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    World of Remnant is an AU, post-Volume 3 roleplay. Opened in February of 2016, World of Remnant diverges from the Volume 3 storyline around the Fall of Beacon, with storyline changes that drive our site in a different direction. We constantly update with new canons as they are revealed in the RWBY series, as well as lore updates as we learn more about Remnant's world. We boast an expanded lore and a dedicated administrative team that gives depth to Remnant for a roleplay perspective.

    With an 18+ community, World of Remnant boasts an atmosphere of 'quality over quantity' in our apps, posts, and plots; we have no word count, though it is expected that members will post healthy and thorough posts without being locked down by the dreaded 'word count' of their post. With a simplified combat system that uses no stats, World of Remnant remains a story-focused, alternate-universe timeline with RWBY canons and a plethora of original characters.

    06.16.2018: We've added more than a few new things as of the past day or so! Make sure you check out the Advertising Contest, and while you're at it, take a look at our latest Site Newsletter. The newsletter has a lot of information that was added, so if you haven't checked it out, make sure you do so you're up to date on things!

    06.07.2018: After much long and arduous work, World of Remnant has finally revealed its newest skin, called Let's Just Live. The new skin is part of a fresher, more advanced layout compared to our old layout, while still retaining the readability and contrast our other layouts were well-known for. There are three more skins planned for the next series: This Life Is Mine, featuring Weiss Schnee, Like Morning Follows Night featuring Blake, and Armed And Ready featuring Yang. We do not have any tentative release dates for these upcoming skins, but stay tuned for them regardless!

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    Remnant's current month is
    The second term has begun at all academies, and after a short break between terms, students are gearing up to attend the 41st Vytal Festival. This year, it is hosted on the neutral island of Vytal, as opposed to being hosted in one of the four Kingdoms.
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    Site skin and graphics created by Saska exclusively for use on World of Remnant. Any unauthorized re-use or distribution is strictly prohibited. JQuery tabbed code and toggle cbox code by Kismet.

    RWBY universe belongs to Monty Oum and the team at RoosterTeeth Productions. All original characters belong to their respective owners.

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† Saska
 Posted on: Jun 16 2018, 01:30 AM
Hello members of WOR! It's been a while since our last newsletter, and we've recently undergone a number of changes that we figured should be announced in one nice big newsletter for everyone. Without further ado, here we are!
Rule Updates & Changes
Team Assignments has undergone a small change. Below, you will find the new rule:
11:Team Assignments. Team assignments are conducted in two ways: you have the choice of making your own team, or joining an existing team. If you choose to make your own team, you must decide your character's team name in the application. (If you change your mind later, you're free to request it to be changed). Staff recommends joining existing teams for quicker plots. However, when joining an existing team, please make sure to contact the current member(s) of the team in case there is anything you need to know.

The changes are as follows: we have completely done away with the staff sorting for a number of reasons. One, we want to encourage new players to creatively make their own team or join an existing team, rather than relying on staff to sort them into a team or create a team for them, and two, it's a little workload off the staff and streamlines everything for everyone. As well, we noticed that at times new player(s) would want to join an existing team, but wouldn't bother to contact the member(s) of that team to make sure everything lined up (or even to ask if the spot was available). As a result of a few complaints, we've made it mandatory that you contact member(s) of that team before you join. Thus, going forward, if a new member (or an existing one) makes a character for a team and you and the other members have NOT been contacted, feel free to inform a staff member and we will handle it accordingly!
Discord Server!
Though it's been up for a while, we're finally proud to announce that we have officially transitioned fully to a Discord server in place of our cbox. While we will miss our Cbox Pro, with the addition of our WidgetBot to create an embed on-site that functions sleek and smooth like Discord, we've finally cancelled our original Cbox Pro. The patron fees for the WidgetBot in order to get the embed where we can chat and, once it's implemented, log-in directly from the WidgetBot are significantly cheaper than our Cbox Pro subscription, which is why this route was chosen. We will, however, still retain our Cbox Pro for in-character chats, and may add more IC channels to it in the future. Thus far, the usage of the Discord server has improved communication and plotting between members, which is what we wanted to see!
New Layout!
That's right, as many of you have noticed, we've got an entire new layout! Saska spent months slaving away in the background to design the new layout, We've gone with a more modernized and sleeker design, and it's certainly a much darker skin, even compared to our original Red Like Roses skin. That doesn't stop there, however -- look forward to our This Life Is Mine layout featuring Weiss, a Like Morning Follows Night layout for Blake, and an Armed and Ready layout for Yang! This Life Is Mine is currently in progress, and the other three will be coming in the future. We do not have any tentative release dates for them.

With the new layout comes some added features: we've retained the static navigation that we had previously, allowing you to navigate around the forum and where you've gone a little easier. We switched the top login to a static section as well, as opposed to on the banner as previously, but the ultimate change was the removal of our sidebar. This gives our forum a lot more space in terms of width, and allows us to keep the information we need compacted right down into the newly-added carousel banner. We've added some wanted canons as well, which thus far has brought us in quite a few of our needed roles!

Staff Team Changes
New Staff: We should have announced this a long time ago, but we would like to give a hearty, albeit belated, welcome to our new staff members. Fireseeker has stepped up to the plate as our Application Admin in Mary's wake, with Sunkruhm and Allison jumping on the wagon as application moderators to help out. Lastly, we've brought in Fritsle as our update moderator, leaving him to update lists and keep things up to date. Finally, Aya has taken a bit broader of a role as our Community Admin, handling general questions, directing members, advertising, updating, and that sort of coordination.

Finally, we would like to give Mary a belated farewell as she has taken her leave from the site. We wish her well in her future endeavours, and hope that we get to see her rainbow-shimmering yuri-shipping presence again in the future. Mary did a significant amount of work over the time she was present on World of Remnant, and she will remain an unforgettable, loyal player in our community.

Events: IC
Vytal Festival: The first event we have to announce is the long-awaited Vytal Festival! With another six-month time skip added to our timeline, as we've been sitting in the same few months for quite a while, we've moved on to the details of the 41st Vytal Festival. Thus far, the details are as follows: the Festival will be taking place directly on the island of Vytal, which is neutral territory for all kingdoms, and will not be hosted directly in one particular kingdom. All character(s) will be allowed to attend the Vytal Festival, including those from the Junior Academies. As the festival gets settled, we will announce the mini-event known as the Vytal Ball, which you will remember from the 40th Vytal Festival!

Vytal Tournament: As we all know, tournaments are difficult to run, and we want to keep the original heart of the Vytal Festival. However, we will be adding a number of different aspects to the Vytal Tournament this time around, which are as follows:

  • The Vytal Tournamnent will include team (4v4) rounds, but they will not be handled in-character as threads. It will be assumed that when we begin the tournament portion of the festival that all character(s) who participate will have passed the 4v4 rounds. From there, we will move into the 2v2 and 1v1 rounds.
  • There will be three brackets for characters: the Junior Bracket, Senior Bracket, and Graduate Bracket. They are as they appear; the Junior Bracket will be students from junior academies, the Senior Bracket from senior academies, and the Graduate Bracket will be graduates competing. In the Junior and Senior brackets, character(s) must participate with their team; however, in the Graduates Bracket, there will be no 4v4 rounds, and will only be 2v2 and 1v1 rounds, and participants are not required to participate with their teams.
  • Junior Students may compete in the Senior Bracket if they choose to do so. Juniors and Seniors, however, may not compete in the Graduate Bracket.
  • There will also be an Exhibition Bracket, which will include 2v2 and 1v1 rounds. This can be juniors versus seniors, juniors versus graduates -- anything goes in these brackets!
  • Non-Graduates may participate in the Vytal Tournament, but only as part of the Graduate Bracket.
  • More specific details will be added when we officially open the Vytal Tournament, so stay tuned for those details. (Please avoid asking questions about these further details, we will reveal them when the tournament is officially open).

Events: OOC
Advertising Contest: That's right, we've put up another Advertising Contest! With new people having joined that have yet to see any of our ad contests, we figured it was high time to catch the summer rush. Some prizes have changed, as we have done away with our Cbox and moved to Discord, but they are still there in a similar fashion!

Podcast: Though we apologize for the short notice, we will be having another one of our famed live podcasts from the staff team! This podcast will be hosted differently, as we will be hosting it LIVE IN DISCORD as opposed to over Twitch like previously. We will also have a Podcast Chat channel set up (similar to our Podcast Chat) where we will have a live-streaming text chat for participants. We may also bring in some other interesting things...


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