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 Yuguren Okaze, Wandering Huntsman
 Posted: Apr 2 2017, 12:31 AM
Damien Member

Yuguren Okaze
Birthplace: Atlas

Age: 30

Sex & Gender: Male, male

Race: human

Affiliation: Former Atlesian Military; Graduated Huntsman

Physical Details:

Ar 5’11,” Yuguren is a light-skinned man with messy brown hair that reaches the bottom of his neck. He has dark blue eyes that are almost obscured by his hair. He wears a dark blue trench coat, though it almost looks black with how dark it is. He wears black pants and boots with a blue shirt underneath his coat.

The bottom half of his right leg is robotic. In his home in Atlas, he has several different models to suit his needs, including higher durability or containing compartments for gun magazines or knives. His main prosthetic contains combat and throwing knives, as well as a vertical blade that can extend from the heel.


+ Analytical
+ Friendly
+ Talented leader
+ Willing to take risks to help others
+ Disciplined
+ Accurate
+ Knowledgeable about Atleasian protocol
+ Technically and mechanically skilled
- Arrogant
- Sometimes cold on the battlefield
- Tries to avoid thinking about the dead
- Slight distrust of the Atlesian military; very distrusting of the Schnee Dust Company
- Can get too engaged in enjoyable fights
- No interest in the arts.
- Can easily become consumed with the need to take down who he considers priority targets
- Does not get attached to others easily


Born in Atlas to a Mistralian father and Atlesian mother, Yuguren resembled his father more than his mother, only getting her eyes. He was raised to look up to the military, protectors of the kingdom. While he was tempted to join the military growing up, he decided that he would follow in his father’s footsteps and become a huntsman and applied to Helios.

After graduating from Helios, he began attending Atlas Academy, continuing along his path as a huntsman. He was made the leader of Team Ogre, made up of members who all used firearms as their main weapon. Like other teams, they were a mixed bunch of personalities. Though all four had warrior heritages.

But as he went about his studies at the senior academy, he felt more pressure to join the military after graduation. At first, he stayed the course, planning on following his father's path. But during his third year, he realized that the military was the ultimate defensive force, their resources and numbers allowing them to better protect the people than a huntsman ever could. While he would never disrespect huntsmen and huntresses or the work they do, he came to believe that joining the military would be a more beneficial use of his skills. Upon graduation, he joined the Atlesian military. At this point, the team broke up, half joining the military and the other half following the huntsmen's path.

After graduating, he immediately enlisted. After a couple of years, he distinguished himself as a skilled squad leader. He had considered becoming a specialist, but decided not to, being fine with where he was. Despite his personal issues with some of Atlas’ policies, he was a loyal soldier. It was during this time that he lost his leg.

About three years ago, he was part of an operation with another squad to raid a White Fang cell holed up in an old grocery store.. It should have been a routine operation. But the cell was more well-armed and prepared than they had known, Yuguren’s squad being met met with a prepared defense. The fighting moved outside the building and into the street. At the end, only four of twenty White Fang supporters were captured, and two members of Yuguren’s squad were killed. Despite their aggressive approach, many seemed to blame the White Fang members for the casualties.

But he couldn’t let it go. So many dead on such a simple raid. He couldn’t resolve how they had gotten to the point where diplomacy was failing and such constant violence was necessary to maintain the status quo. This led Yuguren to leave the military two years ago, becoming a huntsman and wandering the kingdoms. During this time, he learned more about the conflict between the White Fang and the kingdoms, as well as the general tension between humans and faunus.

He has recently traveled to Vale, wishing to assist with efforts to reclaim the city and possibly find leads on Adam Taurus and his allies.

Player Details
OOC: Damien13

Contact: PM for most contact. Different methods can be discussed in PM.

Other Characters: Cobalt Taibshe


Sample Post:

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 Posted: Apr 10 2017, 04:37 PM
Damien Member

Yuguren Okaze
Affiliation: Huntsman

Character Page: Here


Sutōmusupia and Yūgata no ame

Sutōmusupia is a semi-automatic rifle that transforms into a spear. It was formerly a bolt-action rifle with a hardlight spear point, but after leaving the Atlesian military, he modified it.

Yūgata no ame is a pistol with a blade underneath. It transforms into a sword. It uses special lightweight bullets.

Both weapons have a simple, practical design and are dark-grey in color. While in melee form, neither weapon can fire bullets.

He also has knives, explosives, and traps.


Storm Edge

Yuguren's semblance is to surround his weapons with wind. Typically, this is used to create shell of fast-moving wind, essentially increasing the sharpness of his weapons. He is able to launch this wind as an attack, either in the form of a slash attack or a dart from a thrust. If focused, Yuguren can slightly increase the length of his sword or spear by creating a mass of wind past the end of a weapon. The maximum length is 3 inches, but the extension requires greater focus to maintain.

This ability can be used on projectiles or improvised weapons.

Combat Abilities

List all of their battle abilities here using the following format.

- Assault
Using his spear and pistol, Yuguren will keep his opponent pressured with constant attacks. He will switch the grip on his spear and change his pistol into sword form or back again to keep his opponent as disadvantaged as possible. | Usable by Yuguren | solo ability | Basic

- Wind darts
Focusing wind around his blade, Yuguren lines up several throwing knives. With a swing of his sword, he coats the knives in wind, using the wind from his sword and the knives to increase their speed. | Usable by Yuguren | Solo ability | Basic

- Altered bomb
Using his semblance on certain types of explosives, he can increase or alter specific attributes:

  • Fragmentation: The shrapnel will fly with more force.
  • Fire: The flames will be focused in a sphere for a second before exploding out, the flames flying further and with more intensity than they normally would.
| Usable by Yuguren | Solo ability | Basic

- Suzume no arashi
Channeling his semblance into his pistol rounds, Yuguren unleashes most if not all of his magazine onto his foes in a tight cluster or clusters. The wind not only increases the power of the bullets, but the coatings will cause bullets to move around each other as their individual currents interact. | Usable by Yuguren | Solo ability | Advanced

- Harikēn shotto
This technique is mainly used when taking the first shot due to how difficult it is to set up. Overcharging a bullet in his rifle with aura, he fires at his target. As it leaves the barrel, a coating of particularly powerful wind surrounds the bullet, allowing it to do more damage and penetrate further than normal. While he is able to use it in combat, he needs cover or time to charge and line up the shot. | Usable by Yuguren | Solo ability | Advanced

template by saska for use only on world of remnant. do not reuse without permission.
† Saska
 Posted: Mar 9 2018, 01:15 AM
Saska Admin


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