdom Victra choose this time to return home to Liko in time for the Faunus Rights Anniversary.

Player Details
OOC: Vic

Contact: Pm or in chat.

Other Characters: N/a


Sample Post:

Snapping out of her daydream Victra sleepy eyes slowly roamed the room looking for what had dragged her back to the real world. It seemed some commotion was happening in the classroom. For a moment she toyed with the idea of going back into her dreams, that was until she heard a familiar voice. "WHAT THE BLOODY HELL DID YOU SAY!?" A girl mostly yelled while standing not a meter from where Victra sat. "I-I...I just ask what the hell up with her h-hair!" A female student tries to say dumbfounded at the much taller girl.

"Hair?" As if she had forgotten all about the rainbow mess that sat atop of her head reaching up to examine a strand as the picture of the situation slowly built in her head. It seemed in her daydream Victra haven't even heard the girl offhand remark about her hair. Not that it would have made a difference even if she had heard it. Caring about what others thought or said about her was a waste of energy she could put forth toward much better things. Sadly her teammate wasn't the sort to allow such remark go without challenge. A thing that had become almost a daily routine in their academy life.

No matter how many time she told her teammate just to let things go, it never seemed to make it into that thick skull of her's. Always countering with she shouldn't let people walk all over her. Frowning to herself at the past argument Victra grumble while crossing her arms. "I don't let people walk over me." She says now once again completely oblivious to what was happening before her. The statement was causing most to look at her with confused looks before glancing among themselves.

Getting up from her seat Victra stared with determining eyes as she walked up to her teammate, pushing the female student out of the way in her path. "I said I don't let people push me around!" She said as if their argument from a few weeks ago had only just happened moments ago. "H-Hey what you..." The girl started as both Victra, and Esmeralda shot dagger at the girl. "SHUT UP!" Just before just a quickly falling back into their argument, granted with Esmeralda looking a bit confused at the situation herself.

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