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Welcome to World of Remnant. We are an AU, no-wordcount RWBY roleplay beginning at the conclusion of Volume 3. The Fall Maiden is dead, her powers in the hands of the enemy. Beacon Academy has fallen, and Vale is soon to fall itself. The Vytal Festival is a disaster; thousands dead, many more injured. Grimm populations are at an ever-present surplus. What dire circumstances has Remnant fallen prey to?

03.10.17: Due to a lack of their usage, we've removed the update boxes, and we will be returning to old style updates for the time being! We've also removed our Twitter button and our Facebook button as our Twitter and Facebook pages are rarely used.

02.10.17: STAFF SEARCH has been added! We're looking for up to 3 new staff members to prepare for the influx coming into Volume 5, so be prepared for that! We need all hands on deck to get a few systems going before the volume starts, as we'll be making some changes to combat abilities and combat apps, so stay tuned!

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 Site Plot & Timeline
† Narrator
 Posted: Dec 9 2014, 05:22 AM
Narrator Admin

Site Plot

World of Remnant's plot begins after RWBY Volume 3, with some (minor) retcons for continuity purposes. The rebuilding process is beginning in Vale, with all Beacon students temporarily moving classes and the like to Signal Academy in order to continue their studies. However, many senior-year students are also being drafted for guard duty, as Vale's defenses are at an all-time low; missions around the kingdom are quite prevalent, and many Beacon students' studies have become focused more on field training as opposed to strict classroom education.

The other three kingdoms - Mistral, Vacuo, and Mantle -- and the students attending the Vytal Festival have returned home safely though some have elected to remain in Vale as extra guard support for the city and rebuilding process. The White Fang's movements have gone underground once more, leaving their next move in the air. With Professor Ozpin still missing, Qrow Branwen has taken over the interim position of Headmaster for Beacon Academy's students, though he continues to follow leads on Cinder and her company, tracking down the current whereabouts of each of the Maidens in order to ensure their safety.

Much of Remnant is unaware of the darkness that plagues its world... Where will Salem, Cinder, and their allies strike next?

† Narrator
 Posted: Feb 26 2016, 01:40 AM
Narrator Admin

Site Timeline

In late October, Vale was invaded by Salem's forces and Beacon Academy was lost to the Grimm. Since then, repairs have happened in the kingdom, but Beacon has yet to be retaken. By January, most of the city was under control, and most of the central areas have been repaired.

In March, all students began their next year at the academies. This means that all canon teams have advanced a year, and the new semester has begun. By March, Vale has basic CCT communication within the city, and by April, the CCT's communication has been extended to the entirety of the kingdom. By July, forces have begun retaking Beacon Academy, and the entire campus has been recaptured by early August. By late August, the CCT has been restored entirely, and communication has returned to the entirety of Remnant.

In September, the Faunus Rights Anniversary went on, and much celebration was had. As of right now, the event is still open for past threads.

A six month time-skip has occurred from the FRA, which puts us in the month of March/April. The new school year has started, and people are gearing up for the 41st Vytal Festival, which will be hosted in Atlas this time around.

For the purpose of this general timeline, assume that Year 1 refers to RWBY and JNPR's first year at Beacon.

March, Year 1 - RWBY joins Beacon (Volume 1)
April, Year 1 - A scuffle occurs at the docks. Roman Torchwick escapes with the White Fang.
August, Year 1 - Vytal Festival begins to pick up. Vale is attacked by a train coming from Mountain Glenn, and Grimm are released into the city. Thanks to the help of Beacon's students, however, the attack is contained.
September, Year 1 - Vytal Festival festivities begin.
October, Year 1 - Vytal Tournament begins. In late October, as the finals begin, Vale is attacked by the White Fang.
January, Year 1 - Most of Vale is retaken by the forces, and repairs begin in most parts of the city. Beacon Academy is still under Grimm control.

March, Year 2 - New years begin at each of the Academies. Due to the events, students have been allowed to transfer to (or from) Beacon to continue their studies at other senior academies. Currently-enrolled Beacon students continue their classroom studies at Signal Academy, and gain field experience helping with missions in Vale. The City of Vale regains CCT communication, but only for short-range communication within the city; the remainder of Remnant has full coverage inside each kingdom, but cross-kingdom coverage is still inaccessible.
April, Year 2 - Communication is extended across the entire kingdom of Vale via the CCT.
July, Year 2 - Beacon undergoes massive strides to be retaken.
August, Year 2 - Beacon Academy's campus is entirely retaken. By the end of the month, the CCT has been restored, and communication is now present between the kingdoms across Remnant.
September, Year 2 - Vacuo hosts the 19th annual Faunus Rights Anniversary, celebrating the end of the Faunus Rights Revolution.


March, Year 3 - New years begin at each of the schools. Current timeline.


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