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 Mission Listing






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 Posted on: Nov 28 2016, 11:29 PM
As you enter the designated mission area of your respective kingdom, you approach and see one of the many holographic interfaces scattering the room. There are numerous missions listed, jobs both dangerous and menial in nature and rewards of varying sizes depending on the difficulty and survival levels. You're going to have to do something that works with your current skill level, so... Where do you intend to go next?


[code*]<div class="tempinfo">[b]Location[/b]-
<br>[b]Mission Description[/b]-
<br>[b]Characters on Mission[/b]-
<br>[b]OOC Members[/b]- </div><br>[/code*]


  • D-Rank: We’ve discovered that a selection of key supply crates have been discovered to be missing, suspected to have fallen off the truck en route to main Atlas camp in the city. [Objective: Search for the 5 crates in the Agricultural District] - Up to 3 (Group Only)

  • D-Rank: With all the students that are currently attending Signal Academy due to the fall of Beacon, the Academy’s maintenance is in dire need of some assistance, particularly the classrooms. [Objective: Help clean up the classrooms in Signal Academy] – Up to 4 [CLAIMED]

  • D-Rank: With Signal Academy currently at its max trying to handle both Beacon students and its own, a lot of smaller, menial tasks have been left undone. The Signal library has a few textbooks missing from their stores, the list of which will be given with the mission. [Objective: Search the Academy rooms for the missing books.] - Up to 2

  • C-Rank: A stray creature of Grimm has reportedly managed to break through into the safe zone in the Residential District, and the street it is believed to be roaming has been cordoned off for now. Witness accounts label it as an Ursa. [Objective: Enter the area and locate the Ursa Grimm, kill on sight.] - Up to 2

  • C-Rank: There have been sightings of some strange looking Grimm near the edges of the safe zone. Locate the Grimm and bring back any information you can get about them. [Objective: Track down the pack Mutant Creeps and kill on sight] – Up to 4 (Group Only)

  • C-Rank: A dust experiment being held for fourth years of Beacon is missing some key items, namely the dust itself. A new shipment is being brought from Vale, and needs to be taken from the docks on Patch back to Signal. Grimm do wander the path back, but there shouldn’t be much trouble. [Objective: Take the dust from the Patch docks to Signal Academy.] - Up to 4

  • B-Rank: Small packs of Beowolf have been sighted near the outskirts of the safe zone in the Residential District. We need someone to go out there and dispatch of them, before they can possibly get inside, or use up valuable resources in order to get rid of. [Objective: Scout outside the safe zone in the Residential District to find and kill the Beowolf packs.] - Up to 4

  • B-Rank: It seems that the Emerald Forest has also started to have sightings of strange-looking Beowolves that are even more aggressive than the standard ones. Hunt down these Beowolves before they can make their way towards the safe zone. [Objective: Kill the pack of Mutant Beowolves] – Up to 4 (Group Only)

  • B-Rank: A training exercise has been devised to drum up some entertainment at Signal. Nora Valkyrie is known for her love of pancakes, and her terrifying strength in combat. There will be a large selection of pancake stacks kept as key locations around a large room, and a select team of students will be pitted against Nora, defending the pancakes against her hungry tirade. If the students lose to Nora, their punishment is cooking her more delicious treats for the rest of the month. [Objective: Defend the pancakes against Nora Valkyrie.] – Up to 4 (Group Only)

  • B-Rank: Once again, a new batch of red sap samples is required, and Professor Peach has requested someone to go out into Forever Forest to collect them in provided jars. Without a teacher to cover you, and with Grimm activity rising near Beacon, this mission will be a lot more dangerous than last year. [Objective: Collect red sap from the trees in Forever Fall.] - Up to 4 (Group Only)

  • A-Rank: With more Grimm being drawn into the Commercial District from Forever Fall, we’ve lost contact with an Atlas scouting group that was sent to recover information on the layout and Grimm density. We need a prepared team to go into the District and find out what happened to the scouts, and if found, bring them back to the safe zone in the Residential District. [Objective: Find and recover the scout party lost in the Commercial District.] - Up to 4

  • A-Rank: A larger and more dangerous looking Death Stalker has been seen prowling from Forever Falls towards the City of Vale. Find it and kill it. [Objective: Kill the Mutant Deathstalker] – Up to 4

  • A-Rank: While Vale itself has plenty of trouble of its own, Patch is still home to Grimm as well. Sabresa and Beowolf Grimms have been gathering in packs in the nearby forests, and if they aren’t dealt with now while they’re manageable, they could pose a much bigger problem. [Objective: Patrol the forests of Patch and hunt the Grimm there.] - Up to 3

  • S-Rank: Beacon Academy has fallen, but we must keep active in the outskirts of the area to deter the large number gathering there from expanding through the rest of the city. With the denser, larger Grimm force near the tower and the dragon, we need a graduate team to take on a mission into the border area joining Beacon and Vale’s Residential District, clearing out the Grimm spotted there and pushing them back. [Objective: Defend the border of Beacon, killing Grimm and driving them back further into the region.] - Up to 4 (Group Only)

  • S-Rank: A nest of the strange-looking Death Stalkers has been found near the border. Because of the danger that they possess, they cannot be allowed to make that nest permanent. Eliminate them all. [Objective: Kill the next of Mutant Deathstalkers] – Up to 4 (Group Only)

  • S-Rank: The old ruins in the Emerald Forest have drawn some more interested attention from the higher ups of Vale, not least of which because of the fact that scouts have noticed large groupings of Beringel gathering towards it light a beacon. We’re still not sure of the importance of the ruins themselves, but clearing out the Beringel before they stomp towards Vale is a priority. [Objective: Investigate the ruins in the Emerald Forest and kill the Beringel.] - Up to 3 (Group Only)


  • D-Rank: Without proper care and maintenance, the desert sands have been known to creep back into the city, trying to reclaim the land. We need able-bodied workers to do some sweeps of the entrance to Vacuo, and beat back the desert itself. [Objective: Clean the entrance gate and surrounding area of sand and debris.] - Up to 2

  • D-Rank: Sebastian, the new headmaster of Shade, is looking for some able-bodied students to help clean up Shade Academy after receiving his "Welcome to Shade" prank. Tasks include mopping, washing desks, and killing unsuspecting wasps. [Objective: Clean up Shade Academy] - Up to 4

  • D-Rank: Professor Saffron has asked for assistance in making a gift for the Deputy Headmistress. He requires the delicate and soft feathers of the desert birds that roam the city; with them, he intends to use the skills he picked up in Mistral to weave together an incredibly comfortable pillow for her, but with all his duties to attend to, he has no time on his hands to go bird chasing. [Objective: Collect bird feathers from Vacuo’s streets for Professor Saffron.] - Up to 4

  • C-Rank: A small desert village in the Wasteland has been struggling with a Phorus pack that has been hounding their people as they try to move between the main city and their town. Head out and kill them, and you’ll get a nice reward. [Objective: Kill a Phorus pack for a local village.] - Up to 3

  • C-Rank: One of the wandering villages of the desert has requested aid in relocating closer to the city of Vacuo. While the desert may have some dangers, the villagers aren't expecting to run into any Grimm or Bandits. They will, however, need help making sure they don't run into any quicksand. [Objective: Help a village relocate closer to Vacuo City] - Up to 4 (Group Only)

  • C-Rank: One of the more well-established settlements in the desert is the Azure Resort, a lavish and well-protected village that built itself over a large hot spring. It’s famous for being one of the most relaxing spa locales in Remnant, but recently it has hit hard times with Grimm closing in deeper on the natural barriers they have built themselves within. Clearing them out and beating them back would be appreciated, and as an extra reward, the Resort has offered a full day and night stay for the team who finishes the mission. [Objective: Defend the Azure Resort from a Grimm incursion.] - Up to 4

  • B-Rank: Bandits! Bloody desert maulers they are, lurking near our village. They set up camp nearby, and are waiting until our men leave to go hunting before they swoop in. We need someone to go in and scare them off, or kill them, whatever works! [Objective: Rescue the village from a small lurking bandit group camped nearby.] - Up to 3

  • B-Rank: There's been an outbreak of pickpocketing, theft, and vandalism within the city walls. While the local police force would normally be able to deal with them, there has been reasonable information that one of the criminals was a formal Academy student. Track down the criminals and bring them in for questioning. [Objective: Track down the gang causing trouble in the city and capture them] - Up to 4 (Group Only)

  • B-Rank: Sometimes the desert sands are pulled back by the nightly winds, and reveal interesting locales that deserve investigation. A fair ways out in the Wasteland, scouts have spotted what appears to be a mass grave of large animal bones, various different shapes and sizes that were difficult to make out the details of from afar. The Grimm are lurking throughout the area, but a talented team of Hunters could go in and see what has been uncovered. [Objective: Investigate the newly uncovered animal graveyard.] - Up to 4

  • A-Rank: Travellers have been scarce on the larger roads through the desert between the kingdoms, with a swarm of Euniphro having banded together. They’re like a pack of tentacles, quickly taking anything from small walking groups to large caravans down into the depths of the sand. We need good fighters to go and bring these beasts to heel. [Objective: Find the Euniphro swarm and slay them before they take any more lives.] - Up to 4 (Group Only)

  • A-Rank: According to some travelers, there have been sightings of bandits in the deepest part of the Wasteland. This gang of bandits is to be considered highly dangerous as current information states they have destroyed at least two towns. Drive out these bandits with whatever means necessary. [Objective: Track down and deal with the bandits] - Up to 4 (Group Only)

  • A-Rank: With the school year underway now, Professor Saffron has devised a more gruelling training exercise which he has built in the Wasteland just outside of the city. A long gauntlet through a large desert canyon, the exercise is a race between volunteer students. Grimm will be dense in number, and there are many obstacles to overcome, but the thrill of the hunt is on. [Objective: Race each other, in a training exercise, down the desert canyon.] - Up to 4 (Group Only)

  • S-Rank: The Lost City is cursed they say. Sure, maybe, but that doesn’t mean we can neglect keeping an eye on it; especially when reports have been coming in of an Alpha Deathstalker that’s been gathering more of it’s kind from the ruins. We need some strong Hunters to head out there and take out the big guy, and thin down his army as much as possible. [Objective: Kill the Alpha Deathstalker lurking around the Lost City.] - Up to 3

  • S-Rank: Information has come in about the White Fang having a foothold in Vacuo by taking over one of the coastal fishing villages. They cannot be allowed to get a firm foothold. Any available Hunters are asked to head to the fishing village and take out any and all White Fang members they encounter. [Objective: Retake the fishing village and deal with the White Fang] - Up to 4 (Group Only)

  • S-Rank: After a local village felt a devastating rumble near their settlement, their scouts investigated out into the desert and found an immense sinkhole that had suddenly opened in the sand. Normally this would be easy to shrug off, but the hole is now pouring out Grimm which seem to be closing in on the village. They need experienced Hunters to go down and investigate, see precisely what the sinkhole opened up. [Objective: Head down into the sinkhole and stop the Grimm escaping from it.] - Up to 4 (Group Only)


  • D-Rank: Headmistress Gwynn has asked for some eager people to head into the city of Mistral and gather a few supplies of botanical herbs, seeds, and flowers and bring them to her office. [Objective: Pick up Cassiela’s fresh nature shipment.] - Up to 2

  • D-Rank: The Mistral Arts College has asked specifically for a new set of models, to participate in a large class they are holding on still painting of the human body. No nudity required; all we need is young, exquisite pupils that can remain still for long periods of time. [Objective: Stand as models for a large painting class.] - Up to 4

  • D-Rank: A large banquet is being held for visiting dignitaries from Kuchinashi and Windpath, with several notable people looking to be in attendance. With so many guests, the banquet hall is up to its knees, trying to get all the food ready beforehand. They’ve asked for assistance in setting the table and putting out the decorations, most important of which is the red carpet out of the entrance. [Objective: Lend assistance in setting up the banquet for foreign dignitaries.] - Up to 3 (Group Only)

  • C-Rank: Guards have been getting rusty late at night. We need some people with good eyes to head up to the Great Wall and do some night patrols, keep an eye out for any danger. It’s easy, and boring, but important. [Objective: Patrol the Great Wall at night.] - Up to 3 (Group Only)

  • C-Rank: While crime is always a problem in the darker corners of Mistral, sometimes unjust acts must go punished. A notorious jewellery thief has been plaguing the city of Mistral proper, and rumours have broken out that it has begun following the lead of Kuchinashi and Windpath. With that in mind, we ask for well-minded Hunters to stake out and cover what we believe to be his next target, a small jewellery store, and discover the criminal before bringing them into custody. [Objective: Cover the jewellery store and capture the thief.] - Up to 3 (Group Only)

  • C-Rank: Sometimes a rare Grimm is spotted here and there, and they can often be good learning experiences for new students just starting to get their feet wet at the Academy. One such beast, a large King Taijitu, has slithered it’s way into one of the many swamp dwellings, hunting and killing whatever comes near it. Have at it. [Objective: Find and kill the King Taijitu.] - Up to 4

  • B-Rank: A small village nearing Shion has been facing trouble with a particularly nasty Grimm; a Geist, possessing remnants of rock and boulders to create a menacing golem. It’s made travel difficult, and the village has asked aid in dispatching the creature. [Objective: Challenge and kill the Geist.] - Up to 4

  • B-Rank: A clump of Aphoids have claimed a cluster of trees in the Swamplands rather close to a nearby village, and the aggressive wasp-like Grimm have made traversing the swamps there difficult. The village has asked for help clearing the nest out. [Objective: Destroy the Aphoid clustering near the swamp village.] - Up to 3 (Group Only)

  • B-Rank: Murmurs are going around Windpath that a strange few sightings have been gathering of a creature in the waters nearby. The sea is home to many animals, but this one has people frightened, especially the fishing boat crews heading out from the docks. Worried that something might happen, and the beast rear its head, the city has asked some Hunters to come and find the creature to deal with it as soon as possible. [Objective: Find the aquatic beast lurking near Windpath and kill it.] - Up to 4

  • A-Rank: The swamps near Kuchinashi have seen an influx of Allagarto, the amphibian like Grimm posing a decent risk to the not so naturally fortified city itself. They’ve asked for an experienced group of Hunters from Haven to come and quell the numbers growing there, and hopefully stop them from making another resurgence anytime soon. [Objective: Kill as many Allagarto in the swamps near Kuchinashi as possible.] - Up to 4 (Group Only)

  • A-Rank: The Underbelly has a notorious presence in the city of Windpath, and while most are content to let them dwell, focusing more on the Grimm, sometimes they step too far. A mysterious and devastating murder has rattled one of the smaller communities in the city, and with police stretched thin, they’ve asked Hunters from Mistral to come and investigate. [Objective: Sleuth out the murderer in Kuchinashi.] - Up to 4

  • A-Rank: One of the more pristine lakes in the Swamplands is known for carrying exotic types of fish and other aquatic life that fetch a high price in the city markets. Unfortunately, it is a high danger zone for Grimm activity, though of course this only makes the catches from the lake even more valuable. A tradesmen has asked a group of Hunters to take a boat out into the lake and defend against Grimm, such as Allagarto, while fishing up stock. [Objective: Defend against swamp Grimm while fishing in the lake.] - Up to 3 (Group Only)

  • S-Rank: An outing made by some travellers into the Swamplands has led to the discovery of a massive Taranteli nest; webbing has coated large swaths of the trees and created a den for them. The Grimm are flocking to is, especially others of the Taranteli kind, and if it isn’t handled soon, we could see an outbreak on our hands. [Objective: Burn out the webbing and kill the Taranteli lurking in the spider den buried within the Swamplands.] - Up to 4

  • S-Rank: Emergency! Mosswalker Village has sent an emergency mission request now that the CCT has allowed for inter-kingdom communication. The Grimm are gathering in large numbers nearby, and a large scale attack is imminent. Experienced Hunters are to meet with the village leader, known as High-Oracle Soo-say, and help keep them at bay. [Objective: Meet with the village chief and help defend Mosswalker Village.] - Up to 4 (Group Only)

  • S-Rank: While ruins exist that have long been discovered, such as the Ancient Temples here in Mistral or the Lost Ruins in Vacuo, a new discovery has surfaced of a large underground system, the entrance of which is incredibly intricate in stonework and design. The Grimm have made it difficult to venture deeper down, so we’re unsure how far it goes, but if there are Hunters willing to investigate, they might find something buried within. [Objective: Head down into the newly discovered ruins and explore them.] - Up to 4 (Group Only)


  • D-Rank: After a run in with Grimm at the Tech’s Hardware warehouse, the company has asked for some menial labour workers to come in and help set the place back up. Busted crates, shelves tossed about, stray dust and technology left lying around, it all needs to be cleaned up to get production back up and running. [Objective: Help clean up the Tech’s Hardware warehouse.] - Up to 3

  • D-Rank: The Schnee Dust Company has some new dust cartridges and combinations they want tested for commercial use in various situations, and has asked for willing volunteers to use their own testing facilities. Normally they would use trained scientists, but with Grimm activities rising they wish to get some Academy students working with their tech to see how if it meshes well with Hunter weaponry. [Objective: Test out the new Schnee Dust technology at their training facility.] - Up to 4

  • D-Rank: After the fall of Beacon, a lot of people are worried about the androids. Atlas has been hard at work to refurbish them and wants to test them out on willing participants to get better readings of the technology’s capabilities. There is no danger, however; the scientists have made sure to program the androids to avoid serious injuries. This is simply a standard test run. [Objective: Perform the diagnostics test with the new Atlesian Knight configurations.] - Up to 4 (Group Only)

  • C-Rank: The Schnee Dust Company has asked that a large crate of specialised dust equipment be carefully escorted from their main headquarters to Alsius Academy in Atlas. No trouble is expected, but they like to be sure. [Objective: Escort dust equipment to Alsius Academy] - Up to 2 [CLAIMED]

  • C-Rank: Sabresa packs are known to prowl through the mountainous regions of Solitas, and one such group has been terrorising travellers as they move between Mantle and Atlas. Dealing with them now will help get more tourism and commerce flowing between the two cities. [Objective: Kill the Sabresa pack harrowing travellers on the road.] - Up to 3 (Group Only)

  • C-Rank: During a patrol out into the region north-east of Atlas, a squad of Atlas soldiers was caught in a devastating avalanche that trapped them in the mountain caves. Their distress beacon is still active, and we have their position, but we need volunteers to head out and uncover where they are hidden, rescue them from the caves and bring them home. [Objective: Rescue the patrol team lost in the avalanche.] - Up to 4

  • B-Rank: General Ironwood has asked some of his more able bodied students at Atlas Academy to take on a large Mirka that has lingered too close to the city from the mountains, making travelling between Atlas and Mantle very difficult. Killing it now will make a lot of people happier, and will likely keep down the noise complaints the General keeps getting. [Objective: Seek out and kill the Mirka Grimm.] - Up to 3 (Group Only)

  • B-Rank: Usually the only problem we have in the cold and frosted mountains of Solitas is Grimm, but occasionally the villages that sprout up face trouble from the tundra bandits that Atlas can’t seem to get rid of. One such group of them has been lingering near Mantle, and has a lot of people scared. Deal with them and you’ll be rewarded. [Objective: Take out the tundra bandits lurking near Mantle.] - Up to 4

  • B-Rank: A peaceful protest in the streets of Atlas was rudely ejected from the city by Schnee Dust officials; while General Ironwood is preparing reprimanding action towards the company itself, the protestors have been left out in the cold to fend for themselves, with very little protection. Ironwood has asked those willing to head out on their trail and bring the civilians back to the city’s safety. [Objective: Track down and bring back the protesters from the cold and the Grimm.] - Up to 4 (Group Only)

  • A-Rank: A shipment of dust from the Schnee Dust Company that was headed to Mistral was taken down by a flock of Nevermore roaming the skies. The organisation has posted a request for strong Hunters to trek out to where it was last seen crashing down and salvage any supplies. Looking for survivors is optional, the supplies or top priority. [Objective: Locate the crashed supply ship and recover dust supplies.] - Up to 4

  • A-Rank: Discovered within an icy cavern within the mountains, an odd sight has been seen by Atlas scouts; a large group of Grimm have been caught in stasis, frozen within the walls and stuck there. For now, this is no danger, but should the ice thaw, we could see a sudden large incursion of the beasts on our doorstep. A talented group could venture out, thaw the ice early, and deal with the Grimm before they ever become a problem on their own. [Objective: Thaw out the Grimm and dispatch them before they escape.] - Up to 3 (Group Only)

  • A-Rank: A village to the west of Mantle has just begun settling, with buildings having just been brought in and settlers arriving to live there due to the safety of the valley it’s in. However, the village itself is lacking in a steady supply of water. They’ve located a large underground cavern lake which has a connection to the sea, and they have requested assistance in tapping this, due to the Grimm problem in the area. [Objective: Help the village set up a water collection system in the underground lake.] - Up to 4

  • S-Rank: Large caves were discovered nestled into a mountain range just north-west of Mantle, but unfortunately the ones who found it managed to wake up a den of Ursa. Only a few of them made it back to Mantle in one piece, but the Ursa themselves still pose a threat to travellers. We need a group to head into the caves and kill the Grimm there, as many as you can. [Objective: Explore the caves and kill the Ursa living in them.] Up to 3 (Group Only)

  • S-Rank: An old mining facility near the north edge of Solitas that was abandoned a few years ago has been causing troubles for the nearby villages. Apparently one of the mines within collapsed, opening up a new, undiscovered area which housed a lot of Grimm who are now pouring out the mine. We need an experienced team to go in and clear out the creatures, so we can set the mine up again to gather the new deposits of dust and other minerals unearthed. [Objective: Clear out the newly unearthed system in the dust mine.] - Up to 4 (Group Only)

  • S-Rank: Mirka always linger on their own too close to the cities at times, and while they are easy enough to deal with, something more dire has been discovered. Towards the more desolate centre of Solitas, where the mountains are thickest, a tribe of Mirka have been spotted, at least 4 or 5 gathering together. They must be brought to heel as soon as possible. [Objective: Clear out the camp of Mirka in the deeper mountains north of Atlas.] - Up to 4


Location- Atlas
Mission Description- C-Rank: The Schnee Dust Company has asked that a large crate of specialised dust equipment be carefully escorted from their main headquarters to Alsius Academy in Atlas. No trouble is expected, but they like to be sure. [Objective: Escort dust equipment to Alsius Academy] - Up to 2
Characters on Mission- Penny Polendina and Sebastian Kegan
OOC Members- Ravian and Ziggy

Location- Vale
Mission Description- D-Rank: With all the students that are currently attending Signal Academy due to the fall of Beacon, the Academy’s maintenance is in dire need of some assistance, particularly the classrooms. [Objective: Help clean up the classrooms in Signal Academy] – Up to 4
Characters on Mission- Yang Xiao Long, Sage Ayana, Nora Valkyrie
OOC Members- Lucky, Dorian, Aya







Blood Type







† Fireseeker
 Posted on: Jul 17 2017, 03:45 PM
<div class="tempinfo">[b]Location[/b]- Anima, Windpath
<br>[b]Mission Description[/b]- A-Rank: The Underbelly has a notorious presence in the city of Windpath, and while most are content to let them dwell, focusing more on the Grimm, sometimes they step too far. A mysterious and devastating murder has rattled one of the smaller communities in the city, and with police stretched thin, they’ve asked Hunters from Mistral to come and investigate. [Objective: Sleuth out the murderer in Kuchinashi.] - Up to 4
<br>[b]Characters on Mission[/b]- Lana Heart & Yuguren Okaze
<br>[b]OOC Members[/b]- Fireseeker & Damien</div><br>

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