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Welcome to World of Remnant. We are an AU, no-wordcount RWBY roleplay beginning at the conclusion of Volume 3. The Fall Maiden is dead, her powers in the hands of the enemy. Beacon Academy has fallen, and Vale is soon to fall itself. The Vytal Festival is a disaster; thousands dead, many more injured. Grimm populations are at an ever-present surplus. What dire circumstances has Remnant fallen prey to?

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 Sora Vyncent, Third Year, Team VRML
† Aya
 Posted: Feb 16 2017, 10:46 PM
Aya Admin
The Device
The Void of Darkness

Sora Vyncent
Birthplace: Mantle

Age: 18

Sex & Gender: Male; Male

Race: Faunus (Axolotl)

Affiliation: Shade Academy, Third Year

Physical Details:

Sora has no physical signs of being a faunus like his mother. However, he able to regenerate skin cells at a faster rate than humans due to his Axolotl blood. He stands at five feet and eleven inches tall and his shoulders are somewhat stocky. He has short, brown messy hair and clips on his ears of feathers a reminder that he looking for someone. He has emerald eyes. He does have some scaring on his torso from his burns.

+ Loyal
+ Athletic
+ Energetic
+ Good-Natured
+ Playful
+ Passionate
+ Open
+ Tough

+ Procrastinator
+ Gullible
+ Skeptical
+ impulsive
+ Naive
+ Clumsy
+ Stubborn
+ Casual


Sora was born to a high middle class man that worked for the Schnee Dust Company and his wife who at the time he didn't know was a faunus. She had came from Vacuo sometime before and became a doctor within Mantle where to two fell in love and him without know what she was. It was easy for the woman to hide her faunus trait and after years of being together she come to realize just how much if she did tell him that it would hurt him. The couple was in a ten year relationship when their only child was born. A male and his father was happy for it.

Sora grew up happy with toys and friends with his parents. He always had a smile on his face. It was when he was five and his father was assign a task for SDC in Mistral that would impacted him for years to come. His father decided to take both him and his mother with him to Mistral for the business trip there. One day while there was there Sora saw someone on the ground and they seemed hurt. He broke away from his parents and went over to her. He asked her what her name was and when he saw a look as if she didn't have one. He told her his own name has he started to into making a splint for her arm. He had seen his mother do it a number of times at her clinic. When she admitted she didn't have one he smiled more.

"Then I'll just have to give you one! How about.... Holly! Because your hair is red, like the berries on a holly tree." He laughed slightly when he offered her a real name for herself and she accepted it. Before he could help her any further his father grabbed his wrist and pulled him away from her.

Back in their room he was scolded and hit across his face for helping someone like her. He wasn't sure why helping someone was wrong and went he looked to his mother all she could do was cast her own eyes down and offering him no reason herself.

For years he grew up with remembering the name Holly, but the image of her face slowly faded from his memory has he grew older. He decided to go into Helios and be a hunter. Maybe just maybe if he could fight he could go back and look for her in Mistral. Both his parents didn't think nothing of it has he wanted to learn to become a hunter and neither didn't question him either. So for the next four years of his life he went and trained with his new friends there. He wasn't a team leader then. During his last mission has a fourth student something happened to changed his life.

Sora was badly burned on his torso and required medical treatments. His mother didn't know if her son was faunus or human like she was. He had never been this badly hurt to tell. Only days into his treatment his skin was already regenerating quicker than any another human would. His father ordered a blood test on both his son and wife. His mother refused the test telling her husband everything. That night, he threw out both her and their son from their home leaving them with nowhere to go.

His mother heartbroken over the fact that her love couldn't over look this decided once Sora was healed to moved to Vacuo. She told him everything that happened and what he was. He was confused and hurt by not knowing all his life, but he smiled and forgave his mother. He decided than to continue his education at Shade telling her he wanted to find the girl name Holly in Mistral.

When he was accepted into Shade he was placed on SRPH and gave the position has its leader. A role that he is still finding himself somewhat awkward in. He also met someone name Holly on his team which he found funny, but he has yet to place exactly who she is. During their first year they decided to stay back and watch the tournament from the stream.

Player Details
OOC: Aya

Contact: pm

Other Characters: Too many to count

Notes: Sora means sky; Team Leader of SRPH

Sample Post:

template by saska for use only on world of remnant. do not reuse without permission.
† Aya
 Posted: Feb 19 2017, 04:35 PM
Aya Admin
The Device
The Void of Darkness

Sora Vyncent
Affiliation: Shade Academy; Second Year

Character Page: Here


Languid Sword:
Languid is a great sword that can be pulled a part for Sora to dual wield it. The two blades of the different swords meet at the tip. The middle section where the blades meet are reinforce steel to take the impact of heavy attacks better, as well has holding several dust compartments. Sora pulls them apart to make two swords, or he can connect the handles of the blades and double bladed lance. Its last form doubles has two double SMG guns and short swords. While he has them in sword form the blades can bend backwards and become two make two short swords. His guns will only work during its SMG gun form.


Gotz Bonez:
Sora is able to manipulate the calcium around him and others within twenty feet of him. He drops it to his body and forms body armor around himself. He unable for it to take complete shape over his body just yet has it takes too much of his energy. The armor when used looks like bone around him, however it would take a bit of heavy attacks or something to crack the shell of his semblance. He able to cast the bone armor on his allies for less time than he could himself. He able to hold the armor on him for five posts or on his alley for only two posts. He has to make contact with his allies in order for him to cast on them. He can shift the bone around his body where he needs it, but cannot when his allies are wearing it. He can at most cover an arm and his chest. When he activates the semblance the calcium is taking from the environment it does not from animals, faunus, or humans. However, when he is in range of grimm it can decrease the bone armor they have by ten percent allowing for less attacks to break their bone plates.

Combat Abilities

None for now.
template by saska for use only on world of remnant. do not reuse without permission.

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