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 Krimzen Kaotika, First Year, Team DUSK






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 Posted on: Jun 13 2018, 10:01 AM
Krimzen Kaotika
Birthplace: Vacuo

Age: 18

Sex & Gender: Male, Male

Race: Human

Affiliation: First year, Shade Academy

Physical Details:

Standing at 5'10''; long white hair; light blue eyes; pale skin (would remind someone of a vampire). His usual apparel consists of the same red leather trench coat. Sometimes, it's just the red overcoat, while at other times he wears a black zip-up vest under it. Fingerless leather gloves, either black or sage pants, and black stylish boots. No scars or other bodily blemishes or markings with a muscular body.

One of the best ways to describe Krimzen's personality is "blunt." While he doesn't mean to be rude to anyone, he could come off that way often. His bluntness makes him seem cruel, always getting his opinion across in the most straightforward way possible. He does this to prevent people from misunderstanding him. Krimzen also does this because he doesn't want to deal with people or get attached. Even though he's very blunt almost all the time, that doesn't mean he doesn't joke around or have feelings. If one were to get to know him, they'd realize he's actually very kindhearted and looks out for his peers and teammates more than anything else. When the moment calls for it, he can be friendly and even witty and sarcastic. However, they'd need to work to see this side of him.

It wouldn't be unusual for Krimzen to get flustered. He acts cold so people don't get attached to him, but if pressure is put on him, he suddenly tries to turn tail and back away from people. This is what usually happens when his cold nature is somehow embraced with warmth. Not to mention he didn't come to school to fall in love, so he had no preparation in that field. He's purely concerned with the goal he had in mind when he first got into the school. Nothing else matters to him, and almost nothing can stop him.

When in battle, Krimzen is almost a different person. He's not very talkative in battle, and usually focuses on the fight itself. The thing that stands out the most about him fighting is how he always fights with a smile. Nothing pleases him more than engaging in combat. When offered a fight, he'll almost never back away, even if he's severely outmatched. While he does appreciate some calmer activities, such as listening to music, playing guitar, and being a loner and isolating himself from people, his favorite is actual combat. He's much more lively doing that, and he's ended up developing a sadistic side because of his love of fighting. This sadistic side rarely comes up outside of a fight unless he gets too close to a person.


Krimzen Kaotika is an only child with no parents, no childhood, and only one goal and purpose in life: attend a Hunter academy and learn how to kill both Grimm and Huntsmen for the sake of the world. At least, that's all he remembers. In an almost fatal accident, Krimzen lost his memory and forgot almost everything about his life, only remembering his name, where he's from, and what goal he made for himself prior to losing his memory. Ever since then, it's been a rough slope for him. Ever since, he's tried to learn more and more about himself. Unfortunately, he's been able to make no discoveries, found no clues, even the slightest of them. It was as if all his clues were all erased from the world.

Krimzen was an only child who lived in a middle class family, in a small neighborhood in Vacuo. His parents were not Huntsmen. They were ordinary citizens. Unlike Krimzen, his parents despised Faunus, and while Krimzen didn't see the Faunus the way his parents did, when he was a child all he gave them was pity. He never sought to make friends with them, but he certainly hated it whenever someone discriminated them. He was a major pacifist and an introvert as a child, which is why he never sought out any conflict and could never help those Faunus. He'd find his only solace in going out into the woods and eventually making it to a lake, where he'd sit by it and calm down.

The child was a victim to bullying. He felt self conscious about himself and became introverted because of this abuse. Surprisingly enough, this didn't come from his schoolmates or neighbors or kids. This bullying came from his parents. Since birth, they treated him coldly and isolated him, all because of his snow white hair and light blue eyes. His parents had black and brown hair and dark eyes, a complete contrast to Krimzen's physical appearance. They would constantly bombard him with comments about his hair, saying how they didn't want him and how they should have another child and just get rid of Krimzen. His uncle, his father's brother who was a retired Huntsman and also their neighbor, always witnessed this abuse and told him how he would save him from this. All Krimzen had to do was say the word. However, like a loyal pet to an abusive family, he refused every time.

For years, Krimzen withstood this mistreatment. Then, he decided to stand up to his parents when he was 14 years old. When they started physically and verbally abusing a little Faunus girl, he stood up to his abusive parents and called them out on it, telling them they shouldn't be doing this kind of thing. Their cold gazes shifted from the Faunus to Krimzen. At that moment, he wasn't their son anymore. To young Krimzen, he doubted he was their son for a while. They took him to some woods and started beating him senselessly, to the point where he almost died. That's when his uncle intervened and killed his parents before they could kill him. Witnessing his own parents' death, he made a vow at that moment to kill all unjust Huntsmen like his uncle, and what better way to do that than to learn how to kill them right under their noses and then strike the decisive blow when they least expected it? That's when the Grimm showed up. Multiple different beasts of Grimm appeared, from Beowolves to Ursa. They stampeded through the woods and killed his uncle, or at least that's what he thought at the moment. No one could've survived that. Almost no one.

Krimzen woke up again a few days later under some isolated tree, nowhere near those woods. He had no recollection of his life before him waking, except for his name, his goal, and the fact that he was from Vacuo. The stampeding Grimm and the beating he took from his parents caused him to lose all memory prior to this. This also caused the personality disorder he experiences when he's fighting. All he knows about himself now is that he has a distrust for everyone, including Faunus, for some reason. With no recollection of any prior events of his past, things like the Faunus Rights Anniversary and the fall of Beacon didn't mean anything to him. If anything, he wished he could feel something about them.

As he survived on his own for a while, Krimzen strengthened his body and taught himself how to fight. Without a weapon, he could do very little in his quest to end the Huntsmen and Grimm. Unfortunately, he had no resources to obtain a weapon or even build his own. Not only that, but it was starting to get harder to live. For these reasons, he sought out assistance in the most unlikely of places: Shadow Academy. He saw this as a good opportunity to see how the Hunter Training academies were like, at least before they actually get into the training academy. Since he had no recollection of his past, no money, and no parents, it would've been very hard to get into the school. However, they offered him a deal: show them his skills and they'll let him in if he does well. With his natural talent, the skills he honed, and his Semblance, which he had unlocked after he finished healing, he was able to achieve entry into the academy. There, he honed his skills even more, attained a weapon, and was eventually admitted into Shade Academy and put in team DUSK.

Throughout his time in Shadow, he'd been known as a silent but deadly student. He didn't cause physical harm to anyone, but his skills were so advanced that he was known to be dangerous in battle. Despite spending so much time with these hunters-in-training, his opinion and goal never changed. He knew for some reason he didn't like Huntsmen, and he knew he had to kill them. His lack of memory wasn't going to stop this goal. At least, it wouldn't while he was in Shadow. He ended up going through a growth spurt, and he had trained so much that his body became stronger than ever before. He'd achieved all he could while attending Shadow. After graduating, he went straight into Shade and was put in Team DUSK, filling in their K spot. He wasn't too excited about his placement, mainly because he knew these people were to become Huntsmen and wanted to become Huntsmen. Krimzen also knew very well that he couldn't tell anyone his true goal in becoming a Huntsmen. So, he simply came up with the fake goal of "wanting to exterminate all Grimm" as his backup. With a past unknown to the human race and eyes set on the Huntsmen Academies, Krimzen Kaotika started the next step in his journey of cleansing the world of Huntsmen and Grimm.

Player Details
OOC: Hiporactivo

Contact: Discord or site PM

Other Characters: Beiji Rush, Lie Ren, Helen Buraku

Notes: "Krimzen" is a misspelling of the word "crimson," a darker shade of red. It's pronounced the same way as the root word.

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