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 Ezra Schwarzvogel, Second Year, Team SLTE
 Posted: Mar 5 2018, 02:41 PM

Ezra Schwarzvogel
<ezra app>
Birthplace: Vacuo

Age: 18

Sex & Gender: male, male

Race: Human

Affiliation: Shade Academy, Second Year

Physical Details:

Ezra is a tall and lanky young man weighing in at 160 pounds and standing at 6 foot 4 inches. His preferred style tends to be things such as high collar jackets, loose t-shirts, and skinny jeans. Commonly worn accessories multiple belts, ties, and fingerless gloves.

Of course, the most noticeable features would be his long, dark, black hair tied in a ponytail with a patch sticking up in the back top of his head which despite all attempts never stays down. Lastly and most importantly would be that his eyes are two different colors, one red and the other blue. This heterochromia being a physical effect of his semblance.


+ Honest

+ Cunning

+ Witty

+ Diligent

+ Studious

+Hard working


+ Perceptive


- More talking, less action

- Stick in the mud

- Arrogant

- Judgmental

- Overanalyzes

- Easily flustered when flirted with

- Brown noses his superiors


Ambition and perfection may as well be the tenets or personal family motto for the Schwarzvogel family. If you are going to put any time or effort into something, you go for gold. His father a top surgeon and his mother a tenured college professor, Ezra was expected to pick a career path early and stick with it for the remainder of his adult life. Whatever the job ended up being was up to him. But he had to pick early and commit to it. His parents would spare no expense in his training and education and not a penny should be wasted.

However, Ezra's mother and father definitely set this demand far too early. How often is it that an adult wants to be the same thing now grown up that they wished to be as a child? For some children, they don't want to be the same thing the next month let alone their whole lives. In retrospect, Ezra would say he wanted to be a huntsman to the same extent he wanted to be a race car driver, or a rock star, or a doctor like his father. It was just the flavor of the month for him. But he would be stuck with it now that mother and father spent the money on physical instructors, tutors for Grimm physiology, experts in the combat applications for dust and so many other things.

Soon the education was an obligation rather than a passion. But he was not going to disappoint his mother and father. They worked hard for him after all, so he needed to do the same. Rigorous training and cram sessions filled his days. Personal life was to come after academic success. There would be plenty of time for friends after reaching the top and calling the shots. Dating and romance would come as an adult when the distraction was no longer a risk in hampering his studies. After all, his parents followed the same path and ended up successful. Why should Ezra be any different?

Ezra continued his studies on autopilot all the way through Shadow Academy. Attend classes, cram session, lessons from outside tutors, sleep, and repeat. While he did very well at school, his lack of passion did subtly show in his combat. While competent and effective, when compared to say reports and written exams his combat was less impressive. He was definitely more of a thinker than a fighter. All brains and no instinct.

Passing his entrance exam with high marks, Ezra enrolled at Shade Academy. While on vacation, he attended the Vytal Festival tournament and observe the techniques of the students. There he witnessed the events unfold into the Fall of Beacon. Attending as a civilian and unarmed, he fled with the majority of the crowd when the Grimm attacked. When he and the rest of the crowd he was with were trapped in an alleyway with Grimm on all sides, a huntress swooped in to protect them. And there Ezra's dreams of being a huntsman were reignited both in awe and admiration for the woman and because of her tragic end.

She fought bravely but eventually, her luck ran out. She managed to thin out their numbers considerably but she then took a fatal blow and fell. Her trident fell to the ground, it's clang echoing in Ezra's mind. And then he just moved. No thinking, just doing. He dashed towards the weapon and finished what the huntress started and killed the rest of the Grimm.

He never learned the huntress' name. Even all this time after the catastrophe. No one in Vale or Vacuo seemed to be able to recognize the weapon she wielded. Currently, Ezra's has the theory that she may have been from another kingdom and was attending the festival. But ever since that night, Ezra has abandoned the weapon he built during his time at Shadow and has adopted the trident of the unnamed huntress as a testament and monument to her memory while making slight tweaks here and there to make it more of his own.

His first year at Shade Academy, he was assigned to Team Slate. While the dynamic at first was not something he was used to, often questioning orders or playing backseat driver, he has since developed a trust and respect for his team. Though it may be hard to see it at times due to his cold demeanor. He is now in his second year and ready to continue his progress as a huntsman.

Player Details
OOC: AnAwkwardRobot

Contact: Private message

Other Characters: None

Notes: Schwarzvogel being the German words schwarzer and vogel. "Black" and "bird" respectively.

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‡ Fireseeker
 Posted: Mar 13 2018, 04:24 PM


please check your pm's! we have
given feedback on your character
and it may require certain changes.
please reply back to the pm once you
have made the necessary changes. thanks!


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