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 Sol Chrome Abilities and Purchases, I stopped procrastinating guys!






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‡ Sunkruhm
 Posted on: Feb 3 2018, 04:06 PM
Sol Chrome


Combat abilities, Semblance upgrades, weapon upgrade



Projection Spike:

Sol 's third discovered combat use for his Semblance. Throwing a grey, pointed sheet of his Semblance at the ground. This sheet, upon contact, will rapidly expand into a sharp, angular spike anywhere from 3'-6' long which can impale unprotected enemies and apply strong kinetic force to anything it cannot pierce. The spike stays around for 2 turns, potentially blocking passage, but can be shattered significantly easier than any Shield Projection. If used with solid-element dusts it will stay around for 1 more turn and be stronger, but if used with elemental ones it will lose most of its kinetic impact and instead act like a 1-turn spout of that element (such as shooting out fire from the ground). This ability has a 1 turn cooldown. He can create two spikes at once in different locations, but this instead makes the cooldown 3 turns.

Projection Redirection:

Sol is now capable of redirecting his created projections once during its lifetime. For his Shields, this means he can either alter the course of the thrown sheet that will become a wall once before it reaches its location, or can move an already anchored wall once. For Blades, he can make them go around corners or cover using this, but the angle change is abrupt and cannot be changed once it happens; this is the standard behavior for any other ranged Semblance upgrades he may discover in the future.



Empyrean Arc:

Sol swings out his blade hard enough to create a 10' range blade arc of its current element, or of kinetic force if no dust charge is currently in use with his sword. Usable by Sol | Solo Ability |Basic

Edged Retort:

At close or long range, Sol throws out a Blade Projection aimed to deflect or redirect an opponent's attack before following up with a melee strike or another Blade Projection. Usable by Sol | Solo Ability | Basic

Firmament's Call:

Using the gauntlet-blade form of Firmament's Guard, Sol launches the grapple out at a target. If it connects to a target lighter than him or that he can dig in and pull (most people and some Grimm), Sol pulls them to himself before striking out with his blade. If it connects to a heavier target he can't pull, he instead leaps and reels in toward them to connect with either a two-footed kick or a sword stab. Usable by Sol |Solo Ability | Basic



Extra Dust for weapons: Add gravity and earth dust capability.




Sol launches his grapple past Sang, who grabs it and uses it to sling him at their enemies. He strikes with his sword along the arc created by the swing. Usable by Sol and Sang | Team Ability | Advanced

Radiant Aegis:

Sol creates a Projection Barrier wall of non-elemental aura which Oliana then uses her Crystalline Girder to make nearly indestructible for Crystalline Girder's duration. Usable by Sol and Oliana | Team Ability | Advanced


Sol creates a more brittle, specially-formed wall in front of Sang which she slams through to produce a spray of sharp, painful shards in the direction she is traveling. Sang then strikes a target on the other side of the wall in the chaos. Usable by Sol and Sang |Team Ability | Advanced

Shatter Blade:

Sol throws out a Projection Blade before launching another directly at it with a faster speed, aiming to make them collide in the air a bit before the target. When they connect, both blades shatter into a shotgun-spray of sharp aura shards and any element they are charged with. Not too effective against very heavy armor, but hits hard against anything less. Usable by Sol | Solo Ability | Advanced


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