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Welcome to World of Remnant. We are an AU, no-wordcount RWBY roleplay beginning at the conclusion of Volume 3. The Fall Maiden is dead, her powers in the hands of the enemy. Beacon Academy has fallen, and Vale is soon to fall itself. The Vytal Festival is a disaster; thousands dead, many more injured. Grimm populations are at an ever-present surplus. What dire circumstances has Remnant fallen prey to?

03.10.17: Due to a lack of their usage, we've removed the update boxes, and we will be returning to old style updates for the time being! We've also removed our Twitter button and our Facebook button as our Twitter and Facebook pages are rarely used.

02.10.17: STAFF SEARCH has been added! We're looking for up to 3 new staff members to prepare for the influx coming into Volume 5, so be prepared for that! We need all hands on deck to get a few systems going before the volume starts, as we'll be making some changes to combat abilities and combat apps, so stay tuned!

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 Frequently Asked Questions, Read here first!
† Narrator
 Posted: Jul 31 2016, 10:04 PM
Narrator Admin


What teams have open spots?
Check the Team Listing. It's all there. For available canons, check the Available Canons list.

Can we play Android characters (like Penny) here?
Yes. Please refer to the Races section of our Lore thread.

Are Maidens open for play?
Yes. Details can be found in the Lore Thread on Maidens.

Can we play silver-eyed warriors here?
Yes. Please refer to the Lore Thread for further details.

Is (idea) taken as a Semblance?
Check the Semblance List.

Do I register with my character account, or my OOC account?
Information regarding accounts can be found in the Rules.

How can I link my IC and OOC accounts?
This is done via Jcink's Sub-Account features. Details, as well as how to link accounts, can be found here.

Where can I post work-in-progress applications?
You may post these in the Test Board. Combat applications have their own denoted work-in-progress forum.

Do I have to post somewhere when my application is complete?
No. A staff member will get to it when we have time. (Remember, we're members too, and we have lives!)

Do I have to have a picture / face claim for my character.
Yes. Face claims are mandatory for characters. Further information can be found in the site rules.

Can we use western animation as face claims
These sorts of things are handled on a case-by-case basis. So long as the animation style is similar or close to the style of RWBY -- for example, Legend of Korra or Avatar: The Last Airbender are western animations with acceptable styles -- then we will allow it. However, animation styles that are vastly different -- ex. Steven Universe, Adventure Time -- will not be allowed. If you are not sure whether a certain animation style will be allowed, please PM a staff member with the FC you'd like to use and we'll let you know either way!

Can I post my combat application before my regular application is accepted (or complete)?
Absolutely! However, keep in mind that we will prioritize characters with accepted regular applications for review over those who are still working on regular applications (and, subsequently, we will prioritize regular applications over combat applications).

Can I post IC before my combat application is accepted?
Yes. However, you may not participate in any combat-related threads.

When are Activity Checks held?
Ideally, Activity Checks will never have to be held, because members will be active. However, we do not have any regular system as to when an AC will be held; they can happen, very literally, at any time. (As a rule of thumb, there will be a minimum of 1 month between checks). This is why it is absolutely imperative that you keep up with absent threads if you are going to be gone. We do not ask a lot in terms of activity; however, if you miss a check and do not have an absent thread up, then we are not responsible for you missing a check.

Why is IMGUR not allowed as a host?
Because hotlinking is against Imgur's ToS, and they have begun blacklisting sites that have used their images for hotlinking. As a result of this, to prevent broken images, we ask that Imgur is not used as an image host for any of your hosting needs. We recommend UltraIMG, Postimage, Tinypic, or Photobucket as alternative hosts.

Are post templates required?
Nope. We do have a default, BBCode template available for use if you do not wish to deal with post templates. However, if you choose not to use a post template (or choose to use the default one), we ask that in the event you choose to distinguish any dialogue text or character thoughts that it be done via bold or italics, NOT coloured text. This is to ensure readability on all skins.

Where can I find post templates?
Resource sites such as Shine, Shadowplay, Caution To The Wind, Out Of Control, Below The Sun, Back To Neverland, or other resources will have what you're looking for.

I found a post template I like. Can someone help edit it?
Saska can help! You can send her a PM regarding it.

Is having watched RWBY a requirement?
Yes and no. Our plot is set in an AU after the conclusion of Volume 3, with some changes. As a result, much of our site events revolve around the events in the show up to that point, so it is highly recommended that you have watched it, or at the very least have read a synopsis of the story.

Can Faunus have more than one animal trait?
It is canonically noted that Faunus only possess one physical trait of their animal (i.e. Blake's ears, Sun and Neon's tails). They may, however, have other minor behavioural traits (i.e. Sun likes bananas, Blake likes tuna and hates dogs, etc). Please try to keep these traits within reason, however (i.e. 'feral faunus' are not likely to be a thing).

How long ago did the Faunus Rights Revolution / Faunus War occur?
The Faunus Rights revolution began 23 years ago and ended 20 years ago, so it is noted to have happened 'approximately 20 years ago' in most cases. To be more accurate, the 20th anniversary of the Battle of Fort Castle will be happening this upcoming September IC, conciding with the upcoming Vytal Festival.

What year would my character be, based on being (x) years older/younger than the canon teams?
Currently, most of the canon teams -- i.e. RWBY, JNPR, SSSN, etc -- are third-year students. Our current year and IC month is listed in the Plot Thread.

Can my character have been ahead/behind a year in graduating/with their team/etc, like Ruby?
ONLY IF IT MAKES SENSE. In other words, characters need to have a solid reason to have been ahead or behind a year. We recommend with these kinds of changes that you really think through the kind of effect that may have on your character, and whether it is really a key element to their characterization or not before considering it.

Are there any limitations to number of character(s) a person can play on the site?
There are no set limitations. However, we ask you to consider your activity levels when joining and, as a rule of thumb, only take as many characters as you can keep up with. For example, if you have five characters and only two of them are active, then it may be better to reconsider the other three characters, either by changing them so they can have more activity, or by dropping them altogether. This includes canons as well. Major canons or roles, such as headmasters/headmistresses, Maidens, or Silver Valkyries will be handled on a case-by-case basis; however, it is expected that by holding such a role that you as a player will be active.

Are there any limitations as to what I can make first?
Yes and no. While most canons can be made as your first character, certain ones can't be. If a character has 'CONTACT STAFF' under their name in the team listing, it's mostly likely one of those special few. If it doesn't have that under there name, you're good to go. Just make sure to reserve it!

How many combat abilities can my character have?
Check the Combat Abilities thread.

Have you thought about a Discord Server?
The staff is aware of Discord, and it is a utility we will be looking into at a later date. As things stand right now, we have a few higher priorities and simply don't have the time to do it right now. If we decide to incorporate Discord in some fashion, the staff will set it up, that way we know the ins and outs of the server. Offers to set one up for us are appreciated, but the staff will do it when and if we make the decision to explore this option.

How can I request a thread to be archived?
Please PM a staff member with a link to the thread in question and where you would like it moved to (completed or dead thread).


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