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 Face Claims
 Posted: Dec 9 2014, 05:20 AM
Narrator Staff


    - Your face will not be marked as CLAIMED until your application is accepted. You may RESERVE them until such time.

    - ALL CLAIMS AND RESERVES MUST BE POSTED INSIDE CODE ( [*code] [/code*] ) TAGS. They will not be added to the list otherwise.

    - Reservations last 7 days unless otherwise noted by staff.

A - F

Ahri from League of Legends portrays Sevati Kitsune
Aisha - Dimension Witch from Elsword portrays Vi Iris
Aisha - Elemental Master from Elsword portrays Aveline Iris
Aisha - Void Princess from Elsword portrays Una Iris
Akatsuki from Log Horizon portrays Haru Rairakku
Alicia Rue from Sword Art Online portrays Enya Rossi
Alisha Diphda from Tales of Zestiria portrays Sorcha Ferro
Anna from Fire Emblem: Series portrays Nerys Steel
Apollo Alto from Saffuran OC portrays Apollo Alto
Arawn from Tears to Tiara portrays Bastian Steel
Archer (Emiya) from Fate/Stay Night portrays Shirou Hakudo
Archer of Red (Atalanta) from Fate/Apocrypha portrays Eshne Rossi
Asako Natsume from My Little Monster portrays Selene Silvanus
Assassin of Black (Jack the Ripper) from Fate series portrays Nyx Sable
Belarus from Hetalia portrays Verena Schnee
Blair from Soul Eater portrays Catalina Catenary
Cent from Drakengard 3 portrays Alastor Steel
Claire "Lightning" Farron from Final Fantasy portrays Aiuya Mitsukai
Corrin (Female) from Fire Emblem Fates portrays Neysa Zilar
Daiki Aomine from Kuroko no Basuke portrays Navy Thomas
Darkness from KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! portrays Rosela Gwynn
Edna from Tales of Zestiria portrays Aurora Solis
Einhart Stratos from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid portrays Aoi Vanderberg
Eizen from Tales of Berseria portrays Orik Solis
Eleanor Hume from Tales of Berseria portrays Sophia Rooiakker
Elesis from Elsword portrays Sol Pyralis
Elize Lutus from Tales of Xillia portrays Meoquanee Braith
Emil Castagnier from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World portrays Orchida Caen
Female Protagonist from Persona 3 portrays Lali Chanda
Ferid Bathory from Owari no Seraph portrays Argentum Lingua
Ferris Eris from Legend of the Legendary Heroes portrays Caroline Palladino

G - K

Gildarts Clive from Fairy Tail portrays Robert Flamel
Gladiolus from Final Fantasy XV portrays Dane Shepherd
Guy Cecil from Tales of the Abyss portrays Maverick Voel
Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere portrays Anise Rosemary
Hinahoho from Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic portrays Celadon Makinui
Hinata Hyuga from Naruto portrays Eira Wyn
Hotaru Tachibana from Aoharu x Kikanjuu portrays Chloe Arpad
Hyuse from World Trigger portrays Galen Cole
Ignis from Jingai Makyo: Chaos Gate portrays Seraphina Rosales
Ikaros from Sora no Otoshimono portrays Faida Ophir
Io from Phantasy Star Online 2 portrays Meilin Wu
Jibril from No Game No Life portrays Iona Ophir
Kagura from Gintama portrays Soren Ayano
Kamui Gakupo from Vocaloids portrays Hron Ugni
Kazuma Mikura from Air Gear portrays Stirling Thistle
Keaton from Fire Emblem: Fates portrays Galvin Gilford
Keith from Voltron: Legendary Defender portrays Lei Broderick
Kodaka Hasegawa from I Have Few Friends portrays Hale Flax
Kuro from Servamp portrays Mystel Gray
Kurogane from Tsubasa Chronicles portrays Kurogane Neel

L - P

Lan Fan from FullMetal Alchemist portrays Daiyu Taiji
Lance from Voltron: Legendary Defender portrays Tau Neel
Lancer (Cú Chulainn) from Fate/Stay Night portrays Cóbalt Taibshe
Lancer (Diarmuid Ua Duibhne) from Fate/Zero portrays Nero Argyle
Lancer (Scathach) from Fate/Grand Order portrays Rosemarie Quicksilver
Laphicet from Tales of Berseria portrays Cephas Braith
Lawless from Servamp portrays Bruin Pendragon
Lilly Satou from Katawa Shoujo portrays Ariela Gwynn
Ling Yao from Fullmetal Alchemist portrays Sable Blazon
Luciela R. Sourcream from Elsword portrays Nihil Omnia
Lucy/Nyu from Elfen Lied portrays Akira Tsuan
Lumina from Final Fantasy portrays Hana Mitsukai
Mako from Legend of Korra portrays Lior Dawon
Marta Lualdi from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World portrays Aislinn Ferro
Mary from Ib portrays Khryseis Argos
Magilou from Tales of Berseria portrays Fionna Braith
Mayu from Vocaloid portrays Yvette Lefebvre
Micaiah from Fire Emblem portrays Sierra Knight
Mikleo from Tales of Zestiria portrays Kori Hashimoto
Milla Maxwell from Tales of Xillia portrays Ailia Reist
Mion/Shion Sonozaki from When They Cry portrays Kayla Avalone
Mitsuru Kirijo from Persona 3 portrays Regina Hartman
Mordred from Fate/Grand Order portrays Estrela Gwynn
Najenda from Akame ga Kill portrays Malvolia Bandoni
Nanana Ryūgajō from Nanana's Buried Treasure portrays Violet Nakamatsu
Nekojo from Monster Hunter Generations portrays Lydia Bandoni
Noctis Lucis Caelum from Final Fantasy portrays Kiyoshi Fenrir
Noel Vermillion from BlazBlue portrays Irene Xanthe
Octavia from Tears to Tiara portrays Elena Tanzer
Pidge Gunderson (Katie Holt) from Voltron: Legendary Defenders portrays Hayden Olmos
Portgas D. Ace from One Piece portrays Jet Mau

Q - T

Re-L Mayer from Ergo Proxy portrays Davina Rosenfeld
Rin Matsuoka from Free! portrays Nereus Corcair
Riza Hawkeye from Fullmetal Alchemist portrays Griselda Aquilina
Rom from Show by Rock!! portrays Orel Rimmer
Rose from Tales of Zestiria portrays Holly Roux
Ryner Lute from Legend of the Legendary Heroes portrays Keith Alcaues
Ryohei Sasafawa from Reborn portrays Lucius Bandonil
Saber Archetype from Fate/Prototype portrays Tsela Gwynn
Saber Arturia/Nero from Fate series portrays Cassiela Gwynn
Sakura Haruno from Naruto portrays Amisi Farren
Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura portrays Sakura Watanabe
Samidare from KanColle portrays Finola Faust
Saruhiko Fushimi from K Project portrays Viridian Zerua
Serah Farron from Final Fantasy portrays Delphine Kontos
SeeU from Vocaloid portrays Ileana Stavros
Sefia from Brave Frontier portrays Blanc Slate
Seven/707 from Mystic Messenger portrays Rohan Todd
Shaiapouf from Hunter x Hunter portrays Dakota Caelestis
Shana from Shakugan no Shana portrays Phoenix Dawn
Sharrkan from Magi: The Magical Labyrinth portrays Gahiji Lilac
Shinoa Hiragi from Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign portrays Rue Meadows
Shiro from Voltron: Legendary Defender portrays Vaughn Ironwood
Shuichi Saihara from Danganronpa v3: Killing Harmony portrays Nigel Yorke
Shuuya Kano from Kagerou Project portrays Leif Reinforrest
Signum from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's portrays Lyra Fos
Sinbad from Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic portrays Shiraz Saffron
Sinon from SAO: ALO portrays Ava Llyn
Sinon from SAO: GGO portrays Ziva Llyn
Sombra from Overwatch portrays Mirrah Abano
Sorey from Tales of Zestiria portrays Sora Vyncent
Sunako Kirishiki from Shiki portrays Shaanti Ashen
Syaoran (Clone) from Tsubasa: Tokyo Revelations portrays Reflejo Jin Se
Syaoran (Tsubasa) from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles portrays Syaoran Jin Se
Taguel F Morgan from Fire Emblem Awakening portrays Rosetta Stone
Takeshi Yamamoto from Reborn portrays Gillis Neel
Taroutachi from Touken Ranbu portrays Yoru Quicksilver
Tiki from Fire Emblem/TMS#FE portrays Flora Fields

U - Z

Vash the Stampede from Trigun portrays Ulrich Reinheart
Velouria from Fire Emblem: Fates portrays Ephedra Radolf
Velvet Crowe from Tales of Berseria portrays Starling Gales
Viral from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann portrays Ringo Masamune
William from Nioh portrays Fallow Maddox
Xing Chen (Stardust) from Vocaloid portrays Camellia Gerhardt
Yamuraiha from Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic portrays Naia Cernunnos
Yaya from Unbreakable Machine Doll portrays Arya Quicksilver
Yello from Pokémon portrays Argent Arc
Yona from Akatsuki no Yona portrays Kalika Rydia
Yoshino from Date a Live portrays Mana Oakura
Yousuke Hanamura from Persona 4 portrays Natt Ahlberg
Yukine from Noragami portrays Li Kynn
Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesperia portrays Tauphe Maddox
Yuri Seo (Ranger) from Closers: Dimensional Conflict portrays Bexley Varndell
Zelos Wilder from Tales of Symphonia portrays Nikolai Stahl



[*code][i]Claim Name[/i] from [b]Series[/b] portrays [temptitle]Character Name[/temptitle][*/code]


[*code][i]Claim Name[/i] from [b]Series[/b] is reserved for [temptitle]OOC Name[/temptitle] until [temptitle]The date 7 days from now[/temptitle][*/code]

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Welcome to World of Remnant. We are an AU, no-wordcount RWBY roleplay beginning at the conclusion of Volume 3. The Fall Maiden is dead, her powers in the hands of the enemy. Beacon Academy has fallen, and Vale is soon to fall itself. The Vytal Festival is a disaster; thousands dead, many more injured. Grimm populations are at an ever-present surplus. What dire circumstances has Remnant fallen prey to?

23.12.16 Happy Holidays from all of the staff here at World of Remnant! We'd like to thank everyone here for supporting us. We're nearly 30 members strong and nearly a year old, and the best RWBY roleplay site out there! As 2016 nears an end and Vol 4 reaches its halfway point hopefully we can keep this momentum going forward! Stay tuned as the staff will have some stocking stuffers for everyone in the near future.

13.12.16 Salutations! As many of you are well aware a BIG update launched Sunday. A major event, a mini event, a new continent is opening up to be explored, and a lot of lore has been expanded upon. You can read all about it in the 6th edition of our Newsletter. For those of you who have read it already, I've added a couple of things today so give it a second look.

06.12.16: Hey guys! We're coming to you with a small update from the staff desk regarding pending applications. As you know, we have been VERY bogged down with applications, so we are making a slight change to how things are going to work. From now on, all members are limited to ONE pending application at a time, as opposed to the previous allowance of two. This is to help lighten our work load as staff and allow us to get other work that has fallen by the wayside completed. We know you are all excited for new things, but we as staff need time to get things done as well!

Secondly, players who have more than 3 characters must wait a minimum of 3 days between posting new character applications. Players with more than 5 characters must wait a week between applications. This is to space things out a bit and allow us to streamline the app process so we aren't daunted with 5 or more applications to review per day.

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