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 Damek Noal, Third Year, Team SAND






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 Posted on: Jun 30 2018, 10:22 AM
Birthplace: Village of Saltcrest, Patch

Age: 19

Sex & Gender: Male / Male

Race: Wolf Faunus

Affiliation: Beacon Academy - Third Year

Physical Details:

Damek is right around average for his age, at 5'10", and has enough muscle on his body to put him at just under 180 lbs. His hair is naturally two-toned, with the bangs tending to turn silver a few inches out past his scalp- a trait of his mother. Beneath two brows sit a pair of ice blue eyes and a constant look of amusement. Like most Faunus, Damek has a pair of ears that sit atop his head, enhancing his hearing and showing his heritage.

His clothing of choice depends on the day and on the season, but for the most part makes itself of up browns, reds and similar 'Autumn' colors, and such is his armaments as well, finding that a leather jerkin or vest, depending on the weather and mission, adds just a bit more protection than those that often decide to just go without. Not that he makes any commentary on their refusal to do so- it's just something that was instilled in him by his mother, and he was always one to listen to her words, no matter the case, and that close listening is obvious, here.

The way that Damek carries himself can be seen as arrogant by a lot of people as he is very straight forward and doesn't really shy away from conversation or sensitive topics. His body language carries with it an openness that not everyone has, and he rarely seems closed off with the way he moves, often hitching his thumbs in his belt loops rather than crossing his arms over his chest, and so forth.

Damek is, generally speaking, one of the more outgoing people that anyone will ever meet. Irrepressible, with seemingly boundless energy, and with absolutely no qualms about talking to anyone about anything, Damek finds himself at the heart of more things than he means to, simply due to the fact that he can't keep his own curiosity in hand. Granted, his friendly demeanor often (though not always) can pierce through the defensive nature of those that hold those topics close at hand. Always forward and willing to talk to anyone, about anything, Damek can and does bring other friends together through his charm, quick wit and irrepressible confidence.

When getting into his relationships with friends and family, Damek's friendly nature takes on a slightly different edge. Not in a necessarily negative way, but his mother was always one to beat teamwork into his brain, and as such, those that Damek has deemed to be a friend get to see a certain side of him that others don't get to. That is a serious one, and one that often comes out more when things threaten those that he cares about. Whether it be a Grimm, or if it's someone trying to pick a fight with one of his teammates, Damek will (often be) the one to throw the first punch.

Schoolwork is something that takes something of a backseat for him. Much more physical-oriented, the mental bits of being a hunter are often lost upon him, and that can cause some friction and also hold him back in certain instances. However, generally in field drills he performs above the expected requirements, often just 'figuring something out' or 'taking a guess' on things that end up being correct, just based on the information he has on hand. Of course, there's just as many times where such doesn't occur and he finds himself laid out on his back. Even still, he's always ready for more.

Despite the fact that he's moved out of most of his hormone-crazed years, Damek still has a very powerful urge to hit on most females, though he's long since given up on his team, though he still puts his advances out there, and more often than not is successful, though he also is starting to have a harder time as of late, as word has gotten around that he's something of a playboy, and while women aren't necessarily hostile toward him, attempting to get anything more than a friendly conversation is more difficult.


Born to a pair of faunus hunters, one might say that hunting was in Damek's blood from the get-go. Even from a young age, the boy was rough-housing with the other children in Saltcrest, on the coast of Patch, and was playing 'Hunters and Grimm' from as far back as he can remember. Damek's mother, Roux, however, wasn't quite as keen on punishment as the other parents and instead taught her son more about what he could do to fight in these situations. Not a studious woman, much like her son she preferred to accomplish things by doing them, rather than reading about them in some book. His father, Rurik, took a more hands-off approach with the boy and offered advice when asked for, but otherwise was a quiet secondary to Roux. However, he was tall, and powerfully built due to his own heritage, although the horse faunus didn't pass down his racial traits, he did pass down the musculature that had been descended throughout his family.

At thirteen, Damek applied for and was allowed into Signal, the boy wanting to prove that his mother's teachings were correct and that doing things were the best way to handle it. However, his studies suffered tremendously and while he was able to pass his classes, there were a few of them that he barely scraped by in, rather than having stellar grades. He'd tried to make a weapon styled similarly to his mother's but eventually went with one of his own design. His semblance started to form around this time as well, which didn't really seem to have much use for him, but as he began to understand how it could be used, he began to take a bit more pride in it. Not to mention, it was similar to how his mother's operated and between years she taught him a bit more about how it could be utilized as well, but to keep a tight leash on it at all times.

As he grew, his studies continued to suffer, but even so, he was able to make it into Beacon for his first year, put into a team like many others and being able to learn comradery to a stronger degree than he ever had at Signal. However after an encounter with one of the fairer sex, his studies took an even further plummet as he let that take up the majority of his time for a bit, until he was informed by several of the teachers that if his grades didn't improve, he would be forced to repeat the year, and (not wanting to be an embarrassment to his mother,) he let that particular fascination stay to the side so he could focus enough on his studies to stay in the realm of passing.

He stayed in Vale, working at Signal during this time and learning a great deal about fighting as a Hunter unit, far more than he had before, and the fact that it was applicable to retaking Beacon, part of his own homeland, he was working toward that end with everything that he had, though in September he did spend some time with his family, during the goings-on of the Faunus Rights Anniversary at home, the family not having enough spare funding to actually go to Vacuo. Afterward he returned to his team, aiming to make both them, and his mother, proud.
Player Details
OOC: WhiteFog

Contact: Discord preferably.

Other Characters: N/A So far

Notes: Damek is a Czech name meaning 'Red Earth', hence his red-and-brown color scheme. Additionally, the picture given would be without his tails, tho having the ears. Additionally if it wasn't obvious enough, Damek is very much striving to make his mother proud of him, and whether or not that occurs yet remains to be seen. Additionally, the art is original, done by my wife: Tumblr

Sample Post:

"Heads up!" Damek called, the boy outside with a few others on a field, relaxing a bit by taking some time to play a few rounds of ball. "I'm sending this shit out to the stars!" he continued, a grin splitting his features as he held the bat over his shoulder, waiting for the pitch. Of course, with it being Beacon students playing, this wasn't exactly your average sort of baseball game. As soon as the windup game, the ball came flying at him way faster than it should have been. But if nothing else, Damek was used to this sort of thing and while it didn't get his adrenaline pumping like full combat did, his grin still widened in excitement. At the last second, with his Aura powering his body, he swung, turning his entire upper body into the swing and letting the bat slam against the thrown ball.

If it were a normal baseball it would have likely exploded into a mass of leather and string, but these were specially made for Hunters, and as such, the sphere simply rebounded off, going skyward. Too much skyward. He'd hit it basically straight up. "Son of a-" he began, before he glanced down at the bat in his hand, not bothering to run right yet. Truth be told, there wasn't much point to moving if the ball was easily caught. His eyes narrowed, the ice blue irises expanding as his pupils contracted from looking up near the sun, before he made a sudden motion, hurling the bat skyward.

And then he began to run.

He heard calls of confusion and dismay at what he was doing, until the bat collided with the ball for a second time, sending it flying out and toward the outfield, now. Then, of course, came the calls of disgruntlement as the wolf faunus managed to make it to third base before the ball made it back into play. "What? C'mon, it's fine. I hit the ball with the bat. I just happened to do it twice. That's fine, right?" he called, with several of the others eventually just opting to allow it due to the fact that it was a friendly game...even if Damek took the competitive aspect a little far.

As it seemed that it was going to be allowed, the wolf hunkered down, giving a low breath. Glancing up, he looked out toward the next up to bat, when he realized he was also seeing the lower part of a thigh down hidden beneath a skirt of a fellow student. Unable to help himself, the boy grinned, standing back up to his full height to try and show off a bit. "You look like a track girl, with toned legs like that," he began, a grin spreading across his features at the flustered glare that he received.

Days like this were nice. He just wished that one day this would be the norm, rather than the exception...
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