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 Uvaro Vanta, First Year, Team DUSK
 Posted: Apr 12 2018, 11:14 PM
Raikask Member

Uvaro Vanta
Birthplace: Vacuo

Age: 17

Sex & Gender: Male, Male

Race: Firefly Faunus

Affiliation: First Year, Shade Academy

Physical Details:

    Uvaro stands at 6'3'', his body being a middle ground between agile and muscular. He has jet black hair that contrasts against his golden-amber eyes. At his neck down to his collarbone and upper chest, his skin is slightly less opaque than the parts that surround it. While not transparent enough to show any internal parts of his body, there are special organs underneath that produce light. This light production is his Faunus trait, and while the light is difficult to notice in bright areas, the glow is quite noticeable in the dark.

    Uvaro dresses to impress, ready to show off to everyone around him. Around the parts of his body where he can emit light, his clothes are purposefully thin so that the light can be easy to see. He dresses largely in black, clothes tending to have intricate trim in reds, oranges, and yellows to simulate the look of fire. He wears a long, slim-fitting cloak over a firey coloured vest, many unnecessary gold buttons strewn across them. He wears yellow gloves with black studs on the knuckles that form small spikes.


    Uvaro is an incredibly flashy individual, loving to be over the top with everything he does. He sees himself as a huge deal and strives to be the center of attention wherever he goes. He is bold and social, never afraid of crowds or expressing himself. This can lead to issues whenever he offers an opinion that goes against what is generally accepted as his boldness makes him perfectly fine with expressing it. The biggest point of it would be his support of White Fang actions, as while he isn't a member himself he does agree that their more violent actions are justified by the prejudice against Faunus in many areas. Uvaro has a difficult time with not being noticed, having a fairly large ego which builds something of a need to be noticed. He can get easily irritated and annoyed when he is ignored, becoming more aggressive and assertive as a result. When he does get the attention he wants he is much more pleasant, though he can still be rather domineering.

    He isn't without his share of insecurities, and while the major one is a lack of ability to be okay with not being the center of attention, he fears not being important. He's paranoid that the moment he stops making himself known to those around him that he'll end up abandoned or forgotten. He hardly cares whether or not the attention he gets is positive or negative, just that he's receiving it.


    Uvaro's parents were poor before he was born, having a sizeable chunk of land to their name, but it was so desolate and barren that there was next to no value to it. However, prospectors came around and revealed to the Vantas that there was probably a huge deposit of rare dust under their property, and they paid the family a huge sum in order to acquire the land. Not being ones to refuse, the Vantas accepted the deal and moved to a larger city with their wealth.

    Now that they had funds, the Vantas worked on following arts careers, his father settling down as a writer and his mother an artist. They found success with their careers, and with their revenue, the money didn't seem to be disappearing any time soon. They decided to have a child, that childing being Uvaro. He was always pampered as a kid, and with the money behind the family name he often got what he wanted and was never behind on technology. He got a lot of attention from other kids both because of all the cool stuff he showed off a well as his ability to glow in the dark.

    At the age of seven, his parents had their second child, a girl they named Maline. With the amount of attention a baby needed, Uvaro found himself receiving less and less of his parent's time. Not used to being denied what he wanted, he began to act out to get their attention even if it was because of his bad behavior. He certainly got the attention he wanted, but his parents were growing weary of having to constantly deal with his antics. He'd be sent outside to play with other kids, and needing the attention from somewhere Uvaro would end up showing off more and more to the other kids.

    While hanging out with other kids, they would often pretend to be huntsmen and talk about all the cool things they did. Uvaro fell in love with the idea of being a huntsman, the spotlight they received and the adoration others felt for them were extremely tempting, and with that mentality, he started to dedicate himself to that goal. At the time, that was simply taking their play more seriously and eventually started some trouble as he didn't hold back on any of the attacks they pretended to do, actually hurting a few of the other kids. He didn't really care all that much about hurting the other kids though, all he really cared about was reaching his goal.

    By age thirteen, he had gotten his parents to hire a personal trainer, having used the service for two years prior. He had commissioned an outfit to be made, keeping the designer's contact in case he grew enough that he needed it resized. With his outfit made, he was ready to go off to Shadow for the junior years. He was still upset with his family for having ignored him when his sister came around, resenting Maline as well. He had largely shut himself off from his family, and he saw Shadow as a way to get away from them and be on his own. Of course, he'd still use his family's money to get what he wanted, but beyond that, he hardly cared for the rest of his family.

    It was clear from the first year at Shadow that he wasn't there for anything more than getting his name out there. He took studies seriously despite this, after all he couldn't show off his grades if they weren't good. He was a high achiever, even if it was due to his selfishness, and he showed promise in combat.

    The biggest event that happened at Shadow involving him was a fist-fight between him and another student in his first year. He had noticed some humans picking on another Faunus, and a part of him simply snapped. He was aware of racial tensions, but he never really saw it in action until then. It just felt petty and disgusting, and no one around seemed to be doing anything. So, he simply came up behind the group and punched the person who looked like the leader right in the back of the head. This lead to him getting surrounded by the human's friends, a small circle for them to fight in. Staff showed up a few minutes later to break up the fight, but by then they were both bloodied a fair bit. He was scolded for starting a fight, and while it was noted that his intention was good they still condemned the use of violence in the situation. The staff member doing the scolding was human as well, something that bugged Uvaro even more.

    It didn't take long for word to get around about the fight, and despite the fact that he was told not to start fights, he'd be vigilant wherever he went in the school to try and find any more people picking on Faunus simply for what they were. He got into a few more fights thereafter, but those tended to dissolve before staff got involved. He steadily grew a resentment towards humans and felt that the only way to get them to stop was through force. He found himself sympathizing with White Fang mentality, feeling that what they were doing was simply their duty as protectors of Faunus.

    When the fall of beacon occurred, Uvaro was a very contrary voice in the crowd. He felt it was justice being enacted on the humans of the academy, turning a blind eye to the rest of the transgressions committed as a result. If anything, the incident grew his admiration for the White Fang, seeing how immense an impact the group could have on the world reinforcing his 'might makes right' mentality.

    The Faunus Rights Anniversary was something that, despite his convictions, Uvaro didn't assosiate himself with much. He saw it as some hippy-dippy love fest that didn't really do anything about the situation. It was an empty shell of an action that meant nothing in his eyes, and as a result he simply ignored its existance.

Player Details
OOC: RaiKask

Contact: PMs here and Discord

Other Characters: Gresian Alizarin, Mikado Huoyan

Notes: Uvaro is derrived from uvarovite, Vanta is from a substance known as Vantablack, an extremely dark substance. His sister, Maline, is named after tourmaline.

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Not the first.
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