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Welcome to World of Remnant. We are an AU, no-wordcount RWBY roleplay beginning at the conclusion of Volume 3. The Fall Maiden is dead, her powers in the hands of the enemy. Beacon Academy has fallen, and Vale is soon to fall itself. The Vytal Festival is a disaster; thousands dead, many more injured. Grimm populations are at an ever-present surplus. What dire circumstances has Remnant fallen prey to?

03.10.17: Due to a lack of their usage, we've removed the update boxes, and we will be returning to old style updates for the time being! We've also removed our Twitter button and our Facebook button as our Twitter and Facebook pages are rarely used.

02.10.17: STAFF SEARCH has been added! We're looking for up to 3 new staff members to prepare for the influx coming into Volume 5, so be prepared for that! We need all hands on deck to get a few systems going before the volume starts, as we'll be making some changes to combat abilities and combat apps, so stay tuned!

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RWBY universe belongs to Monty Oum and the team at RoosterTeeth Productions. All original characters belong to their respective owners.

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Abottomsis Member 24-November 17 0
Alegoran Member 22-November 17 0
Alyceaoiblythe Member 23-January 18 0
Anawkwardrobot Member 23-February 18 0
Aquarius Member 16-December 17 0
Aria Member 12-October 17 0
Ashling97 Member 12-January 18 0
Baconman Member 1-February 18 0
Braydon Member 28-February 18 0
Bro Member 7-February 18 0
Calebreed Member 6-January 18 0
Carmana Member 14-October 17 0
Chaos Member 13-December 14 0
Chaotic38 Member 14-January 18 0
Cigs Member 19-February 18 0
Cinna Member 30-October 17 0
Crimbo Member 12-March 18 0
Curiousrune Member 12-February 18 0
Damien Member 10-March 17 1
Daniel B. Member 11-February 18 0
Diamond Member 18-December 17 0
Dibbles Member 12-December 17 0
Doncoffee Member 11-October 17 0
Dustriderooc Member 26-February 18 1
Elc1837 Member 25-March 18 0
Etharost Member 25-October 17 0
Everence Member 23-October 17 0
Fantin Member 7-February 18 0
Femredhood Member 7-January 18 0
Foreverhound Member 17-March 18 0
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