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Welcome to World of Remnant. We are an AU, no-wordcount RWBY roleplay beginning at the conclusion of Volume 3. The Fall Maiden is dead, her powers in the hands of the enemy. Beacon Academy has fallen, and Vale is soon to fall itself. The Vytal Festival is a disaster; thousands dead, many more injured. Grimm populations are at an ever-present surplus. What dire circumstances has Remnant fallen prey to?

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 Faye Odhran, Huntress, Team CORL
† Saska
 Posted: Mar 2 2018, 09:10 PM
Saska Admin

Faye Odhran
Birthplace: Menagerie

Age: 26

Sex & Gender: Female, Female.

Race: Faunus (cat)

Affiliation: Huntress, Team CORL (former), White Fang (former)

Physical Details:

Standing five feet nine inches in height, Faye is of a lean build, with toned muscle; she has the reflexes of a cat, as per her feline heritage. Upon the top of her head, she bears two particularly fluffy cat ears, which blend closely in with her hair. Underneath her clothing, however, are a number of battle scars, telling of the horrors she endured escaping from the White Fang.

At first glance, Faye is particularly blunt and crass, hardly caring about what people think of her, as she's learned that the world isn't going to care about her. With her husband gone, her livelihood shattered, her family and team murdered, there's very little left of what spirit she had. Underneath that brusque nature, however, she's a font of self-deprecation, often talking modestly about herself and her accomplishments, and never thinking highly of herself. To her, compliments are empty flattery, and while it may seem like she's free-spirited, underneath it all, she's just a broken soul. She doesn't think highly of herself, and at times wonders if she ever will.

She tends to speak sarcastically in most cases, at least to those she doesn't trust or doesn't know; she often sounds disdainful, like she looks down on others. That, however, is merely a defense mechanism; those who know Faye and what she's been through can understand why she doesn't let people get too close. She almost fears emotional intimacy, keeping everyone at arm's length solely to protect herself. In reality, however... Faye cares. She cares a lot. She's got a big heart, but chooses to hide it to avoid being taken advantage of.

Faye's an extremely free-spirited individual, choosing to do what she wants, when she wants... And how she wants. That's not to say she's a good person, nor is she a bad person; morally, she's particularly good, and tends to avoid causing too much trouble where she can. Regardless, she's not above killing people when it's deemed necessary... As she understands that sometimes, there is such thing as a 'necessary evil'. Her one true hatred, however, is the White Fang... Particularly the leader, as she deems them responsible for the things that have happened to her.


Being born in Menagerie, Faye knew very little of the struggles of the outside world... or that of Faunus, no less. Thankfully, as part of Menagerie, Faye was spared the terrible horrors of the Faunus Rights Revolution, instead remaining secluded with her family in a small town near the coast. That was, of course, until a Faunus huntress came to visit. Grimm weren't entirely uncommon near the village, but their village guard would generally take care of it. A Huntress, on the other hand? Now that made things interesting.

It was during that time that word of the White Fang, a movement for the Faunus on the other continents, began to reach their small village. As a young child, Faye was passionate, and began to attend the meetings in her village, expressing a strong desire to represent Faunus in the world. The older she grew, the more she wanted this; and by the time she was twelve, that desire blossomed further. Sponsored by fellow members of the White Fang, she was sent to Sanctum Academy, where she began to hone her skills. She was skilled with her Aura, but she had a difficult time in a close range situation; the more she played at range, however, the more skilled she became. Her Semblance made that even easier, as she began to learn to harness it slowly by her last year.

Attending Haven Academy was... different, to say the least. Now a member of Team Coral, paired with none other than the leader, Camryn. Cam was... interesting, to say the least. He kept her on her toes, and loved to play a few too many tricks on her. They grew close as friends, and eventually, there seemed to be something brewing. However, it never moved beyond that; Camryn was far too respectful, and Faye was too chicken.

Even as she was attending Haven Academy, she noticed things begin to change. The more the Fang continued on, the worse it got; eventually, by the time she was in her fourth year, there was a shift in power, and from Ghira Belladonna, the mantle of the High Leader switched to none other than Sienna Khan. Faye, however, knew she owed everything to the Fang, and so her loyalty remained, even after she graduated. This caused some distance between her and her team, and they drifted apart.

That was, however, until an operation gone wrong. As things were getting darker and darker, Faye realized she needed to escape the White Fang, and it was almost too late. She came face to face with none other than her old team, staring her own partner down, right then and there. It was that moment that she made her decision; she distanced herself from the Fang, turning on the people whom she'd owed and instead turning to help her old team.

She told them to run. They didn't.

First, their other duo went down, as Camryn and Faye were trying to run. And run they did... For a time. Faye explained what she could; how she'd been part of the Fang since she was younger, how they'd sponsored to send her to the mainland and attend Sanctum... and he understood. Finally, what had been there sparked, and they were able to escape, for a time. Eventually, they made it back to a deeper part of Vale, where they committed to each other; however, the Fang was not going to let them do such. They ran, further and further, until eventually they couldn't run any longer.

Camryn made sure Faye survived. She continued to run, even injured, hiding where she could. It didn't take long until she realized that Camryn must've known far more than she did; she was with child, and he'd been determined to allow her to keep that. She ran as far as she could, eventually making her way back to her home village... Where she found nothing but ashes. Her home, burned to the ground, with nothing left. Her family, gone... Nowhere to be found. Fearful that it had been destroyed at the hands of the White Fang because of her transgressions, she ran again, stowing away back on a boat to Mistral.

She managed to hide herself in Mistral for quite a few months, though fighting Grimm became more and more difficult the more she ran. Eventually, money became difficult, and she was living on barely scraps, even as a Huntress. She would continue running, and running, and running.... Until, eventually, the Fang would catch up with her, taking away the last thing she had: her unborn child.

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